Traits of Successful People – A Positive Attitude and Persistence

success w man imageA  positive attitude and persistence are traits of successful people and are key ingredients to success.  Fun, laughter and the support of family and friends are necessary to keep us balanced, too.  Successful people have some common traits like persistence, positive attitude, low stress, and high productivity.  They are always learning and have the ability to overcome negative people and events. They don’t go back and dwell on mistakes, they fix them.

Successful people are often asked, “What makes you a success?” The most common answers are, “I believe in myself and know my dream is possible.”

Traits of Successful People

  • A positive attitude combined with positive actions daily, no matter what they encounter. Taking necessary actions toward the fulfillment of their dreams.  They keep doing what makes them a success in the first place.s
  • Successful people believe that if they keep learning and working success will happen, even when others do not support them or have lost belief in their goal.  They also know it does not happen as fast as they want.
  • Persistence is a trait that makes them stay up late to finish an article or research and is just part of what must be done to succeed.  Reading books, paperwork, and the day-to-day steps are necessary to arrive at their goal.
  • Major pitfalls on the road to success are the negative people encountered along the way.  Keeping a positive attitude and belief in self and a dream can be challenged by these people and their presence of gloom they bring.  Overcoming negative people and events is more difficult when it is friends, family or a spouse that do not believe in the dreams or constantly complain even when they achieve success.
  • Learning and trying new tools, software, and marketing techniques.
  • The drive to improve themselves, their service or product.
  • Listening to their customers’ complaints and meeting their needs. They are open to their ideas of  problem solving.
  • The ability to keep stress low  while encountering  the challenges of their dreams.
  • The ability to laugh at themselves, admit they are wrong, when they make a mistake.  That is a hard one to laugh when it is a mistake or misstep, and learning were they missed the mark.  Laughter clears the air and gives a person a new fresh perspective that did not exist in a frustrated state of mind. The “I got it” moment, “I found it!” happens when we are distracted after many hours, weeks even years working on your beloved company or project.

Successful people have many traits and the above are a few of them.  If you are reading this article you already possess many of these and more.  If you are standing still, life is moving on.  If you are taking actions consistently you are ahead of the crowd.  Life is about the balance, work, play, enjoying friends, feeding our soul, and being wholly in the moment.

A positive attitude,  persistence, laughter, solving customer complaints, and keeping your low stress – all mean you are on the way to success.  “Whew, you are amazing.”  Smile and keep going on.

Here are a few tips I find helpful for handling  Relaxation – A Hidden Superpower

“Albert Einstein, It’s not that I am so smart, I just stay with problems longer.”

How a Boss Can Make You Sick – PTSD?

Are you working for a Bad Boss? 

A few of the traits bad bosses share are mean, dishonest, lying, cruel, aggressive, selfish and demeaning.  Boundaries are not a concept they understand.  They build walls, not bridges.  Team building does not exist, except by fear.

Can you say trauma?  You are in a war zone and it is called the workplace.  On-going trauma on your job has a cumulative effect.  You can be suffering from PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The daily stress of working for these people can take a terrible toll on your relationships, mental and physical health.  It makes it nearly impossible to concentrate and complete projects. You get headaches, dizziness, chest pains, flashbacks, and you get tense and keyed up.  You start to avoid people and relationships. These are a few of the symptoms.  If you suffer any of these longer than a month, see a professional.

The atmosphere of the workplace is heavy, depressive and oppressive.   A fear of being humiliated or fired looms over you and your co-workers.  Your inner voice becomes more critical and less optimistic with each passing day.  Working here can be injuring your ability to enjoy life.

I have only had two Bad Bosses and they were top notch ones.  Mine were the lying, backstabbing, and the demeaning variety.  Each morning I would have to run to the bathroom upon entering the office.  I got headaches, nightmares, dizziness, and flashbacks of encounters with these monsters.  I watched helplessly as they took out their negativity and bad traits on others until it was my time.  Being in my 20’s  I had not yet developed my skill set to deal with these people.

I love helping people.  The boss would  give me one task.  Once completed they would say, “I wanted this done, why did you do that?”  At  times I thought I was losing my mind.  Running on empty, I was feeling alone and isolated.  I sought counseling and was informed that I had situational stress and as long as I was in that situation I would have stress.  This is not what I wanted to hear.  So I decided there must be a third option.

This option took me on an odyssey into the world of visualization, yoga, self hypnosis, positive thoughts, and color breathing.  I learned how to lower my stress and be calm with unreasonable people.  These techniques and habits served me well then, as well as throughout the years.  I stayed in that job 8 1/2 years and left on my own terms to travel and study.

Here are a few tips and strategies to deal with Bad Bosses

These techniques take time to learn and practice to feel more comfortable.  I learned that before going into work I needed to have a list of my accomplishments and positive traits in my car and one in in my purse.  I would take several deep breaths and recall one trait or accomplishment at a time, filling up fully with these thoughts.  Then get into the feeling of seeing the day being better and calmer.  I always kept the big picture in mind that what I was doing is something that contributes to my purpose at work.

I would rehearse what I would say to each person and sometimes just saying, “Yes” was the easiest.  Knowing this was the best way to deal with the unreasonable and helped feeling that I was not being true to myself.

These are the actual techniques I used

I.  I would see a clear and distinct boundary between the boss and myself as I walked in.

2. I would see myself and my desk surrounded in a golden light.  Seeing whatever insults the boss would fire at me would bounce off and fall to the ground. I liked to add a sound like “thunk”!

3. I saw the boss growing smaller and their voice getting quieter.

4.  Having pictures of funny jokes in my center drawer lifted me up any time I opened the drawer and helped greatly.

My health and sanity was saved by these simple steps taken daily.  This will help you greatly while you proceed to do your work and keep your productivity up.  Laugh more and enjoy friends and family.

I would love to hear how these tips worked for you.

Sign up at The Positive Works for my upcoming book this Summer, which is filled with useful information to be confident in any situation.

Relaxation – A Hidden Superpower

What I if told you have a hidden Superpower and most of the time we use it unconsciously?

That deep breath, a walk, visualizing a positive outcome to something you want, remembering a beautiful scene are all instances of relaxation.  These relaxation activities have a major positive impact on mental, physical and spiritual health.

The conscious use of this “Superpower” helped me heal and released my panic and terror attacks  I suffered for years, after a traumatic event.  Becoming familiar with relaxation techniques, helped to release this energy.  Practice and trying different techniques allowed me to decrease the frequency, intensity and  my negative thinking.  The more I practiced relaxation,  the easier I developed my secret superpower.  I moved from a state of paralysis into taking those small daily steps to improve my life.

You may feel like you are spiraling down, just cannot get out of bed, or find yourself yelling at anyone that crosses your path.  The sooner you identify and address the stresses in your life, the quicker you can recover your sense of living life more fully.  Start from where you are.

There is help.  You can learn and try a few techniques to replace your old habits and create new healthy ones.  We all have our “go-to things” to de-stress.  Many only add to our stress if done to excess, like alcohol, overeating, pain pills, binge TV watching, or playing computer games.  If you are using these escape techniques more than three times a week or longer than a month or two, talk with someone who you value, sooner than later.  Should you have more pronounced symptoms, see your doctor or health care professional.

It does not matter what stage of stress you are in, you can benefit from relaxation.  You may already do a few techniques and want a few more ways to lower stress.  Friends, family, our kids, and co-workers can benefit just by watching how you are coping with situations.

On a number occasions, people will ask, “What are you doing to keep calm and healing?”  They may say, “Can you show me?”  I respond by saying, “Sure, I would be happy to do so.”  Often they would come back with something new to share.

Here is a list of the benefits of relaxation

  • Improved concentration
  • Better mood for longer periods of time
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Better sleep
  • Less pain
  • Lower stress and chemicals released
  • Improved digestion
  • Less anger and frustration
  • Fewer anxiety and panic attacks

I find that walking daily and sometimes two times a day helps calm my runaway mind, relaxes my body and balances my emotions.  There is a definite shift in my energy levels and I get more things done.

I was surprised to find that clutter at my desk and my office were large distractions.  I would look at the room and turn around and say, “I just do not want or cannot face it now.”  The ‘now’ lingered from days to sometimes weeks.  This was not one of my best insights about myself.  Light and sounds also bothered me more during that time.  Be gentle with yourself.  Like any skill, it takes time and practice to become proficient.

Relaxation needs to be elevated to a priority in your life.  Relaxed people are friendlier, calmer, laugh more often, and don’t take everything personally or so seriously.  Laugh out loud and invite others to laugh with you.

Relaxation techniques I use

  • Stretching
  • Walking
  • Writing and Journal Writing
  • Color Breathing
  • Deep Breathing
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Guided Imagery
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Swimming

Add a few of your own:  Skiing, Sailing, Crafting, and Dancing classes. Open your mind and be adventurous. Explore some activities you daydream about.

I hope that you found a few bits of information to assist you in improving your life.  Each relaxed person shares that feeling with at least 25 people. See the places you frequent with more relaxed people.

Be sure to sign up for a few of  my exercises at The Positive Works .  You will be on my mailing list for my new book coming out soon with many techniques to help you.

Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy

Don’t let an Energy Thief take your precious energy.  I will show you a few tips to stop the energy drain and loss.

Some negative people are know to you as energy suckers and drainers and others are more subtle, but they leave you just as drained.  You see them here, you see them there, you see them everywhere.  Oh, beware of these negative people, the energy thieves!

It is a frustrating experience to go into work feeling good, focused, and energized only to feel a few hours later exhausted.  You wonder what just happened!  You say to yourself,  “I had no disagreements,  just daily work with co-workers, some of whom are having hard times in their life, or I listened for the umpteenth time their sad story.”  A connection in your mind is not made to your empathy for them and your energy loss, yet there is a connection.  Let me explain that at bit.

Thoughts are invisible, but the effects last,  especially if you have some similarities in your own life.  In that moment you have opened yourself up for the other person to take your higher energy and lower yours at the same time.  They walk away feeling better having filled up on your energy and you feel lower, perhaps even sad.

Tips to Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy

Let’s run that scene again.   This time you walk in to work feeling good, focused, and energized. Before you enter the workplace, you take a few moments to breathe deeply and recall a happy event where you finished a work project with positive results.  Take this moment to fill up on those good feelings.  Wrap that feeling around you, feel safe and warm.

These are ways to not only keep your energy but actually increase it.  You can fine more tips are in the article: How a Boss Can Make You Sick

Be sure to sign up at The Positive Works for free exercises to help raise your energy and protect you.

Reducing Stress with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Reduces Stress

Reduce Stress With Feng Shui

Reducing Stress with Feng Shui is one of the beautiful things about Feng Shui.  It does this by creating balance by harmony and flow. The 5 elements of Feng Shui are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

This time of year Spring brings out the urge to do the Spring Cleaning, reorganize or just  plain purge our homes, patios, garages and yards of  too much stuff. What do I do? Where do I even begin, closing the door the piles of things. Sitting down defeated even before beginning.mes have you walked into the living room and seen magazines, books and shoes scattered about and felt instantly overwhelmed?

Clutter causes anxiety and inhibits concentration, focus and carry through. Visual chaos creates emotional chaos. Clutter takes you out of a peaceful place and all you see is what you have not accomplished. Stress, stress  and no time. These feeling do not help with self esteem or weight loss, as I reach for a donut or a glass of wine, or whine. Stress is oozing out your pores.Reduce stress tips.

On the other hand, an orderly home creates harmony and balance, renews the family and those visiting too. I look at the magazines, filled with pictures of calm and peace.

Creating flow and balance is an automatic de-stressor.  The noise levels drop, you feel calmer and think more clearly, even then the kids and animals seem calmer. The balance from a well placed fountain, seeing more visual space creates that space to breathe and relax, we are so in need of.

Before we can change something we need to know what need or want to release. Reducing stress is about creating a place of calm and peace. Somewhere you can go and sit and just be for a moment and let the worries and world fade into the background.

Great news it is not that hard to begin you do have 15 minutes at a time to start.  Stop and stand  looking around the room. Where draws your eye, does it keep you focus. Take a few notes.  Enjoy the process, you are learning about yourself and how to move from stress to peace. Creeping clutter. Stress reduction is about order, flowing from one space to another..

Here a few things that you can do to start  transforming your Environment:

Fountain Focal Point

Fountain Focal Point

Fountains can be a focal point.

I take a few photos of the room, and look closely at them. The camera does not lie. See through that lens. This technique also removes us from some of the emotions. Just clearly seeing what the room is saying  helps, you let things go to new homes. Too much red, or metal in a room can tire you. Too much beige or earth tones can feel like you everything is in slow motion. A balance. The camera will point this out to you.


1.   What stands out most in the room:

Piles of magazine, to many color s? Mismatched pieces,too many plants,hundreds of small things scattered around. Not enough plants,no theme, noisy or too quiet. Gifts from people you do not like or betrayed you.There is no space for just quiet and calm.

2. Acknowledge and forgive your self.

Accept where you are now and see how the actions will improve the  quality of your home for all. The rewards will  keep on giving. Imagine a room would like. Fountain, a few plants,    a change of color.

3. Supplies you will need:

Have a marking pen, cardboard boxes, trash bags, the help of a friend to keep you going if needed.

The mindset  I choose to do this Now! Start a one corner and work around the room. It may take a few times or inspired you may continue till done.

  • Clear the piles first, then clean that space.
  • Then get a few boxes that are matched, in colors and design you like. you can fill these with things you use daily. I have one to keep my hand lotions, small inspirational books near me, and my favorite chair.
  • Remove the things you do not like
  • Boxes labeled Give away, Trash, Repair.  If you have not used in 6 months release you and it.
  • Contact the neighbors for a block garage sale  or friends.
  • Get the things out of the house as soon as possible
  • Baskets to hold kids things, cd’s/dvd’s or books.
  • Groups like things together to make a collection, scattered around those same things become clutter and chaos.
  • A fountain to add some sounds from nature
  • Plants like peace lily require little to not maintenance.

Many times we inherit things that do not go with our style of decorating and just sit in the attic, garage or in the house. These pieces can be a great enhancement when properly placed.

If you are one of the lucky one who just who are happy with the place as it is .Good for you.

I encourage you to embrace and learn more about the guiding principles of Feng Shui – and in just one day, you can start to bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home and outdoor patios.


Want to learn more? Join Darielle May 3, from 12-1pm at Molbak’s, in Woodinville for a FREE seminar and learn how to transform living spaces into sanctuaries with Feng Shui.





Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Here is part of my Feng Shui presentation at Molbak’s Garden + Home from an article appearing in the Woodinville Weekly.

A new client called and said, “How soon can you Feng Shui my house?” She was so excited and said, “I just visited a friend and was amazed about the transformation of her home and patio, from chaos to calm and sophisticated. Our homes are similar and decorating style as well.”

She continued, “Walking from her living room to the patio I experienced that feeling of one continuous space without a sense of leaving one and entering another. It is though the outside was brought in and the inside brought out. I experienced a discernible state of harmony and balance evident in nature.”

Just a few days ago, she says, their home was chaos and overwhelm, everyone in the house was bickering with each other.”

Amazon outdoor fountain small


These are some of the comments from clients after I created a place of sanctuary and a place for renewal. Creating a home sanctuary is not difficult. A plant, art, or a fountain properly placed increases color or tones down the visual impact.



Using the principles of Feng Shui a sanctuary is easily attained, especially after a home has been cleared of clutter.

My new client told me, “My family loves the new look and feel. I feel more balanced.”

Why is a Sanctuary Necessary?

Your mind needs a place for introspection, for healing, exploring relationships and creativity. We need space to nurture the changes we want.
With the warm weather, the season for entertaining is upon us. The spaces that we tend to utilize the most are the living room and patio spaces, so now would be a  good time to focus on those two spaces. It’s a time of Spring cleaning, donations, graduations.

A time of changes, great opportunities to organize, get things to garage sales or recycling – to get things out of the house.How many times have you walked in to the living room and seen the magazines, toys, books and just too much stuff and felt instant overwhelm? I can never keep up, no matter how much I try.
Clutter is disorder that causes anxiety and an inability to concentrate, focus or carry through. Who needs a haunted house, where things go bump in the night? With clutter you have it all the time and bump into things constantly. Visual chaos creates emotional chaos. Clutter takes you out of the peaceful place and all you see is what you have not done.

Plants Create a Peaceful Visual Focus

Plants create a peaceful visual focus and order. ‘Order’ is a by-product of defined space. Harmony and balance renew us and all the occupants of the home. Those feelings inspire us to create a can-do feeling. Discover the guiding principles of Feng Shui and what simple steps you can take to bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home.

[The above was a summary of the presentation I gave on May 3, 2014, at noon at Molbak’s Garden + Home in Woodinville, Washington. It focused on the flow between living rooms and outdoor patios.]

See my article on the benefits of Feng Shui using fountains


WOODINVILLE, WASH. (April 23, 2014) – Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science which focuses on balancing the energy of a given space to achieve health and good fortune for the occupants.  Discover how easy it is to apply basic Feng Shui principles to your home and patio to bring tranquility, harmony and balance. Darielle Archer, Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of The Positive Works will present a free seminar at Molbak’s Home + Garden on Saturday, May 3, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.   For more information on free events at Molbak’s visit

Small Changes Big Impact – 15 Minutes to Feng Shui Now

15 Minutes to Feng Shui Now

The start of any season is a good time to make changes. Your Feng Shui Insight for January is Small Changes, Big Impact, 15 minutes to Feng Shui Now. A few minutes is all you need to make noticeable changes, giving your home a new look and feel.

 Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Adding even a small Himalayan Salt Lamp Salt Lamp to a corner makes an impact.

A new year is the best time to view your makeover your environment. Often we are overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin.  These feelings of overwhelm stops many people from taking any action. By starting with small changes done easily and quickly we gain confidence. This enthusiasm is an added bonus to make some quick changes to your home. Changing the color of a table runner or cushion can give a needed boost to your home. Many changes can be done easily and in 15 minutes.

Activity Step: View a room in which you have wanted to make changes
1. Choose one word to describe it – “dark” “cluttered” “cold”…
2. Pick one word to describe what you would like it to be.

These two words can give you the key you have needed to improve that room.

Join me for a Feng Shui presentation at Molbaks in Woodinville, WA , January, 9th at 10:00 am.

From Survival To Thrival

My Story Overcoming Lightning Effects

Do You Glow in the Dark?

Life after Lightning and how I found my mind again
It was a rainy, Seattle, Sunday afternoon and I was off to see some girlfriends for a few hours. All morning I had this feeling of dread and not wanting to go, but I’d promised to do some business consulting. So, not so merrily, I went on my way. After arriving, it was good to meet new people and have a nice time talking and eating. A real storm started to build after being there at my friends’ condo for awhile. Loud claps of thunder were growing louder by the minute.I moved to the other room to help map out some strategies and new actions for them to improve their lives. Loud sounds of thunder and lightning were steadily growing to the point of shaking the condo we were in.Out of the corner of my eye the sky really lit up. More thunder, rumbling, and a another flash. That one seemed to move away from the building and then came back in through an open window and smacked me on the left side of my head.Not only did I see stars, I felt like my my heart stopped beating, and large amounts of fear and adrenaline filled my person. Have you ever have a surreal moment? This was mine. Being the hypnotherapist that I am, this little voice said, “Become a copper coil and get this stuff out of you.” It made me laugh, so that is what I did and seemed to recover.

Next, I reached for the door handle and the door came of the hinges. Lost my balance and fell into the closet and that door came off the hinges. Wow, the start of being Super Woman! Oh, Lightning Girl! Later I was to experience “Fearful Woman”.

The host came running out and said, “Please don’t touch that bathroom door, let me open it please”. She politely asked, “Do you think if you touch the metal handle on the toilet or sink that they will melt or come off?” My reply was, “Gee, I’m kind of new to this, doors-coming-off-the-hinges-stuff. What do you suggest?” We resolved that I’d touch everything with a towel or something in my hand…a buffer of some sort.

Well, things settled down and I seemed fine, went back in the room and finished the other consulting work that was scheduled.

The after effects

Finally it was time to leave my friends’ house and was I was thinking, “no worries”. So, off to the car I went and all of the car alarms started going off that signaled there was a disturbance in the force.

The next morning I had a “cute white skunk streak” in front and the side of my hair. A lovely very red rash from my neck to my waist on the left side of my body had appeared. Several days later my heart started skipping beats, anxiety, and white knuckled terror attacks. Trips to the hospital.

 Good Training Helped

I was so angry that my life had been good and my business had been really taking off. Then Bam! The Universe took away that feeling of being lucky. When you get screwed by the Universe, where do you go for faith?

Inside yourself – remembering my training from gymnastics, surviving being a political appointee for 8 1/2 years, and my fromer coach and mentor Ken Roskie’s words.  “When the going gets tough you need to be tougher on the inside”. Ken, knew 1st hand what it took he was a former NFL linebacker for the 49ers.

I hate starting over more than once, but staying down is failure. To regain my life was constant Action Action and More Action was my call to arms, through pain and tears and massive depression and frustration. Surviving is not for the faint-hearted. A long and winding road for sure.  Ask any one who has overcome trauma and tragedy.

Silent Screams of Fear

From fearless — to afraid of everything, very depressing. So I compensated by narrowing my life and consulting and hypnotherapy practice significantly. Never had any problems with my helping people during this time. It was so strange. I was working out of the part of the brain that wasn’t damaged.

Rain in Seattle caused nearly stroke-level fear.10-20 terror attacks a day did little to help the progress.  Spent a lot of time in the bathroom that had no windows. Kit my large male tabby and I spent lots of time in the bathroom during the storms. He was no fan of the thunder and lightning either. Years later we both now sit through storms together.

I finally got sick of my life and wanted to do something different, but no longer trusted my brain or my ability to learn. Memory was a thing of the past. My humor helped during this time however at times it was orbiting Mars.

My journey of adventures continued for 15 years. There were no problems when I was working. Just the ability to do math and follow directions or find my way home from the grocery store. Brain potholes is what I called these moments. You never know where they until you hit one. My once really great memory was now Swiss cheese.

Your on your own

The health care professionals really don’t know what to do with people like me “a lightning survivor”. Getting the extra electrical charge out of the brain is the problem. I thought my brain was to slow when in reality it was hyper. Discovered this through a Nintendo DS game, Brain Age 2, as a gift.

This game is great for the brain, did the first test and my brain was age 85. After working with it for awhile it’s now down to 37. One of the exercises is to relax the brain, where I experienced a physical sensation of the brain slowing down and working more effectively. That my brain was firing faster than I could talk or process caused the feeling of almost stuttering. The insight from that realization gave me greater understanding as to why under stress my brain knowledge and resources seemed to evaporate.

My husband researched and found that survivors have some unusual affects, your body won’t hold B vitamins very well, sleep disturbances, headaches, pain, severe depression. “Gee Honey, You have about 70 of the 90 symptoms.” Oh joy!

Through acupuncture, diet, walking, yoga and a loving husband  friends and famiy, I started to recover but had several devastating relapses.

Oh! crap the relapses

One particular bad relapse happened on a rainy day again in Seattle. I got stuck behind a utility truck on a metal bridge and spectacular storm with lightning for 10-15 minutes, all around us. I finally drove home and spent the next few hours in my car terrified to venture out to cross the street to my home.

It was after years of work I was back at step one. Saddened angry frustration and wanting to quit trying. After some self pity time. Decided this was not for me. I wanted my life back and a better one. The long journey of keeping my dreams alive, in spite of people saying you will never be the same. No I am strong and more committed to heal, to restart my dreams, and steel myself for the process of recovery. I want to move from survival to Thrival as I call it.

Eventually I worked and designed my own programs to begin healing and read several books that helped like Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

Then my old fears cropped up, like, “Can I learn or remember?” or “What about those mind potholes?” Sometimes couldn’t add or subtract on the same day. Can the challenged brain be retrained to really learn technical computer stuff? These were the questions and fears that plagued me. I knew what life was going to be like if I continued doing the same old things.

There are still days that are challenging in learning. Some times asking the same thing several times before it sticks. But hey, my life is so much better and getter better by the minute.

Yes, I did enjoy learning and persisted beyond my fears. I am now back writing to help others overcome their fears and learn to minimize them. I am go grateful for all the patient friends and people in my life and the professionals that helped. I  was and am still so lucky.

Learning again to use the Positive with steel resolve and action in my daily life has given me back my life. “The Positive Works”, yes it does. Not the sweet coated one. The positive healthy part that looks at you realistically and and says get going lady. Make each day count.




Affirmations Work

Affirmations by Darielle

Affirmations can change your thinking and the results you get in your life. They can be used daily before you get out of bed, as you shower, get dressed, or before walking into your office.


Here is how to use the affirmations:

  • Think of the affirmation. Then imagine the feelings. Use these affirmations as a meditation throughout your day.
  • You will know when you have made a mind/body/spirit connection, as you will feel a release around the general area around the neck, shoulders, stomach, or a warm feeling in your chest.
  • Use the words “I” and for a powerful message, change it to “you” as though you are hearing the words we all crave to hear, from someone else.
  • Silently say the words to yourself. This is the place where science and spirituality merge.
  • We have the technology in ourselves that proves that the heart generates more electrical output than the brain.
  • Daily affirmations before getting out of bed will put a positive energizing feeling for the day.
  • Continue to do affirmations, throughout the day, health, family, success and confidence and watch you life change for the better. The more you do them the quicker you will see results.
  • Affirmations change the brain  from being wired negatively to being wired to a positive view and feelings.
  • Make up cards or post it using the affirmations, put them on the inside of cabinets, in purse, office or car.
  • These are just the first steps to using powerful affirmations to change your life.

These are the free Affirmations you will get when you fill out the form below:

  1. Health
  2. Personal
  3. Wealth
  4. Success
  5. Career
  6. Relationships
  7. Children
  8. Travel
  9. Other people
  10. Safety
  11. Healing the World Daily


Contact Darielle for more advanced techniques based on her many years of classes, workshops, and consulting in her private practice.

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Feng Shui For Love and Romance

Love, Romance & Relationships

Background about Feng Shui:

Did you know that Feng Shui was classified information in ancient China?

The Imperial Court rulers in Ancient China wanted Feng Shui information about how the seasons, floods and drought, affected people and crops. They also want to know about feast or famine and quality of life issues.This information was key in understanding how our environment affects not only you, but neighbors and our city.

Feng Shui – a cross between an art and a science.

The Ancient Chinese also used Feng Shui as a philosophy dating back more than 5000 years ago. It started as a way to view how the Universe works. They observed how nature moved and directed the elements, cycles, rhythms of rivers, clouds, and how this energy created chaos or flowed in harmony.

The five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal make up the guidelines of Feng Shui.

­In observing these changes in nature they gathered a great data bank on how people responded to the every changing environment. This also included furniture. Have you noticed that Asia furniture has rounded corners?          A balanced environment was and is important.

Balance is the one of the most import aspects of love and relationships.

The concepts of Feng Shui are still valid today as they were in ancient times perhaps more so with our fast-paced lifestyle and how it affects our relationships.

Feng Shui is a system of understanding the conscious and unconscious symbols surrounding you and your identifications with them.

Simple Feng Shui principles change your environment and affects relationships.

Love is like growing a garden. By clearing the rocks and putting in a good top soil, you give the plant better conditions in which to thrive. The same goes for relationships. Balance is vital for oneself, career, health, friends, love and relationships.

Remember you are good and wonderful just as you are and we want others to know this as well. The most important relationship is with yourself. Invest a little time to discover what you are showing to the world in your home. Is this view of your home an accurate reflection of you?  If not, use the information to help you. Put your best symbols forward.

Another step you can take is to drive up to your home, stop in the driveway a moment, and take a good look. Questions to ask yourself from the first look at your home:

  1. What is the first thing you see?
  2. Do you like what you see?
  3. If so, what is it?  The color, the plants, style of the grass?
  4. Take a mental note of what you see, then go inside and get a pen and paper to write down what you see.

Next walk to the front entrance of your home or condo, even if you are only renting a room. Stand back at the front entrance and really look.

  1. What do you see?  Does it feel balanced?
  2. What do you hear?  Are these pleasant sounds or not?

Now look at the interior of your home.  Is it cluttered or not?  Clutter often is a sign of hanging on to the past.  The past was known and comfortable. It may not have been healthy, but known and you were conditioned to it.

Other questions to consider:

  1. Do you think you need a relationship because people say you need one or do you really want one?
  2. Do you have time and space to share with another person?

Maybe you are happy being alone. (If not call me.)  No seriously, clean the clutter from the front of the house and put some living plants there.

If you are happy being single, your home will reflect this. You can put one beautiful chair in the living room, and push the bed against the wall so it is easy for one to get in an out of.

If the house is dark, add some lighting. As you enter the front door it should be appealing, or is it too dark or with many shadows?  Leave a small night light on or timed lights while you are away.

Should you enter from the garage the same guidelines apply. What room do you enter from the garage?  As you look around, is there one candle, three or five statues?  Relationships are about two, three is a crowd in a relationship and it causes problems.

The Relationship area is the far right corner of your living space. The element to look at in this area is the earth, have a crystal or some natural element here. The colors to put here are pink, white, and red. A Feng Shui adjustment does not need to be seen to be effective.

Examine this relationship space carefully. Have at least two of something: two plants, two candle holders, and lamps should be the same. If possible, put pictures of happy couple, even it if is in a drawer.

Take time to use the principles of balance and Feng Shui and see how it influences your Love, Romance, and Relationships.

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Testimonial:  I was living in the desert where the Winters are wonderful, but the heat sometimes sucked the energy out of me.  Darielle came in and did a Feng Shui adjustment with the furniture and accessories we already had.  It was amazing how I could feel the energy flow around the room after she moved things around.  It even felt cooler and at the same time a relaxing atmosphere.  Feng Shui works and Darielle has a way of creating a new home environment quickly and energetically.  Kathy

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