Category: Moving Forward

A Thriving Code Checklist

A Thriving Code Checklist “A Thriving Code Checklist” is a way to make life simple and a tool to keep you moving forward.   It helps to overcome challenges quickly and easily. A checklist helps us organize what we need to do or learn to accomplish our goals and take action.  Take the needed steps.  With …

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Be Happy – Do Not Rent Space To Negativity

Be Happy – Do Not Rent Space to Negativity How can you be happy when you have rented your headspace to negativity?  Check your renters.  How many rooms are dedicated to being happy – one, two, or none? I’ll bet you have more rented more space to people and negativity than you ever imagined.  No …

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The Mastery of Moving Forward

The Mastery of Moving Forward Guided Imagery and Life Coaching can help you move forward.  Guided Imagery can eliminate the blocks in your way.  Now is the time to start moving forward.   How does one move forward?  Start from where you are. Ask yourself, how did I get here? Where do I want to …

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