Traits of Successful People – A Positive Attitude and Persistence

success w man imageA  positive attitude and persistence are traits of successful people and are key ingredients to success.  Fun, laughter and the support of family and friends are necessary to keep us balanced, too.  Successful people have some common traits like persistence, positive attitude, low stress, and high productivity.  They are always learning and have the ability to overcome negative people and events. They don’t go back and dwell on mistakes, they fix them.

Successful people are often asked, “What makes you a success?” The most common answers are, “I believe in myself and know my dream is possible.”

Traits of Successful People

  • A positive attitude combined with positive actions daily, no matter what they encounter. Taking necessary actions toward the fulfillment of their dreams.  They keep doing what makes them a success in the first place.s
  • Successful people believe that if they keep learning and working success will happen, even when others do not support them or have lost belief in their goal.  They also know it does not happen as fast as they want.
  • Persistence is a trait that makes them stay up late to finish an article or research and is just part of what must be done to succeed.  Reading books, paperwork, and the day-to-day steps are necessary to arrive at their goal.
  • Major pitfalls on the road to success are the negative people encountered along the way.  Keeping a positive attitude and belief in self and a dream can be challenged by these people and their presence of gloom they bring.  Overcoming negative people and events is more difficult when it is friends, family or a spouse that do not believe in the dreams or constantly complain even when they achieve success.
  • Learning and trying new tools, software, and marketing techniques.
  • The drive to improve themselves, their service or product.
  • Listening to their customers’ complaints and meeting their needs. They are open to their ideas of  problem solving.
  • The ability to keep stress low  while encountering  the challenges of their dreams.
  • The ability to laugh at themselves, admit they are wrong, when they make a mistake.  That is a hard one to laugh when it is a mistake or misstep, and learning were they missed the mark.  Laughter clears the air and gives a person a new fresh perspective that did not exist in a frustrated state of mind. The “I got it” moment, “I found it!” happens when we are distracted after many hours, weeks even years working on your beloved company or project.

Successful people have many traits and the above are a few of them.  If you are reading this article you already possess many of these and more.  If you are standing still, life is moving on.  If you are taking actions consistently you are ahead of the crowd.  Life is about the balance, work, play, enjoying friends, feeding our soul, and being wholly in the moment.

A positive attitude,  persistence, laughter, solving customer complaints, and keeping your low stress – all mean you are on the way to success.  “Whew, you are amazing.”  Smile and keep going on.

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“Albert Einstein, It’s not that I am so smart, I just stay with problems longer.”