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Welcome to “The Positive Works” from Founder Darielle Archer — a place where science, mind, and energy merge.  I am a lightning survivor, hypnotherapist,  holistic energy worker, and a healing mindset coach.

In those moments and after being struck by lightning I felt myself dying and knew I had to do something fast.  I used my skills and training in hypnotherapy, healing mindset training, energy work, and Feng Shui to save my life and heal myself.  I developed a system to “turn down the pain” and regain my life back.  Thus, “The Energy First Aid System” and “The Positive Works” were born.

You see in those moments after an event those precious minutes and knowing how you use your energy, mindset training,  and coaching can save your life. As you wait for help, from acute, chronic, sprains or a cut. Your inner game talk, training, and coaching keeps you calm and focused.

A healing healthy mindset creates  Health, Wealth, Happiness, and a  life you love. Using a heart-centered practical approach using a variety of methods from hypnosis, guided imagery to intuitive consulting, to help people release limiting beliefs and habits. In a safe environment in which to discover your talents, overcome challenges, while dissolving blocks to success.

My greatest pleasure is to help people achieve their dreams, overcome what is holding them back, improve their business, career, home, personal relationships, increase productivity and help them develop a feeling of accomplishment.

Update To Create A Life You Love

Update to create a Life You Love. Habits are thoughts we have repeated for a long time and feel comfortable doing, even if we do not like the results.  We can change these habits by educating people about how to reach their inner belief system, and how to change those negative patterns into positive dynamic actions.

Updated habits and actions move you forward. Once this is done we have more energy to live fully in the present.

Our Thoughts

Our thoughts about ourselves are heard by our own body, friends, and the world at large.  These thoughts impact our lives as well as our health, career, relationships, and prosperity.  You can reap the benefits of a healthy outlook and add years to your life.

Visit “The Positive Works – Services” page, to find more about how what we offer.

Take control of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to improve your world.  I am Darielle (Dariel Roskie Archer), and my training allows me to have accurate insights into your challenges so that you can decide the most appropriate actions to take.  This is not the sweet “meditate until you manifest it”  work.  We work to discover your blocks, strengths, areas needed for growth and plan daily strategic steps to accomplish your goals.  You have to commit to taking the actions consistently to make your dreams a reality.

The more knowledge you have, the more informed decision you can make about yourself, your family, career, and health matters.

Take Back Your Power and Live More Fully

Contact Darielle online or email Darielle@dariellearcher.com


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Happy Dissolves Negative Thoughts

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