Self-Motivation Creates A Passion For Life

Self-motivations creates a passion for life by keeping us moving forward on our journey in interesting and creative ways. Surrounding ourselves with elements that reflect our goals and aspirations constantly reminds us of our purpose, breathing life into our ambitions and invigorating our spirits.

Several ways to help keep self-motivation alive:

Personal Growth: Continuously evolving and becoming the best version of oneself.

Giving Back: Contributing to the well-being of others and the community.

Your North Star

Self-motivation shines as the North Star, guiding us through uncharted territories toward our dreams in the vast expanse of human potential. Embracing its luminous guidance, we chart our course with purpose, navigate challenges with resilience, and discover the limitless potential within us. Invite it in, and reap the benefits of discovery.

As the North Star helps mariners navigate the roughest waters, self-motivation guides us through the turbulent seas, ensuring we stay the course. Remember, self-motivation and passion for life are personal and unique journeys. It’s important to tailor these concepts to your individual preferences and circumstances. As we set sail on this self-motivation transformative voyage, we unlock a constellation of possibilities that lead us to our most extraordinary selves.

I Love Boats! My early life was spent around row boats, motor boats, on rivers and lakes. Seattle has some of the best sailing. Many happy hours were spent on a small sailing boat.  Later in life, cruise ships, and room service on the water, love it! New adventures, new places, and people.

I love the smell of the water, rivers, lakes, oceans, or seas. The sound of the birds, the feel of the wind in your hair, the sweet taste of freshwater, or the salt of the oceans.

So what does this have to do with Self-Motivation, everything? You are out there with the elements and your own thoughts and skill level. It teaches you to be present and take breaks to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sky, water, and nature all around you. You  Learn a great deal about yourself in the silence. Magnified under the night sky in the open sea.

Overcoming Swells of Daily Challenges

Overcoming the Swells of Daily Challenges are the waves that test the mettle of a mariner’s resolve and yours too. Similarly, challenges in life are not setbacks but opportunities for growth. Embracing these challenges and viewing them as stepping stones toward self-improvement enhances our resilience and increases our confidence. Learn to be like a ball and bounce back.

Finding Allies of Support

Finding allies of support is necessary for life. Those connections are the lifeblood. No voyage is undertaken alone. Just as mariners form alliances with fellow sailors, connecting with like-minded individuals fortifies our self-motivation. Building a network of support provides encouragement, fresh perspectives, and shared experiences that propel us further on our journey of self-discovery and achievement.

Conclusion: A Voyage of Self-Discovery

Before we wrap up, I want to share a snippet of my personal journey with self-motivation and passion for life. There have been moments of doubt, but I’ve discovered that within me lies a wellspring of resilience and determination. I’ve found that setting clear goals and immersing myself in what I’m passionate about has transformed my life.  Embark on your enlightening exploration of self-motivation and living passionately. Remember, you have the power to activate your awesome! Embrace self-motivation as your compass, and let your passion for life be your guiding star!

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Pulling Weeds

Pulling Weeds in your garden is like pulling weeds in your Mind.

Pulling Weeds in your garden involves removing unwanted plants and weeds that can choke out the plants you want to grow. The same is true of pulling the weeds of negative thoughts.

Similarly, pulling weeds in your mind involves identifying and removing negative or unhelpful thoughts that can slow your personal growth and well-being. Both cases may be simple or complex and ongoing, but this practice leads to a healthier and more productive environment.

The other day weeding the front yard with my husband and a friend, I had trouble getting this one weed out. I took a moment and a deep breath and approached it differently, digging all around it rather than pulling it out like the others. It got me thinking about weeding my mind of negative thoughts and experiences as I physically pulled the weed out.

Weeding your mind of negative thoughts involves identifying and challenging negative thoughts, reframing them in a more positive light, practicing being calm, and seeing the larger picture, to stay present and focused on the present moment.

In sharing my insight with them, we laughed and decided to practice weeding the mind and yard. We continued pulling weeds, one for the yard and one for the mind. At the end of an hour, we all felt better and lighter and had another shared laugh.

Weeding The Ongoing Process

Weeding the ongoing process is necessary to remove negative thoughts continually. It involves identifying and challenging negative thoughts, reframing them in a more positive light, practicing being calm, and seeing the larger picture, to stay present and focused on the present moment.

Be patient with yourself; as your awareness grows in recognizing a negative thought.  Ask, is it around the same thing, love, work, kids, finances, or career?  If so, what action can you take to improve that area?

  • Weeding your garden and pulling negative thoughts out requires effort and persistence to achieve desired results.
  • Grasp mind weed firmly and say it’s time to go – I am making room for more positive actions.
  • Both can be therapeutic and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • Ignoring or Neglecting either task can lead to overgrowth and cluttered, unproductive space.
  • Both can be ongoing processes, as new weeds or negative thoughts can sprout repeatedly.
  • Identify negative thoughts –  replace them with an opposite thought.(I am anxious. Replace – I can do this, I have done this before, or something similar.
  • Have three positive thoughts


Tips for Pulling negative thoughts out

  • What areas are the negative thought: work, family, health, career, and or finances?
  • Challenge negative thoughts; it does not always happen
  • Reframe negative thoughts into positive or neutral ones
  • Focus on the present moment
  • Engage in positive self-talk – I can do this, handle this, etc
  • Write out and carry a few positive  affirmations
  • Seek support from friends, family,
  • If thoughts persist, seeing a mental health professional might be needed and valuable.

Maintenance Is Key To Keeping Weeds Out

Maintenance Is Key To Keeping Weeds Out;  keeping an eye out for new weeds in the garden and mind requires persistence to achieve desired results. Both are ongoing processes, as new weeds or negative thoughts can sprout anytime.

Both can be therapeutic and provide a sense of accomplishment. Neglecting either and you will see an overgrowth and a cluttered, unproductive space.

Research on positive effects of gardening

Research has shown that gardening can positively affect both physical and mental health. It can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase happiness and well-being.

Gardening provides a source of physical activity, which can help to improve overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Growing and harvesting your fruits and vegetables can promote healthy eating, and who doesn’t like to eat what they have produced? Sharing makes it better.

Happiness and gardening

Gardening can bring happiness in many ways. It allows you to connect with nature, have some alone time while you engage in physical activity, and create something beautiful. Research has also shown that being around plants can reduce stress and improve mood. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your happiness, consider picking up a trowel and cultivating a garden!

Gardeners keep a journal of what plants grow well here or did not do well there. They love to share what they have learned. Reading their journal gives them a sense of pride, allowing them to enjoy those feelings again.

Healing negative thoughts and wounds

  • Practice self-compassion and kindness towards yourself
  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Write and Post positive affirmations
  • Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist
  • Find and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment
  • Practice deep breathing for more inner peace
  • Consider forgiveness and letting go of resentment
  • Improve physical health through exercise, nutrition, laughter, and sleep
  • Set healthy boundaries and prioritize your own needs and well-being.

As a hypnotherapist and personal development coach, I saw numerous clients who practiced and benefited from physical gardening and mental weeding. Enjoy Darielle

My passion is to show a path to going forward so that you can achieve your goals and dreams faster and easier while maintaining balance in your life.

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Happy Dissolves Negative Thoughts

 Happy Dissolves Negative Thoughts:

Happy thoughts help with health, by dissolving negative thoughts, we increase our self-worth.

Creative, fun,  released alert, your brain functions better, Increases hormones, tightens your skin, you glow, as releasing the creative(sexy) energy 1st chakra, creativity,

Negativity is like dog poop on the shoe you share with everyone you come in contact with. I just Stinky Aura.

Dissolving the negative is a technique I use daily when I find myself being distracted, sometimes several times throughout the day. When you look at the glass to the right you see it full first or empty. Whatever you see first is true for you.

Awareness  Stop Those thoughts Start with Breathing. In that  instant hold it

Take 3-5 breaths, inhale 3, hold 3, exhale 3, hold 3…(if comfortable increase the number of breaths 4, 5, or ).

Rate the uncomfortable situation 1-10

Stand in being uncomfortable and see it grow smaller –

State Cancel and dissolve, then watch the negative

shrink down again then say

Dissolve the negative situation or scary thought.

See  it  growing smaller and disappearing

Transforming Tips:

  • Ask yourself, “What one thing do I want to change?”
  • Take 3 deep breaths while calming your mind and bringing yourself into balance.
  • Think of what you want to change again and send your thoughts and energy to it.
  • Sit and listen to any thoughts or images that surface (allow time for this).
  • Write down what you received.
  • Practice what you received.

The secret is to take one thing and then “do it”.  Our brains can do one thing and do it well . Practice for a year.  Focusing on one thing it does not raise our doubts and fears.  We can make our dreams come to fruition by using the above steps.  As you encourage your intuition, it will help you while keeping your balance.

Be Happy – Do Not Rent Space To Negativity

Be HappyDo Not Rent Space to Negativity

Room for Rent Is this what you are putting out there

Being happy – do not rent space to negativity is an emotional art form deriving from our internal moving map.  We are guided to produce results consistent with our dynamic programming. 

To be happy requires that we have space to fill in with new life-enriching experiences and associations. I bet you have rented more space to people and negativity than ever imagined.  No wonder you struggle to be happy.

To get a handle on these emotions, it helps to make a list of events and people that come to mind that irritate you immediately upon hearing their name or you remember an event.  The stronger the response, the more space you have rented.  (Too bad we could not receive money for all that space!) 

Check your renters.  How many rooms are dedicated to being happy – one, two, or none? How can you be happy when you have rented your headspace to negativity?

We often release the mental aspect of a situation, but not the “energy” is still lodged there.  It is not your fault.  No one taught you how to release trapped energy.   

Keep reading – I will show you how to release some of this energy with a few simple techniques below.   

Help My Mind Has Been Hijacked  

A Mind Being Hijacked

Mind Being Hijacked

It is tough to thrive and keep focused when your mind is already hijacked and rented to negativity.  You dream and plan a good life and suddenly remember the negative people in your life or the scars of a bad relationship.  

You ask yourself, “Why can’t I just keep moving forward with my vision and the good life dream I have?”  Then you say, “Because I have rented space to negativity, someone else, clutter, or fears.” That “good” moment evaporated. 

How often after a heated exchange do you relive it – perhaps for months or years afterward?  You have rented space to someone else in that state of mind.  They have moved in.   Ask yourself, “Who and what lives in my head and occupies the most space?”

Champions Review Mistakes –  Learn from them and move on 

Ready for Success

Champions in sports make mistakes, too.  Their head is no longer in the game, but after reviewing them, they move on.  They have trained themselves to observe what they could improve on, then release the mistake as a lesson learned.

Coaches and mentors have helped them to see that to keep reliving the incident repeatedly; they feel less than.”  Their attitude and training keep them in the winner’s circle.  High achievers know how to work and keep stress low by believing in themselves and their dream.  There is no room for negativity to live or be rented to someone else. 

We can learn from the champions.  To keep “the edge and experience a different outcome, we need to live in the present, improve our skills, and release the thoughts and people associated with some failure or event.  You cannot change the past; only learn from it.  Review what other steps you could have done differently, then move on.  Implement and incorporate those into your present mindset. 

The Cure for Bad Mental Tenants 

The cure for bad tenants is not going through the courts but changing your reactions to them

  • Breath in several deep breaths 
  • Exhale like you are blowing kisses to the world
  • See any negative thoughts and emotions going down your legs and the bottoms of your feet.
  • See yourself coming back to the center.

    Good Vibes Only here

  • Take a step back and see the person or event in the longterm view of your life.
  • You will see them shrink in size and intensity against your lifelong backdrop. 

Make your life story one where you overcame them and the new thoughts and actions that helped you. 

New life stories are the foundations to help make change more straightforward.  Spend time writing down how you want your life to feel and look like – pictures will visualize this. 

Let’s release the trapped energy and try the following technique. 

Positive Energy Technique: 

  •  Ask yourself what story you are repeating over and over. 
  • Who has the power? – these people, the event, or you? 
  • Take a couple of deep breaths and bless and release them and the event. 
  • Recall three times when you had the outcome you wanted. 
  • Make these memories where you had the outcome you wanted bigger and brighter – m
  • Make them as real and vibrant as you can. 
  • Pick one word to recall this event. 
  • See the outcome you want. 
Practice this for 30 days – it will bring clarity and focus back to your life, and you will have more room to be happy. 

Please feel free to share how these techniques work for you.         

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Thrive – Stop Negativity Now Exercise

How Can You Stop Negativity Now?                                               

Picture this — Your negative co-worker is at your desk once again complaining, wanting your attention, and wanting you to fix or do something they don’t want to do.  You see them coming and your stomach suddenly cramps, and you quickly get a headache.

Now picture a new way to deal with the negative co-workers.  You see them coming and smile to yourself.  You use the Stop Negativity Now Exercise”— they do not stop at your desk.  You feel good and continue with your work.

After work, you come home and your spouse is being negative again.  “Please, just give me a moment to decompress,” you say.  That moment does not occur and then there is more blaming and negative talk.

A new scene — before walking into work you do the exercise and notice a difference.  Then the negative chatter begins.  You do the exercise again.  Wow, the chatter stops!  The co-workers are calmer and talking about something more positive.

In chronic situations at work or home, you will need the practice to keep you in the Positive Mindset.  Keep practicing, it does work.  I have used this technique myself with good results.

There are many ways this exercise can help you, for example, around kids, driving, working with the boss or shopping.  You can use this exercise in any situation.

You can stop negativity immediately.  Just today I shared this technique with a couple of clients.  Their feedback was that they each felt a release and had an immediate change with the other person.

Enjoy, laugh, and know you have a way to deal with negative people.  You have the power.

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

You know those days – like when you step out of bed into something wet, discovering it is kitty barf!  This is after having a nice and grateful wake-up time.  You stand there with the barf on your foot as you hop to the bathroom to wash it off.

Then there is the sound of the phone ringing at O-dark-hundred and a voice at the other end in a panic,  “We have to get that project done now and come to work!”  This comes from a person you resent and feel they are less qualified — and you are always bailing them out.  Do not gloss over that frustration.

It’s okay to feel those feelings.  We are conditioned to think that having downtime and funky feelings are not okay.  That is not true!

Make your stumbles part of your dance, not the story of your life.

Timeouts and stumbles

Timeouts are a necessary part of growing.  Your emotions and brain need a break to assimilate new information.  The overload can result in a meltdown when we have continual uploads and new information without taking a breath.  STOP and take a break.

I love checklists; they are easy to read and filled with ideas.  Here is a helpful checklist for taking a break:

  • Sit in your jammies.
  • Eat your ice cream.
  • People watch at the mall or cafe.
  • Binge-watch for a day.
  • Hug your furry companion.
  • Dance to your favorite music.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Take a walk.
  • Call an old friend.
  • Visit your favorite art gallery.
  • Explore a new place for the day.

Just give yourself permission to sit for a bit.  I find inspiration returns quickly when I do that.  During these timeouts, we have the opportunity to step back and try a new approach.  Let it be the opposite of what you previously tried.  There are times when we feel like we have failed through no fault of our own.  Yet that setback becomes part of your story of loss and lack.  Challenge that; it is a setback, not your life story. Breaks allow you to see clearly and then transformation begins.

After resting – go back to the beginning

Resting and going back to the beginning is an often overlooked opportunity.  Our overworked brains can miss important details of a situation.  The psychological distance can trigger unseen solutions.  Seize this time to overhaul the project and generate as many new ideas as possible.

Before I took a break, I felt anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated, and then trying harder and faster to get things done did the reverse.  That was not a fun experience, and I thought,  “Where’s my edge and insight now?  I’m tired.”  I sigh and take a walk to the park.

Many times after taking a break, it has profoundly impacted my planning and writing.  My spirit is renewed, my insights are keener, and I enjoy a deeper connection to people.  Open communication with yourself invites others with that same benefit.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew and believed in ourselves?

Put regular breaks into your schedule and make “me time” a priority.  Enjoy the benefits.

Let the articles I write be your Coach

These articles I write can be your coach and guide you to find a path and navigate challenges while transforming your life.  The cost of worry, negativity, fears, and insecurities can derail anyone.  Each article contains tools to build upon and knowledge to help you map out a plan and streamline a strategy to success.

A “coach” to guide you is the backbone needed to drive you forward to your dreams.  Coaching is a way to discover and amplify your talents and train your mind to achieve results.

I have cherished my coaches, and the insights I gained was time well spent, avoiding costly mistakes.  They assisted me in developing spiritual, mental, and emotional tools that would have taken many more years otherwise.

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Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique for Inflammation

Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique for Inflammation 

For many years this Holistic Energy Release (HER) technique has helped many clients diminish the pain and effects of bloating and inflammation.  These experiences of suffering from an injury with sprains, arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis prevent us from enjoying the moment. 

Circulation makes everything work.  Diminished circulation in your body can cause infections and it becomes warm.  Just like in life, projects are delayed, relationships stall, and there are struggles with money. 

We need things to flow in our lives and body — and if it flows, you go.   

I have received many calls in my practice like: 

  • I went camping and hiking and now I am aching all over. 
  • I ate so much that I feel bloated. 
  • My arthritis is acting up again. 
  • I hurt myself at home, 
  • I wish there was something I could do to help myself right here and now. 

It helped me many times when I was not close to a doctor or medical facility.  So I am sharing the technique below that I developed more than twenty years ago.  This helped me recover from wearing high heels where I needed more appropriate footwear, but vanity won and I suffered.  I used it with other adventures and later to help others. 

Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique 

Take a moment and locate where you are feeling tight, or uncomfortable, and an area where your body feels hot. 

  • Spend a few minutes deep breathing to charge up your energy. 
  • Using your dominant hand begin pulling that hot energy out of your body, and spend several minutes doing this. 
  • You may not feel anything at first, but keep pulling out the hot energy.  It will feel lighter as you keep moving the energy. 
  • Your hand may feel hot and if so, shake it down towards the ground. 
  • What do you feel – lightness, feeling grounded, or relief?  Just enjoy it. 
  • Set an intention and say to yourself:  “It is okay to release this old energy now.  This part of my body is cooler and functions normally.” 
  • Visualize your hands filled with soothing and cool blue energy. 
  • Place that cool blue energy back in that area. 
  • Drink several glasses of water. 
  • Write a few notes of your experience for later reference. 

This is a basic technique for inflammation and stomach discomfort,  and it helps with anxiety, too.  Just think of it as using energy only.  You can call me for more complex issues that require further steps.  Always check with your doctor, as this technique does not replace the advice of medical physicians. 

If you want more information on intention and how beneficial a positive mindset can be here is an article that can assist you in developing a  Positive Mindset. 

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Are You a Clencher, a Gritter, a Hand-Wringer, or Sleepless?

Are you a clencher, a gritter, a hand-wringer, or sleepless?

These are signs of anxiety and stress, played out during the day and when trying to sleep.  These ways of grinding or hand-wringing or sleeplessness are ways our body and mind are trying to find a solution.  It is important to deal with these symptoms as soon as you notice them.  In heightened states of anxiety, we can gain weight, feel disconnected, and everyday projects become harder.  Our hands and feet feel cold, we have a lack of focus and overwhelm.  These are the sandwich of the day.  We lose touch with our body, mind, and soul.

What I really want is “Peace”!  I can help you with that.

Stop gritting and start “Grounding”

Grounding” is the antidote to anxiety to stop the gritting, grinding, and sleepless nights.  Grounding brings you back into your body and into the present time.  It is a simple process that helps release pent-up frustrations by creating a relaxed, calming state, the sympathetic response, and gain balance again.  The “sympathetic nervous system” (SNS) controls the body’s responses to a perceived threat and is responsible for the “fight or flight” or “freeze” response.

As a hypnotherapist and energy worker, it is vital to remain grounded and clear when assisting my clients. I have found many clients come with any number of stress problems, “grounding” is an easy way to help release those troubles fast.  This is something my clients can do themselves.  It makes me happy to share this technique with you.

“Grounding” – Antidote to Anxiety

I like the feel of a deep connection to Mother Earth, see the magma, and fire the purifier.  I release my issues, fears, anger, frustrations, and whatever emotion I wish to release.  Then I enjoy the nurturing, healing power of “Mother Earth”, the “Blue Planet”, our home.  Here is the technique I use:  (Do not drive, or use machinery doing this technique).

Grounding Technique:

  1.  Turn off distractions for about 5 minutes.
  2.  Find a comfortable chair.
  3.  Take a few deep breaths.
  4.  Imagine a cord running down, deep into the earth.  I like to see roots to feel anchored.
  5.  Pick the issue most irritating you.
  6.  Set the Intention to release this issue from your mind, body, soul, and life.
  7.  See or feel the issue going down the roots to “Mother Earth” and to the fire.
  8.  Take time to feel the release.
  9.  Invite the healing energy in.  Sit here a bit, absorbing it.
  10.  Take a deep breath and return to your today.

This is a short quick on-the-spot version of the technique.  I have more in-depth classes on Grounding and Anxiety.  Learn to use science, and energy work to gain control and clarity, and reconnect again.  These interactive classes will show you how amazing you are.  You do have the ability to calm anxiety quickly.

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A Winner’s Mindset – Life is an Inner Game

A Winner’s Mindset – Life is an Inner Game

A winner’s mindset  – Life is an inner game.  What we say to ourselves becomes the blueprint of our lives.  It started in childhood as we accepted beliefs about ourselves and continue to play them out daily.

What you say becomes your life.  The more you hear your voice say something out loud it strengthens the belief and subsequent actions.  When you hear your intention, it has power.  Share it consciously with the intention you want.

Winners view a mistake as a miscalculation.  They learn from this experience and go on – no blaming or crying.  The setback does not define them or hold them back.  They go back to their plan, make room for setbacks, have days off, then return to their winning habit.  They practice what they know works.

Simple Steps to Change Your Mindset:

When you think a thought, before your brain engages you have a short 5 to 7 seconds before your body responds.  You have visual memories, feelings, and the game is already engaged in your old story. Before you get distracted you can do these steps.

  • See a “stop sign” and count to 7.
  • Recall a happy memory or one you would like.
  • Become present and set yourself back into the winner’s mindset.
  • Be alive and in the moment, realize you have just had another win.

Bump Up Your Inner Game

Change your dialogue and change your life.  The history books and current news are filled with people who kept at their ideas, encouraging themselves, believing, and taking consistent action.

Their inner self-talk supported them against all odds and insulated them from hurtful and negative thoughts, loss, setbacks, naysayers, and their past conditioning.

You are no different than them.  These winners learned positive thoughts, had a plan and kept up their daily practices.  You can create your own plan and soar.  Read on to find out more secrets to manifesting.

Rehearsal – Your Edge in Life

Whatever you are good at in your life took time to learn, practice, and then make perfect.  The more you practiced the quicker you saw results.  Why?  Because it was a high priority for you.

“Rehearsing” gives you an edge in your body and mind and then acts as though it were happening in real-time.  It also allows any potential problems or fears to surface.  You can resolve those in a mental movie of you doing so.

Seeing yourself in many different settings gives you the opportunity to see yourself empowered and facing a situation with confidence.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes when faced with the situation in person.  Your mind is clear and emotions are grounded.  You are calmer and balanced.  The choice of action is truly yours.

Practice, practice. is the key to a winning mindset.

Your Winning Mindset

Your winning mindset awaits your intention.  Each day and each encounter awaits your intention.  The message?  Define your intention, clearly, and with passion.

Get your mind in the game, see the steps you need to take, open your heart bring in that dream.  Now make a “manifesting plan” of necessary steps to carry you through.  Schedule it in your phone, book it out for 90 days, 6 months, or the whole year.  Then practice, practice, and more practice. It is okay to have an off-day or setback – factor it in.  Then return to what works without the guilt.

  1. Think of what you want to manifest.
  2.  Make it big and bright
  3.  Feelings are so strong, engage your 5 senses.
  4.  Open your heart – bring it in and make it real.
  5.  Repeat  2-5 times, Stay in that state as long as possible.
  6.  See the steps you need to take, and then put them in your phone calendar.
  7. Take small daily steps and make them manageable and achievable – then go get it.

Enjoy your life during the manifesting, go through the experience, and then continue maintaining that level. Your positive habits will keep you improving, and as you discover things get easier and it becomes a habit.

Look in the mirror.  You are a winner – and live out loud.  Enjoy the moment. Go on about your day.

Enjoy,   Darielle

©Copyright – Darielle Archer

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“Calm” is a Healing Superpower

“Calm” is a Healing Superpower

“Calm” is not a passive state and is an enlightened state of being.  In this state, you flow with certainty and balance to a positive outcome.  It means you are relaxed and alert and are aware of your surroundings and yet you have inner peace.  You are grounded, balanced, and ready to face whatever life brings.

Call in the “Calm”, you amazing person — with the power of the Universe.  Heck, it is on speed dial.

Let’s face it.  The world currently sucks and we have a variety of issues that can skyrocket your blood pressure with anger and fear.  So, what does one do?

What does “calm” look like?  Is it a happy look, a sad look, or is it just a feeling?

Put on a “Calm” face

Put on a “Calm” face.  What does it look like?  Visualize a happy face, like having the face of an eagle.  It has a color and a smell.  Identify with the “calm” by giving it a face-smell-taste feeling.  The more we can identify it, the greater we can call it when we need it.  It is a superpower at your discretion and at your beck and call.

To each person, it presents itself differently.  Have a cape and the ability to fly.  The amazing ability to be calm allows you to see a larger picture.

A “mindset” is where it all starts when you use the power of your mind, visualization, and intention to live life on your terms in the best and most positive way.  Keeping your mind focused and taking a breath alters your state of being.  Then stepping back from a problem allows you to see the greater picture rather than being involved in the situation.  This creates more options.

Set your “Mindset”, then get ready and go!

Steps to “Calm”:

  • Take 3 deep breaths.  Breathe in 3.  Hold 3.  Exhale 3.
  • See this as a temporary situation that’s making you uncomfortable.  Give it a number
  • Shrink this thought down as far as you can.
  • Think of something you love and see every cell filling up on it.
  • Now see the situation again and give it a number.
  • Shrink it down again, take a deep breath, and see it dissolve.
  • Bring back your happy calm face.
  • Go on with your day.

Keep Calm and Live On

Keeping calm helps beat the flu and other maladies.  In a state of worry, fear, or lack, we are simply stuck at the moment.  Sometimes even dizziness sends your immune system into a downward spiral.

“Keep Calm and Live On” is not a cliché.  It is more of a way to live life.  Being calm and collected is of immense help.  It contributes to the health of your immune system and the ability to make the best choices.

Happy thoughts are like sharing a meal with friends or family and being fully present and engaged.  This can do a lot for your immune system and longevity.

You will find many other amazing techniques for protecting health on how to use crystals in my book:                 “The Thriving Code:  A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection”.

Happy loving thoughts from your Healing Mindset Coach,                                                                                                                  Darielle Archer

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