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Reducing Stress with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Reduces Stress

Reducing Stress with Feng Shui is one of the beautiful things about Feng Shui.  It does this by creating balance by harmony and flow. The 5 elements of Feng Shui are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. This time of year Spring brings out the urge to do the Spring Cleaning, reorganize or just  plain purge …

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Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary Here is part of my Feng Shui presentation at Molbak’s Garden + Home from an article appearing in the Woodinville Weekly. A new client called and said, “How soon can you Feng Shui my house?” She was so excited and said, “I just visited a friend …

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Small Changes Big Impact – 15 Minutes to Feng Shui Now

15 Minutes to Feng Shui Now The start of any season is a good time to make changes. Your Feng Shui Insight for January is Small Changes, Big Impact, 15 minutes to Feng Shui Now. A few minutes is all you need to make noticeable changes, giving your home a new look and feel. Adding even a …

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Feng Shui For Love and Romance

Love, Romance & Relationships Background about Feng Shui: Did you know that Feng Shui was classified information in ancient China? The Imperial Court rulers in Ancient China wanted Feng Shui information about how the seasons, floods and drought, affected people and crops. They also want to know about feast or famine and quality of life …

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