Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

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Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Here is part of my Feng Shui presentation at Molbak’s Garden + Home from an article appearing in the Woodinville Weekly.

A new client called and said, “How soon can you Feng Shui my house?” She was so excited and said, “I just visited a friend and was amazed about the transformation of her home and patio, from chaos to calm and sophisticated. Our homes are similar and decorating style as well.”

She continued, “Walking from her living room to the patio I experienced that feeling of one continuous space without a sense of leaving one and entering another. It is though the outside was brought in and the inside brought out. I experienced a discernible state of harmony and balance evident in nature.”

Just a few days ago, she says, their home was chaos and overwhelm, everyone in the house was bickering with each other.”

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These are some of the comments from clients after I created a place of sanctuary and a place for renewal. Creating a home sanctuary is not difficult. A plant, art, or a fountain properly placed increases color or tones down the visual impact.



Using the principles of Feng Shui a sanctuary is easily attained, especially after a home has been cleared of clutter.

My new client told me, “My family loves the new look and feel. I feel more balanced.”

Why is a Sanctuary Necessary?

Your mind needs a place for introspection, for healing, exploring relationships and creativity. We need space to nurture the changes we want.
With the warm weather, the season for entertaining is upon us. The spaces that we tend to utilize the most are the living room and patio spaces, so now would be a  good time to focus on those two spaces. It’s a time of Spring cleaning, donations, graduations.

A time of changes, great opportunities to organize, get things to garage sales or recycling – to get things out of the house.How many times have you walked in to the living room and seen the magazines, toys, books and just too much stuff and felt instant overwhelm? I can never keep up, no matter how much I try.
Clutter is disorder that causes anxiety and an inability to concentrate, focus or carry through. Who needs a haunted house, where things go bump in the night? With clutter you have it all the time and bump into things constantly. Visual chaos creates emotional chaos. Clutter takes you out of the peaceful place and all you see is what you have not done.

Plants Create a Peaceful Visual Focus

Plants create a peaceful visual focus and order. ‘Order’ is a by-product of defined space. Harmony and balance renew us and all the occupants of the home. Those feelings inspire us to create a can-do feeling. Discover the guiding principles of Feng Shui and what simple steps you can take to bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home.

[The above was a summary of the presentation I gave on May 3, 2014, at noon at Molbak’s Garden + Home in Woodinville, Washington. It focused on the flow between living rooms and outdoor patios.]

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WOODINVILLE, WASH. (April 23, 2014) – Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science which focuses on balancing the energy of a given space to achieve health and good fortune for the occupants.  Discover how easy it is to apply basic Feng Shui principles to your home and patio to bring tranquility, harmony and balance. Darielle Archer, Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of The Positive Works will present a free seminar at Molbak’s Home + Garden on Saturday, May 3, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.   For more information on free events at Molbak’s visit www.molbaks.com/events.html