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Traits of Successful People – A Positive Attitude and Persistence

A  positive attitude and persistence are traits of successful people and key ingredients to success.  Fun, laughter and the support of family and friends are necessary to keep us balanced, too.  Successful people have some common traits like persistence, positive attitude, low stress, and high productivity.  They are always learning and have the ability to …

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How a Boss Can Make You Sick – PTSD?

Are you working for a Bad Boss?  A few of the traits bad bosses share are mean, dishonest, lying, cruel, aggressive, selfish and demeaning.  Boundaries are not a concept they understand.  They build walls, not bridges.  Team building does not exist, except by fear. Can you say trauma?  You are in a war zone and …

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Relaxation – A Hidden Superpower

What I if told you have a hidden Superpower and most of the time we use it unconsciously? That deep breath, a walk, visualizing a positive outcome to something you want, remembering a beautiful scene are all instances of relaxation.  These relaxation activities have a major positive impact on mental, physical and spiritual health. The conscious use …

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Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy

Don’t let an Energy Thief take your precious energy.  I will show you a few tips to stop the energy drain and loss. Some negative people are know to you as energy suckers and drainers and others are more subtle, but they leave you just as drained.  You see them here, you see them there, you …

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Affirmations Work

Affirmations can change your thinking and the results you get in your life. They can be used daily before you get out of bed, as you shower, get dressed, or before walking into your office.   Here is how to use the affirmations: Think of the affirmation. Then imagine the feelings. Use these affirmations as …

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Guided Imagery to Ease Stress and Promote Relaxation

Using the Mind to Relieve Pain It is increasingly taken for granted today, but in the 1970s it was a provocative notion to suggest a connection between the mind and the body to fight the effects of cancer – if anyone spoke of cancer at all. The conventional wisdom until then was that cancer was …

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Guided Imagery Helps Patients Cope With Cancer

Guided Imagery Minimizes The Sides Effects Of Cancer Treatments Guided Imagery Helps Cancer Patients Cope With Cancer.  Recent refinements in the application of Guided Imagery have made the lives of cancer patients much easier to endure. Several years of studies in the United States, Britain, and Korea, have shown that Stage 1 and Stage 2 …

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Pet Loss, Grief and Hypnosis

The loss of a beloved pet and the ensuing pet grief is hard. The sudden loss can especially result in mild to severe grieving and can linger for a long time.  Hypnosis and Guided Imagery can assist this process and help us regain balance again. Generally it is the memories and smells that trigger our …

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The Mastery of Moving Forward

Eliminate the blocks that are in the way of your life. You can consult with Darielle and she will help you discover the areas that can be touched with Life Coaching and Guided Imagery. Now is the time to start moving forward. How does one move forward?  Start from where you are. Ask yourself, how …

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Welcome to “The Positive Works”

Welcome to “The Positive Works“ You will find information here to guide you in your life and move forward in positive steps. Enjoy visiting The Positive Works and Connect With Darielle