Are You a Clencher, a Gritter, a Hand-Wringer, or Sleepless?

Are you a clencher, a gritter, a hand-wringer, or sleepless?

These are signs of anxiety and stress, played out during the day and when trying to sleep.  These ways of grinding or hand-wringing or sleeplessness are ways our body and mind are trying to find a solution.  It is important to deal with these symptoms as soon as you notice them.  In heightened states of anxiety, we can gain weight, feel disconnected, and everyday projects become harder.  Our hands and feet feel cold, we have a lack of focus and overwhelm.  These are the sandwich of the day.  We lose touch with our body, mind, and soul.

What I really want is “Peace”!  I can help you with that.

Stop gritting and start “Grounding”

Grounding” is the antidote to anxiety to stop the gritting, grinding, and sleepless nights.  Grounding brings you back into your body and into the present time.  It is a simple process that helps release pent-up frustrations by creating a relaxed, calming state, the sympathetic response, and gain balance again.  The “sympathetic nervous system” (SNS) controls the body’s responses to a perceived threat and is responsible for the “fight or flight” or “freeze” response.

As a hypnotherapist and energy worker, it is vital to remain grounded and clear when assisting my clients. I have found many clients come with any number of stress problems, “grounding” is an easy way to help release those troubles fast.  This is something my clients can do themselves.  It makes me happy to share this technique with you.

“Grounding” – Antidote to Anxiety

I like the feel of a deep connection to Mother Earth, see the magma, and fire the purifier.  I release my issues, fears, anger, frustrations, and whatever emotion I wish to release.  Then I enjoy the nurturing, healing power of “Mother Earth”, the “Blue Planet”, our home.  Here is the technique I use:  (Do not drive, or use machinery doing this technique).

Grounding Technique:

  1.  Turn off distractions for about 5 minutes.
  2.  Find a comfortable chair.
  3.  Take a few deep breaths.
  4.  Imagine a cord running down, deep into the earth.  I like to see roots to feel anchored.
  5.  Pick the issue most irritating you.
  6.  Set the Intention to release this issue from your mind, body, soul, and life.
  7.  See or feel the issue going down the roots to “Mother Earth” and to the fire.
  8.  Take time to feel the release.
  9.  Invite the healing energy in.  Sit here a bit, absorbing it.
  10.  Take a deep breath and return to your today.

This is a short quick on-the-spot version of the technique.  I have more in-depth classes on Grounding and Anxiety.  Learn to use science, and energy work to gain control, clarity, and reconnect again.  These interactive classes will show you how amazing you are.  You do have the ability to calm anxiety quickly.


A Winner’s Mindset – Life is an Inner Game

A Winner’s Mindset – Life is an Inner Game

A winner’s mindset  – Life is an inner game.  What we say to ourselves becomes the blueprint of our lives.  It started in childhood as we accepted beliefs about ourselves and continue to play them out daily.

What you say becomes your life.  The more you hear your voice say something out loud it strengthens the belief and subsequent actions.  When you hear your intention, it has power.  Share it consciously with the intention you want.

Winners view a mistake as a miscalculation.  They learn from this experience and go on – no blaming or crying.  The setback does not define them or hold them back.  They go back to their plan, make room for setbacks, have days off, then return to their winning habit.  They practice what they know works.

Simple Steps to Change Your Mindset:

When you think a thought, before your brain engages you have a short 5 to 7 seconds before your body responds.  You have visual memories, feelings, and the game is already engaged in your old story. Before you get distracted you can do these steps.

  • See a “stop sign” and count to 7.
  • Recall a happy memory or one you would like.
  • Become present and set yourself back into the winner’s mindset.
  • Be alive and in the moment, realize you have just had another win.

Bump Up Your Inner Game

Change your dialogue and change your life.  The history books and current news are filled with people who kept at their ideas, encouraging themselves, believing, and taking consistent action.

Their inner self-talk supported them against all odds and insulated them from hurtful and negative thoughts, loss, setbacks, naysayers, and their past conditioning.

You are no different than them.  These winners learned positive thoughts, had a plan and kept up their daily practices.  You can create your own plan and soar.  Read on to find out more secrets to manifesting.

Rehearsal – Your Edge in Life

Whatever you are good at in your life took time to learn, practice, and then make perfect.  The more you practiced the quicker you saw results.  Why?  Because it was a high priority for you.

“Rehearsing” gives you an edge in your body and mind and then acts as though it were happening in real-time.  It also allows any potential problems or fears to surface.  You can resolve those in a mental movie of you doing so.

Seeing yourself in many different settings gives you the opportunity to see yourself empowered and facing a situation with confidence.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes when faced with the situation in person.  Your mind is clear and emotions are grounded.  You are calmer and balanced.  The choice of action is truly yours.

Practice, practice. is the key to a winning mindset.

Your Winning Mindset

Your winning mindset awaits your intention.  Each day and each encounter awaits your intention.  The message?  Define your intention, clearly, and with passion.

Get your mind in the game, see the steps you need to take, open your heart bring in that dream.  Now make a “manifesting plan” of necessary steps to carry you through.  Schedule it in your phone, book it out for 90 days, 6 months, or the whole year.  Then practice, practice, and more practice. It is okay to have an off-day or setback – factor it in.  Then return to what works without the guilt.

  1. Think of what you want to manifest.
  2.  Make it big and bright
  3.  Feelings are so strong, engage your 5 senses.
  4.  Open your heart – bring it in and make it real.
  5.  Repeat  2-5 times, Stay in that state as long as possible.
  6.  See the steps you need to take, and then put them in your phone calendar.
  7. Take small daily steps and make them manageable and achievable – then go get it.

Enjoy your life during the manifesting, go through the experience, and then continue maintaining that level. Your positive habits will keep you improving, and as you discover things get easier and it becomes a habit.

Look in the mirror.  You are a winner – and live out loud.  Enjoy the moment. Go on about your day.

Enjoy,   Darielle

©Copyright – Darielle Archer




“Calm” is a Healing Superpower

“Calm” is a Healing Superpower

“Calm” is not a passive state and is an enlightened state of being.  In this state, you flow with certainty and balance to a positive outcome.  It means you are relaxed and alert and are aware of your surroundings and yet you have inner peace.  You are grounded, balanced, and ready to face whatever life brings.

Call in the “Calm”, you amazing person — with the power of the Universe.  Heck, it is on speed dial.

Let’s face it.  The world currently sucks and we have a variety of issues that can skyrocket your blood pressure with anger and fear.  So, what does one do?

What does “calm” look like?  Is it a happy look, a sad look, or is it just a feeling?

Put on a “Calm” face

Put on a “Calm” face.  What does it look like?  Visualize a happy face, like having the face of an eagle.  It has a color and a smell.  Identify with the “calm” by giving it a face-smell-taste feeling.  The more we can identify it, the greater we can call it when we need it.  It is a superpower at your discretion and at your beck and call.

To each person, it presents itself differently.  Have a cape and the ability to fly.  The amazing ability to be calm allows you to see a larger picture.

A “mindset” is where it all starts when you use the power of your mind, visualization, and intention to live life on your terms in the best and most positive way.  Keeping your mind focused and taking a breath alters your state of being.  Then stepping back from a problem allows you to see the greater picture rather than being involved in the situation.  This creates more options.

Set your “Mindset”, then get ready and go!

Steps to “Calm”:

  • Take 3 deep breaths.  Breathe in 3.  Hold 3.  Exhale 3.
  • See this as a temporary situation that’s making you uncomfortable.  Give it a number
  • Shrink this thought down as far as you can.
  • Think of something you love and see every cell filling up on it.
  • Now see the situation again and give it a number.
  • Shrink it down again, take a deep breath, and see it dissolve.
  • Bring back your happy calm face.
  • Go on with your day.

Keep Calm and Live On

Keeping calm helps beat the flu and other maladies.  In a state of worry, fear, or lack, we are simply stuck at the moment.  Sometimes even dizziness sends your immune system into a downward spiral.

“Keep Calm and Live On” is not a cliché.  It is more of a way to live life.  Being calm and collected is of immense help.  It contributes to the health of your immune system and the ability to make the best choices.

Happy thoughts are like sharing a meal with friends or family and being fully present and engaged.  This can do a lot for your immune system and longevity.

You will find many other amazing techniques for protecting health on how to use crystals in my book:                 “The Thriving Code:  A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection”.

Happy loving thoughts from your Healing Mindset Coach,                                                                                                                  Darielle Archer


Stop Life-Sucking Fears

Stop Life-Sucking Fears

Your fears rob you of energy, enjoyment of the moment, and add weight from stress responses.  The atmosphere is filled with anxiety as you are dragging yourself from one room to another.

Think of your life-sucking fears as ghosts talking to you all the time like, “I’m anxious”, “I don’t want to shop”, “I can’t go to the beach” or “I can’t eat out at my favorite restaurant”.

“Hands up, surrender,” the fears say.  Oh, the ghost talk! “Shut up!” you scream.  Yet the voices are still there.  Do you feel like you are caught up in the endless repeat cycle?

Take a deep breath and hit that “pause button”, my friend.  What would happen if you said, “Boo!” to your ghosts?  A few simple adjustments can stop the life-sucking fears.


Life-Sucking Fear Antidote

There is a life-sucking fear antidote.  Yes, really.  Claim your life back, claiming that part of you that is lost.  The way back to “you” is with self-love, acceptance, and patience.  Develop the desire to learn new things that keep your mind growing.  Create the self-confidence to risk going outside your comfort zone.

Fears hold power as we put energy into what could happen again.  Then putting even more energy into not wanting an event to happen again.  Feeding more and more energy really is creating a thought-form.  Energy is real and grows with the thought and energy directed at it.  Where is your energy currently directed?

We need a shot in the arm of self-love, along with choosing a different thought.  Acknowledging fear is a powerful tool to use to bring you back to a calmer center.  Keeping your routine as much as possible allows you to feel like you have control of your life again.

So let’s get started with the “Life-Sucking Fear” technique:

  • Breathe deeply.
  • Hit your “pause” button.
  • Acknowledge the fear and shrink it down small enough to hold in your hand.
  • Now laugh.
  • State what you want to say to the fear or fears.

“Yes, but” is another life-sucking fear

“Yes, but” is another life-sucking fear we must be aware of and take immediate countermeasures.  It is so subtle it is often missed as negativity.  Everyone uses the “Yes, but” – the clarion call of resistance.  Listen and track yourself for a week of how many “Yes, buts” you have. You might just be amazed.

Awareness of your thoughts and actions is a game-changer to improve lowering your anxiety and more easily face fear.  What do you think you are going to lose?  Is the cost of not moving forward with an action?  What does it look like?

Invite friends and family to join in a game of facing fears.  Is there a theme of the “Yes, butting’, around finances, health, confinement, the virus, or others?  Have prizes for those overcoming their resistance and improving.  Make it a weekly event in person for small groups or on Zoom or FaceTime.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”. – Albert Einstein

Dial down fear and take a break

Dial down fear levels.  I like to use a dial to see where my uncomfortable level is at.  Then use the technique below to effectively lower the fear.

I’ve shared this with clients in hypnotherapy.  One client said, ” I love the visual dial and it has a greater impact and connection for me.”

The dial is a very useful tool and uses both the visual with the left and right sides of the brain.  Also, it will immediately show your resistance at that moment.  If the dial will only go down one number that is great.  Any lowering of the dial is good.  Ask yourself, “What does this fear look like?  Can I shrink it down?”  Then try and to move the dial down again.

Power Dial technique:

  • See a dial with the numbers  1 to 10.
  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • Ask yourself, “What is the first number that comes to me?”
  • Write that number down.
  • Imagine you turning down the dial 2 numbers.  (If you feel resistance, it won’t go down further.)  That’s okay.

You can do this at any time or place.  Use it and open up to the notion that you have another option to help you achieve your goals.



Create a Room in Your Garden with Feng Shui

Create a room in your garden with Feng Shui

By creating a room in your garden with Feng Shui you can increase your living space.  This is often an overlooked and underused space.  The “garden room” is an ever-changing place that meets many needs for each person.

In these challenging times creating a garden room can help improve your overall health.  Scientific studies from Harvard and Cambridge have shown that places to relax and gather lowers stress and boosts the immune system.  Feng Shui also helps lower stress by bringing balance to your life.  A slower pace is shown to help mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

How will you use the garden or patio area, which is really an outside room?  You can use this outdoor room to relax, a space for writing inspiration, a family gathering area, or a quiet place to regain your balance.

My garden room was created by using the principles of Feng Shui.  It is a place where so many activities in my life take place –  like having morning coffee, afternoon tea, happy hour, writing, sitting, reading, a private retreat, or a romantic time with my hubby under the stars.  Feng Shui allows the balance of flowing from one activity to another.  It brings a different feeling with each activity by expanding the space as visual space, internal space, and balance.  Try some of the suggestions below in your space.

Miracles do happen in this space (see the bird pictured above).  A wonderful Merlin came to visit me one afternoon as I was writing.  He stayed for about ten minutes or more, about ten feet from my cat and me.  We all were in the moment where time was suspended in this magic visit.

Defining Your Garden Room

By defining your garden room, it will save you time and money. Take a look around your yard and patio.  What things do you notice about this space?  Is it inviting?  Do you cringe as you see piles of unused stuff?  If your place is less than ideal, it can be changed.  Give yourself a few moments to reflect on the scenes, sounds, and objects that bring you a sense of well-being and happiness.

Cut out some pictures of gardens or patios you love.  What features draw you the most and evoke a response like:                  “I feel calm.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “I love the sounds.”                                                                                                                                                                                                      “I can see us all being together here having dinners with friends and birthday parties.”                                                    “This a place I can kick off my shoes and just relax.”

What theme do you see in this garden room – an English garden, a mysterious Asian setting, a Zen garden, party area, blocking out the neighbors ugly yard, using trees as a sound buffer?  Do you want it all open or partially enclosed?  You can design it by using what you already have.  Let those feelings guide you.  Hear that inner voice like a bird singing in your ear, giving you a clear path to your dream garden room.

Define those settings which evoke a deep sense of peaceful relaxation or watching your children play and grow, a place for the pets to stretch and explore.   Discover more about a Feng Shui Sanctuary.

Creating a Garden Room

Table ready for a dinner party in the backyard

What are the elements you need to create your garden room?  Is there a view you want to frame or do you want to create one?  What about furniture – do want comfy, mission style, or contemporary?  Is this room for one or many?  Highlight a water feature or garden area, or even several areas.  These visual pictures bring a sense of balance and welcome you.  Feng Shui is balance in practice.

Be sure to have several different levels of lighting for interest and depth.  Does a birdhouse delight you, or do you want a birdbath to watch nature?  You can have planters of cedar or beautiful ceramics as part of your dream.

Fling open the doors of creativity.  Let each member of the family contribute in some way to this new space.  It can be simple, a country affair, elegant, or somewhere in the middle.  The canvas is yours to paint.

Feng Shui Garden Room Checklist

If you answered the above questions you can quickly fill out the list below to create your garden room with Feng Shui.

  • Sounds
  • Colors
  • Smells
  • Time of day
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Water features
  • Benches

These are a few of the basics to get started on this journey of discovery of bringing nature more fully into our lives.  Enjoy the benefits of your Feng Shui Garden room.

If you need help creating a garden room now call Darielle  (206) 282 4068 for your appointment.  We can do Zoom, Skype, iPhone meetings, or Contact Darielle online.

Adapters Survive – Are You One?

Adapters Survive – Are You One?

Adapters survive.  Are you an adapter?  When you are down and faced with a hard decision, what do you do?  Slide to the floor, and cry?  Look in the mirror and say, “Why me?”.   After you are done with that, you look around and say there has to be an answer.  Is it solvable?  You start to review what went wrong and how can you resolve this problem.  Learning to adapt is a trial and error process, and setbacks are a part of going forward.  It is all feedback.

Your ability to meet new circumstances and how fast can you change while being centered and grounded can increase your survival rate.  In nature, the species that survive have the ability to adapt best.  Be like the camel – it can overcome the harshest terrain and environment time and time again.  Successful people learn how to minimize stress while moving forward.

You survive by reinventing yourself and drawing upon inner resources and then you can learn new ones quickly.  When we name something our mind more accurately conditions our mindset.  We either claim it in the positive or the negative.


**Mindset Examples:

  • I am happy
  • I am sad.
  • I have a virus.  It’s fatal.
  • I will survive it.
  • I cannot afford that.  I can save and afford it.
Mindset is the king.  Your mind and emotions have to respond when you feel something.  You can change that next thought to a more loving, productive, and positive one.

Characteristics of an Adapter

Characteristics of an adapter are those that include a positive mindset, which is a skill to lower the fear level quickly and uses a setback as a stepping stone.  Adapters use their energy wisely.  They recognize fear and worry which drains their reservoirs when things go wrong.  They accept responsibility with no complaining.

Take a moment.  How would you describe yourself?  Happy – sad – helpless – confident – tall – average – visual learner – an introvert or extrovert?  Where did you learn that?  When did you accept those labels that keep in that place?  These simple answers can open the doors to a new life and becoming an Adapter.

**Characteristics of an Adapter:                                                                                                                                                                           

  • A positive mindset
  • Action taker
  • Setbacks are taken in stride
  • The fear level lowers quickly
  • Persistence and resilience
  • Accurately sees a situation and responds effectively
  • Keeps active and sociable
  • Uses energy wisely
  • They like themselves
  • Can laugh at themselves
  • Able to balance work and home life
  • Don’t complain endlessly
  • Finds a solution

Change your mindset and change your world – is just a thought away.  As a hypnotherapist, I have spent decades helping clients update their mindset, learn self-healing, and call on their inner resources and experience.  This has helped them to get a better job, get married, or start a business.  They learn the tools and a system to move where they want to go.  Learning to create a positive mindset and self-healing are lifesavers.  My clients and I use these skills to overcome being struck by lightning and many other setbacks, and so can you!

Your Mindset Holds the Key

Your mindset holds the key to being an adapter.  A positive mindset moves life forward with ease, as well as health, relationships, and manifesting.  It gives you the backbone and courage to move forward.  By updating filters, our beliefs create a better life.  Adapters take action after reviewing a situation and then have a plan to react in the moment.  Trusting with their inner guidance allows them to take risks to move forward.

Take a moment to reflect on your level of living – ar you satisfied, or not?  Has this been a long-standing condition?  Look at your beliefs – is there one or two you are ready to let go of now?  The act of realizing that a limiting belief allows more good to flow in.

Create a mindset that supports your dreams

Creating a mindset that supports your dreams is the first step to being an adapter.  When you are desperate, you are open to changescommitted to change, and then your life will change.  Without commitment, you are like a weak signal on the radio.  Fire up that intention.  Small changes over time make large improvements and changes. 

**Steps to create a new mindset:

  • Make images of yourself confident and strong with positive outcomes.
  • Face and acknowledge your fears.
  • Relive over and over the times you changed a few things and succeeded.
  • Know what those changes stand for.
  • Set long term goals that you are passionate about.
  • Ask for help.
  • Prepare and take action.
Are you interested in creating a positive mindset for self-healing, either for yourself and others?  Contact Darielle [here}
Testimonial about a positive mindset:

“Darielle helped me deal with the death of my husband.  She assisted me in dealing with my loss and to be able to move through the pain to return to life.  I had both positive and rapid results.  She uses a variety of techniques in her work, all of which have required active participation on my part.  She recognizes the relationship between the body, mind, and emotions.  I have returned to her for help with my knee.  Darielle works on all levels of the situation where the root cause can be dealt with rather than the symptoms.  I am grateful for her rare talents and abilities.”                                                                                                                                                 CS, Kent, Washington

3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Can it be that easy in 3 steps to boost your immune system? Yes, it can.  The multilevel intimate relationship we have with our immune system is influenced by everything we do, like eating and feeling.

For that reason let us first let us examine what takes down your immune system:   Anxiety, lack of physical activity, worry, too much alcohol, sugar, carbs, lack of sleep, confinement, current events, and fear.

Self-examination is an important step towards boosting your immune system.  Feeling secure and in control lessens the stress on your immune system.  Facts help calm the mind down and allow you to see the larger picture.  Anxiety is about future worry that something bad is going to happen.

1.  Boost Your Immune System with Food

Boosting your immune system with food is like having your own cheering squad.  Food is not only a way to share a meal, but it is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Yeah, yeah,  we hear all the time about how well certain foods are for your immune system and you know those things that keep you healthy.  Food stops inflammation to your brain, joints, and your whole body.  So, why are you resisting?  Are you saying, “No” to helping yourself?  You do not have to change your whole life,  just a few adjustments — even one can be of enormous help to your body and mind.

Here are some foods to help you:

  • Omega-3s
  • Salmon and tuna
  • Nuts:  almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews
  • Apricots
  • Avocados
  • Kale
  • Spinach

Food that increases inflammation:

The food that increases inflammation is in the nightshade family:  eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes.  However, don’t cut out all the things below, but limit them.  When I eliminated these foods entirely for 3 years, it made an amazing difference.

  • Sugar
  • Red meat
  • High fats
  • Dairy
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol

2.  Activity is an important part of boosting your immune system.

Being active releases toxins out of your organs and moves it out as waste.  It can be outside or inside activity, as long as you move for 10 or 30 minutes, 3 times a day.  Added benefits to activity are that it lowers your stress, calms your emotions, and relaxes your body and brain.  Gardening is one of the best mind calmers and then you get to enjoy your flowers and veggies.  Walking with others is a time to share and feel more connected.


  • Walking with others or yourself
  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Creative Cooking
  • Taking care of inside plants or outside Gardening
  • Enjoy 15 minutes of sunshine

3.  Laughter and Relaxation

Laughter and relaxation can immensely add to the quality of your life and that of your children and friends. Why?  These free elements give the mind, body, and soul the channels in which to run.  Laughter and joy bring up the energy level and invites others to join in.  It lifts any burden of your whole place.  Loving plants, animals, and even your whole property helps you feel uplifted.

Hot Bonus Tip!

Sea Salt and Sage:  If you are concerned about negative energy and people this is a good tip to clear your energy and your home.  Mix a 1/2 tsp sage spice with sea salt in a small dish and leave by the front door or do several around the home.

Darielle (Dariel) Roskie Archer:  Contact Darielle online here






Eliminate Germs and Viruses with UV-C Light

I had a light-bulb moment and I want to share with you in finding ways to overcome “Shelter in Place”.   My clients are complaining that their hands are looking red and worn from all the extra washing and cleaning. Revelation time – I’ve used UV-C light technology products for years to clean and sanitize cabinets, counters, the air to combat germs, mold, and viruses.  Enjoy the article and cut your cleaning time.

Eliminate Germs and Viruses with UV-C Light

Eliminate germs and viruses with UV-C light by eliminating those unpleasant smells, from bacteria, shoes, closets, and cell phones.  These challenging times increase our anxiety, so how do we solve the cleaning and sanitizing issues we are encountering?  The power of UV-C Light has been used extensively for decades.

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection and Green Technology have been around for 50 years.  It is well documented that hospitals have used ultraviolet light for infectious diseases.  It has also been used in commercial applications to sanitize air and water treatments, cleaning floors, counters, and bedding.

A jingle I made up goes “Germs Go Poof with UV-C light”.  I have used this technology for over 15 years for sinuses.  Later it helped me to clean without chemicals while recovering from an autoimmune issue for the last 3 years.  I believe it helped me heal faster as my immune system wasn’t fighting dirty air and extra elements.  I love the power of technology to help us.

The Benefits of UV-C Air Sanitizers

UV-C light sanitizes and sterilizes the air by way of killing dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and germs.  I have used my Germ Guardian air purifier for more than 15 years and I find the air smells better.  UV-C light renders the microorganisms harmless by disrupting its ability to reproduce.  This is why it is effective against odors.  Cleaning is a way of life for allergy, asthma sufferers, and cancer survivors while washing and sanitizing clothes, bedding, or floors on a daily basis.  Sometimes the chemical smell and harshness adds to the problem.

Cleaning the home without chemicals mentally allows you to relax and gives you more energy to heal and recover faster.  The fresh clean smell that clothes receive from the power of the sun’s cleansing and sanitizing light properties is now available in UV-C sanitizing products.

The more we use this UV-C light technology, the more we experience the wonders of UV-C light.  This is one of the best inventions of this century.   Now you have the opportunity to use the same powerful light in your own environment.

Do you hate opening the front door to be met with the locker room smell from the odor and bacteria smell from our shoes?  We know that smell when a friend visits our home. It is one of the first things we change when we have company.  Kill that stinky smell using the germicidal for 15 minutes.  It has been clinically proven to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus.  No more dirty, smelly-shoes-smell!

Sanitize that Cell Phone, Face Coverings, and Keys

Sanitize your cell phone

During these challenging times, we love our cell phones and the many options they give us, including the germs on our faces and ears.  Phones you carry and hold against your face carry more germs than your toilet.

Now there is UV-C light technology that will keep your phone clean, face coverings and masks, keys, and any small object that needs to be sanitized.  It saves you money and it is green, too.  What’s not to like?



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Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique for Inflammation

Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique for Inflammation 

For many years this Holistic Energy Release (HER) technique has helped many clients diminish the pain and effects of bloating and inflammation.  These experiences of suffering from an injury with sprains, arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis prevent us from enjoying the moment. 

Circulation makes everything work.  Diminished circulation in your body can cause infections and it becomes warm.  Just like in life, projects are delayed, relationships stall, and there are struggles with money. 

We need things to flow in our lives and body — and if it flows, you go.   

I have received many calls in my practice like: 

  • I went camping and hiking and now I am aching all over. 
  • I ate so much I feel bloated. 
  • My arthritis is acting up again. 
  • I hurt myself at home, 
  • I wish there was something I could do to help myself right here and now. 

It helped me many times when I was not close to a doctor or medical facility.  So I am sharing the technique below that I developed more than twenty years ago.  This helped me recover from wearing high heels where I needed more appropriate footwear, but vanity won and I suffered.  I used it with other adventures and later to help others. 

Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique 

Take a moment and locate where you are feeling tight, uncomfortable, and an area where your body feels hot. 

  • Spend a few minutes deep breathing to charge up your energy. 
  • Using your dominant hand begin pulling that hot energy out of your body, and spend several minutes doing this. 
  • You may not feel anything at first, but keep pulling out the hot energy.  It will feel lighter as you keep moving the energy. 
  • Your hand may feel hot and if so, shake it down towards the ground. 
  • What do you feel – lightness, feeling grounded, or relief?  Just enjoy it. 
  • Set an intention and say to yourself:  “It is okay to release this old energy now.  This part of my body is cooler and functions normally.” 
  • Visualize your hands filled with soothing and cool blue energy. 
  • Place that cool blue energy back in that area. 
  • Drink several glasses of water. 
  • Write a few notes of your experience for later reference. 

This is a basic technique for inflammation and stomach discomfort,  and it helps with anxiety, too.  Just think of it as using energy only.  You can call me for more complex issues that require further steps.  Always check with your doctor, as this technique does not replace the advice of medical physicians. 

If you want more information on intention and how beneficial a positive mindset can be here is an article that can assist you in developing a  Positive Mindset. 

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Three Benefits of Developing Your Intuition

Three Benefits of Developing Your Intuition

Three benefits of developing your intuition is a way of living that allows you to remain calm in the midst of chaos, fear, and laughter.  Developing this innate ability is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  In troubled times your intuition can show you the way forward.

I have enjoyed the benefits of intuition as a way of life.  It has been an interesting one and continues to be while fulfilling my dreams, from traveling and meeting wonderful people on this walk.  This intuitive path is always there and opens to anyone who develops this natural ability.

Let this short article help you begin your walk.  As I sit here looking out over a valley on this warm sunny day, I feel so blessed to be right here right now and sharing this information with you.  Most people blow off simple steps as not being valuable.  I was one of those, until as I saw over and over again the things I wanted started to manifest — like my love of travel, manifesting free trips and meeting people who changed my life.  Every day has become an adventure.  I invite you on this journey.

Here are Three Benefits of Intuition

  1.  People who develop their intuition take time to enjoy life’s moments.  They slow down to the speed of being present and hear what others are saying.  There is deep listening to being heard.
  2.  The ability to be patient while manifesting becomes inner peace.  Knowing inner peace allows the intuitive to understand there is movement, even in the presence of no forward motion.
  3. While hearing the voice of intuition, there is an urge to do this or go to a different way home. Increased confidence is experienced while using intuition and decisive actions are made.

Opening to Intuition

Opening to intuition begins with quieting your mind and body.   It is in the quiet that intuition can be heard the best.  Take several deep breaths – if you can do this outside it is better.  Think of an easy question you would like an answer to, or that you already know.  You are building trust.  Start small and slowly build trust and confidence.  The same way you build relationships, small steps, and sharing.

  • Breathe in – to a count of 3, Hold 3, Exhale 3.
  • Now ask your question.
  • How did the answer come to you?  Was it a feeling, a flash of insight, or did you hear something?
  • Now practice and record your outcomes.

The Path of Intuition

The path of intuition is filled with many wonderful walks to an amazing way of life.  This journey will last a lifetime, and as you begin to harness this natural gift it becomes a beautiful part of being human.  As you deepen the connection to your spirit and environment, you begin to experience a new rhythm.  The path of intuition is an inner dance with your vibration and frequency.

Being relaxed and open is the start of this path of intuition.  Think for a moment about a day where projects worked out easily – or on vacation just being present and open – and how what you wanted just seemed to be there.  It was as though you were lead from one success to another.

That is alignment.  It is like you know what to do and when while enjoying a ride.  Having no resistance to the outcome is a sign that your inner belief has now become a mindset that provides you the inner resources to accomplish your dreams.

Use the above steps to help you today and every day.

Enjoy the benefits,


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