Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy

Don’t let an Energy Thief take your precious energy.  I will show you a few tips to stop the energy drain and loss.

Some negative people are know to you as energy suckers and drainers and others are more subtle, but they leave you just as drained.  You see them here, you see them there, you see them everywhere.  Oh, beware of these negative people, the energy thieves!

It is a frustrating experience to go into work feeling good, focused, and energized only to feel a few hours later exhausted.  You wonder what just happened!  You say to yourself,  “I had no disagreements,  just daily work with co-workers, some of whom are having hard times in their life, or I listened for the umpteenth time their sad story.”  A connection in your mind is not made to your empathy for them and your energy loss, yet there is a connection.  Let me explain that at bit.

Thoughts are invisible, but the effects last,  especially if you have some similarities in your own life.  In that moment you have opened yourself up for the other person to take your higher energy and lower yours at the same time.  They walk away feeling better having filled up on your energy and you feel lower, perhaps even sad.

Tips to Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy

Let’s run that scene again.   This time you walk in to work feeling good, focused, and energized. Before you enter the workplace, you take a few moments to breathe deeply and recall a happy event where you finished a work project with positive results.  Take this moment to fill up on those good feelings.  Wrap that feeling around you, feel safe and warm.

These are ways to not only keep your energy but actually increase it.  You can fine more tips are in the article: How a Boss Can Make You Sick

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