How to Develop a Powerful Mindset and Create an Amazing Life

How to Develop a Powerful Mindset and Create an Amazing Life

“How to develop a powerful mindset and create an amazing life” is not just a slogan.  Learning alignment and acting on those values that support your dreams are secrets of a powerful mindset and can be learned to shift into a higher level of life now.  However, it is when embraced, accepted and practiced is where the powerful mindset emerges and is yours to call upon at any time.

You can learn to stop the pain,  procrastination, insecurity, reliving mistakes, and not renting space to negativity.  Let’s begin training your mind to work for your benefit.  This is real stuff, not just mental training but experiential.   Wouldn’t you love to trust yourself in making decisions and taking action from a confident state of mind?

Developing your mindset is more than your beliefs that rule your life, limited or unlimited.  If you want to know what to change, look at the areas where you are in pain.  Updating old worn-out beliefs that only give us pain can be accomplished.  The amazing life you want takes time, action, and effort, but belief in yourself is where it starts.

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What 3 values do you live by to transform your life?         

Transform your life with these 3 values – kindness, honesty, and confidence. Are you willing to invest in yourself and receive the rewards?  When you are in conflict with your values, your actions will reflect that conflict and you will not feel at peace with any decision you make.

The things you value and live by are the floodlight to illuminate your path.

Try this:                                                                                                                                                   Observe what you value for a week.  Do you live by these values?  If you do not live by these values then begin making that change and observe how your life improves.

What happens if you are not living by your values?

As a result of not living by my values, I found I was in need of losing a few pounds.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to have that almond croissant, and then thereafter eating that croissant wondering why did I choose the short-term fix over the long-term advantage of losing weight?  My favorite outfit was getting snug.  Oh, of course, I had an event where I was planning to wear the outfit.  With a little examination, I found that a few things were out of alignment with my healthy lifestyle values.  Examination showed I was not fixing my food to take with me to events.  I love to eat out, but I was not living by my values in that area.  A short time after I dealt with being honest with myself and started following my blueprint again, the weight fell off.

So answer these questions and let’s move you forward to an amazing life by shaping yourself to explore and generate new actions in alignment with your values.

Alignment and living by your values

Alignment and living by your values unite you consciously and unconsciously to be unstoppable.  This helps you develop a powerful mindset and you create an amazing life.  Living this way reduces stress and conflicts – and you will sleep better.

Take a few moments and write down what areas you are experiencing, like a lack of health, money, success, or relationships.  This information will impact you in positive ways and clear the obstacles for you.  You do not need a complete overhaul, but a little revamping.  It will demonstrate to you that you have the focus and help you generate a new belief in yourself.

Alignment questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you in alignment with your values?
  • Do your actions show your alignment?
  • What feelings are you experiencing?
  • List any area you are in “pain” or “lack”.
  • How long has the “lack” been in your life?

Powerful mindset checklist for creating an amazing life

Look below at the powerful mindset checklist and use it to your benefit.  Be honest here – are you in alignment with your values?  Taking actions when we are in alignment with our values makes us feel confident.  Creating an amazing life is where you have to believe it is possible and walk with awareness, not fear.

Aligning with our vision, releasing the old worn-out beliefs, and allowing time to integrate new information are all important pieces to our growth.  Self-knowledge and confidence are powerful with action and is a pathway to your dreams.

Powerful Mindset Checklist:

  • Take the first issue on your values list and review every action you have taken.
  • Did you consistently take action daily in that area?
  • Are you acting like the person you want to be?
  • Check daily that you are in alignment with your values.
  • How committed were you to achieving that goal?  If you are not,  why not?
  • Do you still want to accomplish that goal?  If not, let it go.
  • Make an overall plan.  Look at the big picture by looking at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years.
  • Pick 1 thing and do it to completion.  Build your momentum

Spend 80% of your time doing the thing you want to accomplish.  If it is about money,  then you want to do the activity that generates money.  If relationships, then spend time with those people communicating and doing activities that encourage that goal.

A key point:  Step away from what you are working on from time to time to keep the edge.  It will help increase and regain your balance.  Failure is part of the success process and it helps you to discover those weak links and inspires you to take action.  Learn from those times. Then go kick butt!

Your desire is being fulfilled

With a powerful mindset that is in sync with your wants and beliefs, you will find, Presto, your desire is being fulfilled!  You are back on track to fulfilling your destiny.  As you listen to the nudge of your inner voice, your intuition grows louder and you grow more confident.

As a hypnotherapist (mindset coach), I help people change their unhealthy beliefs, like lack of money, relationships, or health beliefs – to the belief, “I can have it” and understanding alignment and staying in alignment.  That combined with a step-by-step roadmap shows them how to create a life they love,  spend time doing what they love, enjoy their family, and reach their goals.

The results that clients have had are stunning and surprising, like miracles on-demand, and desires being fulfilled.  Here are 2  clients who have practiced their new mindset:

“I can only attest in all honesty to what has happened in my own experience.  Several months later I find that I have grown and changed so much it really defies all skepticism”.  Sharon, Woodinville, WA

“Darielle gave me a structure for my healing process. simply, gently, clearly.  We devised an outline with specific small goals, to begin with.  I’m excited about my progress”.  Jayne, Seattle, WA.

P.S.  – Announcement                                                                                                                                                                                                 It all starts with an urge or nudge of intuition, then your vision.  Energy follows that thought and takes you across the finish line.  I want you to succeed, be healthy, and be happy.  This is a movement to support and help each other, pets, and our planet.  It’s one person at a time reaching around the world.  Everything is energy, which is light and vibration.   As a thank you, I’m giving you a Free Mini-Series Coming Soon to those on my mailing list first, before going public.  We are just getting started here with How to Use Your Intuition and Intention.  Woo-hoo!

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Awesome Energy – A Healer Shares Her Secrets

Awesome Energy – A Healer Shares Her Secrets

I want to share my secrets with you!   

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and if you know how to use it correctly it can help you Thrive”.   Darielle (Dariel) Roskie Archer

In my practice, I have witnessed the healing of past hurts and wounds on all levels by releasing trapped energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Learning to be sensitive to energy and how to use effectively is a plus.  You can be one of the informed ones and help family and friends with your knowledge of how energy works.

One of the laws of energy is – the more energy you use, the more you will have.

My commitment is helping others navigate through these challenging times.  We need all of our energy and confidence – and a large dose of humor.  I’ve gathered articles here on my website that I believe can help you with pain relief, emotional release, and increasing your intuition.

(Each article I share is a mini-lesson and related to my book techniques. You can save these emails and the tips people have paid me very well for this specialized information.)

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  1.  Energy Acupuncture Doesn’t Hurt
  2.  Cactus Finger and Energy Healing
  3.  “Alignment” Increases Life’s Flow
  4.  How to Overcome People’s Toxic Energy Pollution
  5.  Be Happy – Do Not Rent Space to Negativity
  6.  Healing – More Than a State of Mind
  7.  Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy
  8.  Awesome Energy – A Healer Shares Her Secrets

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Energy Acupuncture Doesn’t Hurt

Energy Acupuncture Doesn’t Hurt

Holistic Energy Release

Have ever you had that feeling of being “stuck” and feel it is difficult to move forward?  There is a way to release emotional and physical energy patterns by dissolving those blocks and “Energy Acupuncture” doesn’t hurt.

“Energy Acupuncture” (as I call it) helps with healing by using the techniques of Holistic Energy Release (HER).  This is a fancy name, but what is Holistic Energy Release?  I see and use it as energy acupuncture without needles or touching the body.  A lot of trapped energy is from past experiences.

These areas of trapped energy are often very inflamed and swollen and can be relieved with energy. Releasing this energy allows the body and emotions to return to the point of balance. Would you like to feel better and healthier? A byproduct of this release makes a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and others.

Why Can’t I Move Forward?

Are you one of those people who feel stuck and want to transform your life?  Many clients come to me saying, “I had counseling.  I’ve tried many forms of healing yet feel stuck.  I have low energy and am unable to get things I want to be done.  I just keep repeating the same responses to people and events over and over.”  Sound familiar?  Read on – it is “stuck energy” from when that challenge first happened.

Unknowingly, you may collect and create negative energy by holding on to grudges, reliving an unpleasant situation, and may still be grieving over a promotion you felt you deserved but didn’t get.  These thoughts and feelings are energy drains.  You just feel off and out of sync.

After I work with clients they exclaim, “I feel lighter and that area is less swollen. I just feel better.”  An overall state of well-being is experienced.  Several days later I receive a call and listen to their delight in the results.  They love that I gave them specific steps to use.

I love acupuncture (with the needles) and have used it for decades.  For 19 years I went to Dr. Zheng who was an amazing acupuncturist.  He told me he enjoyed working with me as I could feel and trace where the meridians were as the energy moved through them.

What is Holistic Energy Release and how do I use it?

I have taught a class for years called “Energy at Work Series”.  I share that the world is energy, and everything in it is energy.  The principles of Holistic Energy Release or “HER” is the ability to sense the energy around you and use it, whether for healing your body or your life.

We can use “HER” when we are sick something is blocked.  Pain is when energy is trapped and there is no flow.  I have found in releasing what’s “stuck” that heart-to-heart connection with others is easier, deeper, and more satisfying.

A Case Study:
A client, Ed, came to me feeling of stomach discomfort for years and was stuck about the design of his business card.  Ed told me about having visited many doctors and healers for his stomach.  I showed him how to use energy to release the trapped energy, calm inflammation, to create a flow in his body.  This was also worked for the trapped energy he had in his card and create a business card that reflected more of who he was.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ed’s Testimonial:
“I really enjoyed what you offered and the takeaways from that session.  The first was getting my business cards done, they look great!  The second thing was learning about cool energy.  I will never forget how my tummy felt when you put cool energy on it.  It felt so refreshing, and so I have been doing it on myself when needed.”  Ed, from Seattle

Holistic Energy Release (HER) technique for chronic inflammation:

  • Take your dominant hand and begin pulling that hot energy out of your body, spending several minutes doing this.
  • You may not feel anything at first but keep pulling out the hot energy. It will feel lighter as you keep moving the energy.
  • Your hand may feel hot and if so, shake it down towards the ground.
  • Set an intention: “This part of my body is cooler and functions normally.”
  • Visualize your hands filled with soothing, cool blue energy
  • Place that cool blue energy back in that area.
  • Drink several glasses of water.

This is a basic technique for inflammation and stomach discomfort, using energy only.  You can call me for an appointment for more complex issues that require further steps.  Always check with your doctor.

Circulation Makes Everything Work

Circulation makes everything work.  Without circulation, projects are delayed, relationships stall, and there are struggles with money.  We need things to flow in our lives and body, so be observant and watch where things are not working out in your life.

Use what you have learned in this article about addressing these concerns to heal those areas needing help.
See many articles with practical techniques on this website, and also in my book on Amazon:                            “The Thriving Code: A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection”.

Click for techniques to get further energy release:  “Alignment Increases Life’s Flow”

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“Alignment” Increases Life’s Flow

“Alignment” Increases Life’s Flow

“Alignment” increases life’s flow (it’s the secret sauce).  As you get into being in alignment it is like having your tires balanced.  If one is out of sync you have a bumpy ride, or it’s like when you brake and your car pulls to one side.  The same holds if your hip or neck is out, then nothing feels right.  You feel relief after your chiropractor puts you back in alignment.  The same is true in life.

There are several factors to getting things into “alignment” with your body, your emotions, and your inner dialogue.  That inner dialogue can help or hinder you.  What does your inner dialog sound like?  Develop life-enriching thoughts and habits.  A daily habit will assist you with ongoing clarity and benefits.  Being in alignment just feels good and your energy increases.  Starting that energy flow allows you to carry it forward faster as the pieces come together.

Overcoming challenges, fatigue, and setbacks

At times you feel like challenges, fatigue, and setbacks come on top of one another.  You cannot take on another demand and don’t have a chance to breathe.  There are thousands of decisions and you feel like you just started.  So how do you overcome it?  How do you return to balance again?

“Alignment” embraces your inner hero and starts the road to balance and moving forward.

Tips to get in Alignment:

  • Stand back from your challenges.
  • Take three deep breaths.  Hold each one to count of three; hold for three; exhale to a count of three.
  • Imagine your spine is in alignment.  Enjoy that state of balance for several minutes.
  • Breathe in “blue” energy.  Send it to any tight or tense area.
  • Keep your inner dialogue positive.
  • Say this affirmation:  “I am calm and in alignment. I can handle these challenges.”

Keep close to positive people

Be grateful for the positive people in your life.  We are more influenced by our friends, family, enemies, the food we eat, and our environment than you can imagine.  Scientific study after study touts the health benefits of positive thinking and being around positive people.  That proximity releases a flood of feel-good chemicals, lowering cortisol levels.  Those lower cortisol levels give immediate stress relief.

Recall a time you felt really good – hold that thought for as long as you can.  Take notice of how you are standing or sitting.  Do you want to stand up taller?  Is there a smile on your face?  Our body responds to feeling good.

That old song, “Put on a happy face” is to your benefit.  Practice it often.  Make and keep friends with those that bring in the sunshine.

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The First Video About My Writing Process

 The First Video About My Writing Process

My first video (see it below) and my writing process.  A writer’s process is as individual as the writers themselves.  Some have rituals they use daily and with other writers, it is when the inspiration strikes.

This article goes with the first movie video I made and then I thought, “What was the process I used to create it?”  This was after years of people wanting me to do videos or a movie.  Discovering it was not only a creative endeavor but a spiritual journey, too.  It was a relief after doing something that I feared and intimidated me for a long time.  That is no longer true and now it is an adventure!

My Movie Challenges

My movie video challenges were many.  Having my picture taken is not my favorite, but I like to see what other people look like when watching their videos.  So I took the plunge and decided to learn how to make a short movie (four minutes).

Some of the challenges I dealt with were overcoming the worry, asking myself if it was good enough, not sure of what to do, thinking I was being judged by others, the lighting, and finding the pictures.

Something broke free, and suddenly I was released from fears and judgment. “What the heck, just give it a try,” I thought.

Once I started, there was a flow and comfort while creating my movie video.  I was relaxed and enjoyed the process of opening up my creative channels, like jumping into the river and swimming.  Starting with a collection of pictures on my cell phone, the story unfolded.  It felt amazing and the words came to me fast and quickly.

Choosing the pace of the music came while looking at the pictures and listening.  I’m not sure what happened.  I found myself feeling the pictures needed a voice.  I didn’t have a script but moved through each photo and the words came filled with excitement and the pleasure of what I was doing.  This movie video just burst forth on its own.

Writing makes it an urgent priority

Writing is an urgent priority and I want to share with you a few tips on the steps used.

  • To accomplish any goal it needs to be foremost in your mind.  Make your work an urgent priority and you will accomplish your goals.
  • Using your high productive time of 90 minutes to 2 hours, you can accomplish so much.
  • The creative juices flow like a waterfall and can be anytime when you are in that zone.

For me, before getting out of bed, I take special time for myself. I notice the first sounds and thoughts running through my mind, pondering an email asking for help, or being jumped on by my tabbies.  I am just being grateful for another day on Earth.

Those first thoughts are my inspiration for the day and fire up my passion for an article or a class to share unique and valuable knowledge.  Then a few stretches are next.

The smell of fresh coffee puts me in motion as I go sit outside in the sunshine or at my desk.  Enjoying the aroma,  basking at the moment – I let my mind roll on.  This process can be a short visit or a prolonged one by savoring the insights gleaned from this time.

And then it begins

And then it begins while making an outline.  I remember what am I trying to achieve, helping with humor, informative ideas, conversational language, or a review.

Look at all the research you have gathered – pictures and your drawings together in one place.  Then assemble your pieces.  Do they fit your project or story?  Is there a flow?  Do you need to add anything else?  Perhaps rework an idea or concept.

To me, it is like a puzzle.  I sit with it for a while and see if it works – trying on each piece again and see if I get the same experience.  If it doesn’t I take a break and come back, pick up a picture or title I’ve discarded, and start again with a fresh perspective.

Try not to get stuck on only one outcome.  Play and have fun with it.  Go from usual to the absurd and back again.

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my process.  Try something new and make a video!

Click Here for “My First Movie Video”:  (turn the volume up high)


Let me know how this works for you.
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A Thriving Code Checklist

A Thriving Code Checklist

“A Thriving Code Checklist” is a way to make life simple and a tool to keep you moving forward.   It helps to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

A checklist helps us organize what we need to do or learn to accomplish our goals and take action.  Take the needed steps.  With each step, your clarity and momentum will increase and you will walk with confidence.

Think of a checklist as your “coach” – giving you focus and steps you can follow.  You are encouraged.  Yes, you can thrive!

Train Your Mind to Work for You

Train your mind to work for you and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.  People have to come to me for decades to show them how to leave the survival mode and thrive.  Learning keeps you healthy in mind and body.

Let me help you.  No one wants to be in pain and I have created “A Thriving Code Checklist” that is an easy tool to make sure we are doing what works on a daily basis.  You must apply what you learn to receive the benefits.

Your subconscious mind is always watching and listening.  Your checklist imprints on your non-linear mind.  The more you view your checklist, the faster it becomes a habit.  We love good habits as they drive us forward in a positive manner.

Pick the most important thing you need to accomplish each day.  If you want more money ask yourself what one thing will help you increase your income.  Do the same for health, a relationship, losing weight and becoming more fit.  If it is not a priority we never get around to it.

Thriving Code Checklist:

More tips here in my book

  • What is the number one highest priority you need to accomplish today?  Is it wealth, health, or an urgent task?
  • Be around positive people you enjoy.
  • Check yourself for sending out negative thoughts.
  • If angry with a person or situation – see the anger being burned up.
  • Imagine your life has improved from your daily actions.
  • Post pictures of yourself achieving your goals inside cupboards, at your desk, and wallet.
  • Use this affirmation – “I am receiving benefits from my daily actions.”
  • Write three things you are grateful for and look at these often.
  • Doing physical activity.  Walking, swimming, and being buoyant is good for the body when it is done daily.
  • What do you need to learn today?
  • Acknowledge your value.

Other Valuable Tips

  • Use a coach, as their knowledge helps to keep you moving forward.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Practice healthy eating and use a naturopath or nutritionist.
  • Set positive intentions for your career, healing, or relationships.

Let me know how this Thriving Checklist has helped you.

P.S.  Special Bonus

Next time you catch yourself sending out “negative thoughts” seeing them being burned up.  Simple is powerful.

Each article I share is really a mini-course.  You can share these with others and help them.   Save these tips – people have paid me very well for this specialized information. 🙂

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A Solution For Anxiety – Healing Gemstones

A Solution for Anxiety – Healing Gemstones

Healing Amethyst

A solution for anxiety is Amethyst, a healing gemstone.  I thought I would write a bit about Healing  Gemstones as mentioned in my recent radio interview, on “Natural Choice Network” on 1150 AM KKNW with Martha Childress – part 1 of 2 interviews.  [Listen here for the Archive of interview]

This interview centered on overcoming challenges, being a lightning survivor, and my journey back to wholeness.  I shared the loss of my old life and what steps I took through the messy healing that followed.  It made a difference being grateful for what I still had and having patience with myself and others.  Yes, there is a gemstone for “patience” which I share on my “Healing Gemstones” link below.

Gemstones are an amazing tool to use for healing pain, anxiety, grounding, and improving your life.  The stones can either be raw like the one pictured above or set in a piece of jewelry.

“Lightning Survivor” shares how using gemstones are used for healing anxiety and pain.

Some of the effects of being a lightning survivor are anxiety and nerve pain.  Gemstones helped me immensely in that area.  I have used gemstones for healing anxiety, panic attacks, and nerve pain for years, especially in my shoulder and hand – before and after the lightning event.

One of the old standbys that I have used for years is the amethyst gemstone.  The very color of purple contributes to this amazing stone’s ability to heal with pain in the body.

Positive Healing Technique:

  • I tape a piece of amethyst to my wrist.
  • Wrap it with a purple scarf.
  • Set the intention as “I’m confident.  My nerves are healing.  The pain is diminishing.”
  • Visualize myself being confident.

A Quick Gemstone Guide

Anxiety:  Amethyst

Confidence:  Tiger Eye

Energy blocks:  Carnelian

Inflammation:  Blue Tourmaline

Life robbing anxiety – the lost soul academy

Life robbing anxiety is real and a part of the lost soul academy.  It is the fear of the same-something happening in the future – the PTSD of reliving those life-altering moments.  Are you a member of the lost soul academy where you are in that place seeing the world as scary and gray wanting our old life back?  I have been a card-carrying member at one time or another.  Below are some actions I found helpful.

It’s okay not to be okay on some days.  Sometimes we are just plain tired and frustrated.  Acknowledging that is healthy, but a visit now and then is okay.  Living there is unhealthy for anyone.

The way out of situations is going “through” them with the emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual uncertainty on the way to healing.

Tips I used to leave the lost soul academy:

  • Being around positive people
  • Daily self-hypnosis seeing my life and body improve
  • Grateful list for things I still had and looked at these often
  • Seeing myself as still valuable (Post pictures of yourself inside cupboards, at your desk, and wallet.)
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Healthy eating
  • Swimming  – being buoyant
  • Setting positive intentions for my healing
  • Professional help using acupuncture, working with a naturopath, and coaching

A tip for you:  Find or return to any hobby you love like painting, writing, and making jewelry.

My gift to you is basic gemstone information in a free Healing Gemstones List –> [link here] 

For more expanded use and knowledge, such as how to choose a stone, claim it, clean it, and so much more take a look at my book “The Thriving Code: A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection” on Amazon [link]


My Story Overcoming Lightning

My Story Overcoming Lightning 

Overcoming Lightning

Life after overcoming lightning and how I found my mind again.  It was a rainy Seattle Sunday afternoon and I was off to see some girlfriends for a few hours.  All morning I had this feeling of dread and not wanting to go, but I had promised to do some business consulting.  So, not so merrily, I went on my way.  After arriving, it was good to meet new people and have a nice time talking and eating. 

A huge storm started to build after being there at my friend’s condo for a while.  Loud claps of thunder were growing louder by the minute.  I moved to the other room to help map out some strategies and new actions for them to improve their lives.  Loud sounds of thunder and lightning were steadily growing to the point of shaking the condo we were in.  Out of the corner of my eye, the sky really lit up.  More thunder, rumbling, and another flash.  That one seemed to move away from the building and then came back in through an open window and smacked me on the left side of my head.  Not only did I see stars, I felt like my heart stopped beating, and large amounts of fear and adrenaline filled my person.  

Have you ever had a surreal moment?

This was my surreal moment.  Being the hypnotherapist that I am, this little voice said, “Become a copper coil and get this stuff out of you.”  It made me laugh, so that is what I did and seemed to recover.  Next, I reached for the door handle, lost my balance and fell into the closet.  That door came off the hinges.  Wow, the start of being Super Woman!  Oh, Lightning Girl!  Later I was to experience “Fearful Woman”.

The host came running out and said, “Please don’t touch that bathroom door, let me open it please.”  She politely asked, “Do you think if you touch the metal handle on the toilet or sink that they will melt or come off?”  My reply was, “Gee, I’m kind of new to this, doors-coming-off-the-hinges-stuff.  What do you suggest?” We resolved that I’d touch everything with a towel or something in my hand, a buffer of some sort. 

Well, things settled down and I seemed fine, went back in the room and finished the other consulting work that was scheduled. 

The after-effects of overcoming lightning

Finally, it was time to leave my friends’ house and was I was thinking, “No worries”.  So off to the car I went, and all the car alarms started going off that signaled there was a disturbance in the force. 

The next morning I had a “cute white skunk streak” in front and the side of my hair.  A lovely very red rash from my neck to my waist on the left side of my body had appeared.  Several days later my heart started skipping beats.  I had anxiety, white-knuckled terror attacks, and trips to the hospital. 

 Good training helped 

I was so angry that my life had been good, and my business had been really taking off.  Then Bam!  The Universe took away that feeling of being lucky.  When you get screwed by the Universe, where do you go for faith?  

I went inside myself – remembering my training from gymnastics, surviving being a political appointee for over eight years.  I also remembered my former coach and mentor, Ken Roskie’s words, “When the going gets tough, you need to be tougher on the inside”.  Ken, knew first-hand what it took.  He was a former 49er NFL linebacker. 

Action, action and more action

I hated starting over more than once, but staying down was a failure.  To regain my life was constant – Action, Action and More Action was my call to arms, through pain and tears and massive depression and frustration. Surviving is not for the faint-hearted.  It was a long and winding road for sure.  Ask anyone who has overcome trauma and tragedy. 

From fearless, too afraid of everything,  to very depressing — I compensated by narrowing my life and consulting and hypnotherapy practice significantly.  I never had problems with my helping people during this time.  It was so strange.  I was working out of the part of the brain that wasn’t damaged. 

Silent screams of fear 

Rain in Seattle caused nearly stroke-level fear.  Ten to twenty terror attacks a day did little to help the progress.  I spent a lot of time in the bathroom that had no windows.  Kit, my large male tabby and I spent lots of time in the bathroom during the storms.  He was no fan of the thunder and lightning either.  Years later we both now sit through storms together. 

I finally got sick of my life and wanted to do something different to overcome lightning, but no longer trusted my brain or my ability to learn.  Memory was a thing of the past.  My humor helped during this time, however, at times it was orbiting Mars. 

My journey of adventures continued for fifteen years.  There were no problems when I was working, just the ability to do math and follow directions or find my way home from the grocery store.  Brain potholes are what I called these moments.  You never know where they are until you hit one.  My once really great memory was now Swiss cheese. 

You are in your own 

The health care professionals really don’t know what to do with people like me, “a lightning survivor”.  Getting the extra electrical charge out of the brain was the problem.  I thought my brain was too slow when in reality it was hyper.  

I discovered this through a gift of a Nintendo DS game, Brain Age 2, a great game for the brain.  I did the first test and my brain was age 85.  After working with it for a while it’s now down to 37.  One of the exercises is to relax the brain, where I experienced a physical sensation of the brain slowing down and working more effectively.  The knowledge that my brain was firing faster than I could talk or process caused the feeling of almost stuttering.  The insight from that realization gave me a greater understanding as to why under stress my brain knowledge and resources seemed to evaporate. 

My husband researched and found that overcoming lightning survivors have some unusual effects, such as body not holding B vitamins very well, sleep disturbances, headaches, pain, and severe depression.  He said, “Gee Honey, you have about 70 of the 90 symptoms!”  Oh, joy! 

Through acupuncture, diet, walking, yoga, a loving husband, friends and family, I started to recover but had several devastating relapses. 

Oh crap! the relapses 

One particularly bad relapse happened on a rainy day again in Seattle.  I got stuck behind a utility truck on a metal bridge and spectacular storm with lightning for about 15 minutes — all around us.  I finally drove home and spent the next few hours in my car terrified to venture out to cross the street to my home. 

It was years of work and I was back at step one – saddened, with angry frustration – I wanted to quit trying. After some self-pity time, I decided this was not for me.  I wanted my life back and a better one!  The long journey of keeping my dreams alive, in-spite-of people saying, “You will never be the same”.  I said to myself,  “No, I am strong and more committed to healing, to restart my dreams, and will steel myself for the process of recovery.  I am overcoming lightning from “Survival to Thrival”, I call it. 

Survival to Thrival

Eventually, I worked and designed my own programs to begin healing and read several books that helped like, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”. 

Then my old fears cropped up, like, “Can I learn or remember?” or “What about those mind potholes?” Sometimes I couldn’t add or subtract on the same day.  “Can the challenged brain be retrained to really learn technical computer stuff?”  These were the questions and fears that plagued me.  I knew what life was going to be like if I continued doing the same old things. 

There are still days that are challenging in learning – sometimes asking the same thing several times before it sticks.  But hey, my life is so much better and getting better by the minute. 

Beyond my fears

Yes, I did enjoy learning and persisted beyond my fears.  I am now back writing to help others overcome their fears and learn to minimize them.  I am so grateful for all the patient friends and people in my life and the professionals that helped.  I was and am still so lucky. 

Overcoming lightning by learning to use the Positive and action in my daily life has given me back my life.  “The Positive Works” – yes it does.  Not the sweet-coated one, but the positive healthy part that looks at you realistically and says, “Get going, Lady, make each day count.”

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What’s Happening With “The Thriving Code” Book?

What’s happening with the “The Thriving Code” book?

Hello Friends,

Here is a book review from one of my clients I would love to share with you:
“I love this new book, The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection.  Dariel is an incredibly talented lady and has created a great reference book containing a wealth of information, which is well-organized and easy to use and read. I have been working with her for many years. When she does energy work, healing work, and Feng Shui for me, she uses the techniques that are in her book. I have been using many of her techniques such as positive affirmations, positive energy techniques, and colors, and they work for me as well. I have also purchased several books to share with family and friends so they, too, can receive the same benefits that I have. This is a book that I will continue to use and keep handy for reference at all times.”
Sherry S.

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My book, The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection” is a step-by-step powerful roadmap filled with “codes”.  These codes are powerful as they unlock your ability to build up your personal energy.  They teach you how to thrive and use them for self-protection, diminish negative people, places and their effect on you.

  • Learn positive ways to defuse negative situations in everyday life.
  • Discover ways to defend and protect you and those you love.
  • Release yourself from the harmful effects of negative bosses, groups and energy vampires.
  • The codes show you how to use the energy in food, color, and days of the week.
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  • Develop a powerful mindset and learn about Chakras, Feng Shui, and gemstones for protection.
  • Learn how to be prepared, feel safe, and relaxed.

Using these amazing strategies will put the reader in the driver’s seat. Release and break free from harmful negativity.  Why wait to start living your life? 

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“The Thriving Code:  A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection”

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Feng Shui Affirmations – Your Invisible Coach

Feng Shui Affirmations – Your Invisible Coach

How can Feng Shui Affirmations help you and be your invisible coach?   Feng Shui (pronounced like ‘fung shway’) is an ancient art and science.  Its principles can be applied to our lives by creating a life with more personal and harmonious energy in our life and home.

Affirmations are intentions and a way of creating positive self-talk about you, your home, and all areas of your life.  Combining affirmations with Feng Shui is a gentle way to increase and acknowledge the good, and the gratitude we experience.  Just seeing good things in your life shifts your thinking and energy and raises your vibration on a daily basis.

I’ve spent decades learning Feng Shui and Affirmations.  Using affirmations has been an invisible coach to me and a life-changing experience for my clients.  They have especially been helpful after I was hit by lightning and changed my home to support me.   By adding and using these affirmations I feel it sped up my healing. 

Small shifts in your thoughts to move your life forward is a series of choices.  These changes strengthen you and your ability to manifest the life you want.   Make affirmations positive, in the present tense, and see yourself accomplishing things.

Feng Shui General Affirmations

Feng Shui general affirmations are guidelines and are here below for you to use.  No worries or analyzing – these are simple ways for you to train your brain to manifest what you want.

Home and Environment

  • My clean house supports me in moving forward faster and easier.
  • My joy is increased with having things chosen before retiring every night.
  • I wake up to a clutter-free home and it starts my day feeling energized.
  • I see my life improving daily.


  • I enjoy each person who enters my office.
  • I am honored with calls for my knowledge.
  • My clients pay me gratefully and easily.
  • Each client refers to a least 3 people.


  • I have patience with everyone including myself.
  • Taking time for my family is important.
  • My joy is increased by releasing past hurts and being present.


  • Money flows to me easily and I accept it as natural.
  • All areas of my life are rewarding.
  • I make room to receive more abundance daily.
  • I make wise decisions about money and it reflects in my bank account.

Fame and Reputation

  • I treat everyone with respect.
  • My calm center allows me to deal with difficult people easily.
  • Keeping friends and clients is easy.

Partnership and Marriage

  • My relationships grow because I value them daily.
  • Relationships are valuable assets in my life.
  • Keeping in touch keeps my relationships strong.

Creativity and Children

  •  Patience and acceptance allow my children to grow strong.
  •  I laugh at mistakes knowing they are a part of my success.
  •  My creativity increases with my ability to have fun.


Use these affirmations to improve your life.  Say them over and over during the day.  Repeat them during times of stress and frustration.  This can help you remain true to your vision and dreams.  This action will steadily change your thinking and action to being more congruent with your vision.  It builds psychological momentum this helps carry you through the rough times.

I have used this skill for weight loss with success in losing 30 pounds.  I saw myself thinner, healthier, and sexier.  I put pictures of my former fit and thin self in my wallet, car, and bathroom mirror, inside the kitchen cabinets.  My affirmation was to lose it and keep it off as a way of life, not just losing weight.

Make copies of the affirmations above.  Cut them out and carry them with you.  Post them anywhere you will constantly see them, like on a mirror, inside cupboards, in your car, or your office.

Coaches (even invisible coaches) are powerful and move us through resistance and fears.  They teach us self-esteem, new skills, and winning confidence, which increases our ability for us to succeed.

Feng Shui Coaching:   Call me if you are having challenges – a quick mini-session can do wonders.
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