Darielle Archer

Darielle is an Author, Hypnotherapist, Lightning survivor, Speaker, Healing Mindset Coach, , Energy Healer, and Certified Feng Shui Specialist.  She is Certified in Hypnosis, NLP and Hypno-Coaching, to develop a positive healthy mindset to achieve your dreams.

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A Bad Boss Can Make You Sick

Are you working for a Bad Boss?  A few of the traits a bad boss shares are mean, dishonest, lying, cruel, aggressive, selfish, and demeaning.  Boundaries are not a concept they understand.  They build walls, not bridges.  Team building does not exist, except for fear. Can you say trauma?  You are in a war zone …

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Reducing Stress with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Reduces Stress

Reducing Stress with Feng Shui  This is one of the beautiful things about Feng Shui.   Stress is reduced by creating balance with harmony and flow. The 5 Elements of Feng Shui are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal This time of the year brings out the urge to do cleaning, reorganize, or just plain purge …

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Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary Why is a sanctuary necessary?  A sanctuary is where your mind and body go for introspection, healing, exploring relationships, and creativity. Our living space is a sacred space, a sanctuary where we dream of a better future, recover from the day’s challenges, and a place to be nurtured …

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Feng Shui in 15 Minutes

Feng Shui in 15 Minutes The “Feng Shui in 15 Minutes” is a technique I have used for years with success to show clients, how to make a fast and easy change to any room.  As a Feng Shui specialist, I assure these clients that it is not only possible, but I have shown countless …

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Affirmations Work

Affirmations Work You can change your thinking and the results you get in your life with Affirmations, because Affirmations Work! These Affirmations can be used daily before you get out of bed, as you shower, get dressed, or before walking into your office. How to use these Affirmations: Think of the affirmation.  Then imagine the feelings …

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Guided Imagery to Ease Stress and Promote Relaxation

Guided Imagery to Ease Stress and Promote Relaxation Use the mind to relieve pain. It is increasingly taken for granted today, but in the 1970s it was a provocative notion to suggest a connection between the mind and the body to fight the effects of cancer – if anyone spoke of cancer at all. The …

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Guided Imagery Helps Patients Cope With Cancer

Guided Imagery Minimizes the Side Effects Of Cancer  Guided Imagery helps cancer patients cope with cancer.  Recent refinements in the application of Guided Imagery have made the lives of cancer patients much easier to endure. Several years of studies in the United States, Britain, and Korea, have shown that Stage 1 and Stage 2 breast …

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Pet Loss, Grief and Hypnosis

Pet Loss and Pet Grief is Hard The sudden pet loss of a beloved companion can especially result in mild to severe pet grief and can linger for a long time. These sad feelings can affect the whole family. Generally, it is the memories and smells that trigger our feelings of loss, like the loving …

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The Mastery of Moving Forward

The Mastery of Moving Forward Guided Imagery and Life Coaching can help you move forward.  Guided Imagery can eliminate the blocks in your way.  Now is the time to start moving forward.   How does one move forward?  Start from where you are. Ask yourself, how did I get here? Where do I want to …

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Welcome to “The Positive Works”

Welcome to “The Positive Works“ Learn positive ways to defuse negative situations in everyday life. Disarm negative bosses,  in-laws, groups and energy vampires. A positive mindset does work add some coaching and you have a winning combination. Take control of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to improve your world.  I am Darielle (Dariel Roskie Archer), …

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