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Affirmations Make Holidays Great

Affirmations Make Holidays Great Affirmations make Holidays great and happy holiday greetings are in the air.  There are ways to overcome conditioned reflexes from past holidays and personality conflicts.  Do you cringe hearing those words?  Or do you experience feelings like, “I can’t wait to see Mary!”  By changing your holiday story and creating new positive associations, you …

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Free Mini Intuitive Energy Coaching Session

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Gemstones Recognize a Positive Mindset

Gemstones Recognize a Positive Mindset Say What?  Gemstones can recognize a positive mindset?  Let’s say that you enhance them and they enhance your energy field.  The more energy you have, it helps you and your state of mind.  Think for a moment, when you feel refreshed and energized, what you accomplished that day. We are …

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Thrive – Stop Negativity Now Exercise

How Can You Stop Negativity Now?                                                Picture this — Your negative co-worker is at your desk once again complaining, wanting your attention, and wanting you to fix or do something they don’t want to …

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Monthly Giveaway – September – October

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Traits of Successful People – A Positive Attitude and Persistence

A  positive attitude and persistence are traits of successful people… and are key ingredients to success.  Fun, laughter and the support of family and friends are necessary to keep us balanced, too.  Successful people have some common traits like persistence, positive attitude, low stress, and high productivity.  They are always learning and have the ability …

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A Bad Boss Can Make You Sick

Are you working for a Bad Boss?  A few of the traits a bad boss share are mean, dishonest, lying, cruel, aggressive, selfish and demeaning.  Boundaries are not a concept they understand.  They build walls, not bridges.  Team building does not exist, except by fear. Can you say trauma?  You are in a war zone …

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Relaxation – A Hidden Superpower

 A Hidden Superpower What I if told you that you have a hidden Superpower and most of the time we use it unconsciously? A deep breath, a walk, visualizing a positive outcome to something you want, remembering a beautiful scene are all instances of relaxation.  These relaxation activities have a major positive impact on mental, physical and …

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Stop Negative People Who Steal Your Energy

Don’t let an “Energy Thief” take your precious energy I will show you a few tips to stop the energy drain and loss from an energy thief. Some negative people are known to you as energy suckers and drainers and others are more subtle, but they leave you just as drained.  You see them here, …

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Affirmations Work

Affirmations Work You can change your thinking and the results you get in your life with Affirmations, because Affirmations Work! These Affirmations can be used daily before you get out of bed, as you shower, get dressed, or before walking into your office. How to use these Affirmations: Think of the affirmation.  Then imagine the feelings …

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