5 Color Tips to Gain the Edge

5 Color Tips to Gain the Edge

Requests are pouring in from clients and those I helped in some way this year like,  “Help me feel better now or give me further tips, ideas, and strategies to make myself, my home or office feel different”.  I’m happy to share a few secrets I use.

Enjoy these tips of the techniques shared in my book The Thriving Code:  A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection .  Use these tips below to gain the edge now.  Sounds good, but does it seem possible?  I am here to give you the keys to help you.  And add a little Feng Shui to your home or environment and enjoy the benefits.

5 Color Tips to Gain the Edge:

1.  Add a new color to your wardrobe
2.  A crystal paperweight
3.  Hang a picture of nature
4.  Paint an outside door
5.  Change a lampshade color

Color and Success

Using color, crystals and Feng Shui changes an environment from boring to wow!  In some places, these changes calm down the noise.  What does that mean to you?  Confidence, clarity, carry through, clearing clutter, social savvy and being more relaxed.  Attitude plus Environment equals Altitude.  These two elements play key roles in supporting or undermining success.

In my hypnosis practice, I have helped thousands of people achieve greater success, improve relationships, gain more energy and satisfaction in life.  Let’s face it, we all want an advantage in our jobs, relationships, and life.

Color is your secret sauce and is one of the easiest ways to change or shift the feel of your home or office.  Many studies in science have shown the positive effects of color in our everyday life.

Many people sit in a dull and crab gray cubicle at work and this environment takes away your energy.  Hang a beautiful nature scene with lots of green and watch how much better you immediately feel.  Now you are ready to tackle that project you have been putting off!

Simple Color Key:   

Green – Increases productivity
Sky Blue – Communication;  Helps when taking tests
Medium Blue – Relaxing or working on the computer
Apricot – Good for starting new health programs
Red – Good when going out, use sparingly at work.  More emotional in nature and it stirs mental activity.
Pink – Calming color                                                                                                                                                                                            Pale colors have a gentler impact.  Bold colors have a stronger impact.


Lighting is so important with major impacts, not to mention the health benefits of good lighting on the eyes and a positive mindset.  Adding a brighter light for a lamp or changing the color of a lampshade works wonders.


Add a new pretty scarf or tie to a favorite jacket or suit.  Look at your own wardrobe.  What colors do you wear the most and why?  Do they make you feel comfortable or confident?  Do you use those same colors in your home or office for the same effect?  The answers can help you take the feel-good feeling everywhere. Add some bling and jewelry to those gray, brown, and black outfits.  Fashion pins can make a statement and give you instant visibility.

Paint an outside door a new color

Paint your outside door if you want to move, but can’t right now.  Replacing that old door with a new brighter or calmer color can work wonders when driving into your driveway.  This change may be just what you and your family need to have a new more positive association with your home.

Paint a lobby wall

Changing the color of one wall can make a place pop and sizzle or be calmer and peaceful.  A warm color on a lobby wall can make a place seem warmer when living in a cold climate.  It makes us think and feel a place is a warmer temperature.  I painted my inside wall a nice cranberry and it brought out the red oak floors – my home felt warm and cozy.  Give it a try and see.

Crystals bring on the Bling!

Crystals have an amazing ability to reflect light and banish those dark corners.  They also ground and stabilize that area.  You can use a clear crystal, amethyst, blue, or green.  Crystals can be used to ground and stabilize an area.  They also illuminate different aspects of a situation.

That lovely crystal bowl can add bling to the room and be brought out for special occasions.  A crystal paperweight lightens the energy and adds focus.  The amethyst crystal is also good for pain and confidence.

Inspiring nature pictures boost productivity

Brighten that office or gray cubicle – the brain loves depth and green.  Having a picture filled with green and a blue sky will help feel relaxed and productive at the same time.  That is not to say that an ocean scene or desert scene you love needs to be left out.  Just add some green around your desk with a mouse pad or a green stone like malachite.

Color with Feng Shui

A properly placed lush plant, inspiring art or a bubbling water fountain, can either add a splash of needed color or tone down the visual impact of a space.  Repot that plant in a different ceramic pot.  Nature is a perfect balance.

Feng Shui is a cross between an art and a science and involves the five important elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  Using these ancient guiding principles of Feng Shui will create a healthy and happy environment.  Creating a relaxing sanctuary can easily be attained while adding a fountain, plants and different furniture.

By using the tips above, adding Feng Shui ideas, and crystals to your home and environment – you will experience the difference immediately.  These tips are just a sample of all the knowledge in my book The Thriving Code:  A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection”.  Be sure to sign up for free articles, affirmations, and exercises on my website.

Testimonial:                                                                                                                                                                                                         “What a wonderful change in my house after Darielle had applied her genius of Feng Shui.  She came in and an hour later it had changed the house around with the current items I already had.  The feelings, emotions, and energy just felt lighter, better, and more welcoming.   She recommended some additional items to get and change a few color schemes to improve the freshness and focus.  I am so happy with her changes as it has transformed my home into a much calmer, soothing and balanced place.
Recommendation:  Hire her because she will make you and your home environment so much better in so many positive ways! Thanks again”, Dave, Palm Desert, CA

Let me know how you use these 5 Color Tips to Gain the Edge

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