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Author and Trainer

“Too Many Negative People, handbook for overcoming  stress”

Children’s Tape “A For Rest Lullaby

Public Speaker and Keynote Speaker

Numerous Speaking engagements from radio, yacht clubs  and public appearances

Washington State Convention Center –  The Summit

Keynote Speaker Pacific NW Hypnotherapy Convention

KOMO featured on the Home Show


The Stonehouse Bookstore

Certified Hyno-Coach

Certified Heal Your Life Achieve Your Dreams Workshop Leader


Go After Your Dreams

To go after your dream, or restoring confidence after trauma or loss in business, love, a spouse or beloved pet. Often we stay in the paralysis of grief or we only give things a half- hearted try, staying in the safety of the comfortable. Talking of the past only, no longer present and the future does not exist in this state.. Building Confidence to begin again takes help training and coaching to build a step by step plan to build momentum, keep it going and live again. Join me in living more fully now and create a better future.