Feng Shui in 15 Minutes

Feng Shui in 15 Minutes

The “Feng Shui in 15 Minutes” is a technique I have used for years with success to show clients, how to make a fast and easy change to any room.  As a Feng Shui specialist, I assure these clients that it is not only possible, but I have shown countless others how to accomplish these changes in their home.

Starting with small changes, done quickly, we gain confidence.  This enthusiasm is an added bonus to make some quick changes to your home.  You will have the momentum to get going and get more done.

Overcome the overwhelm

Clients have said “I’m overwhelmed!  Where-oh-where do I begin?”  I can hear their pain and confusion, as they look at the whole house.  Crestfallen and already defeated, they just stand there stunned.  How many have you stood in that room saying, “I hate how this room looks and feels!”

Often we are overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin.  These feelings stop many people from taking any action.  Again, I explain, “You can make a room feel warm and inviting!”  Keep reading — there are solutions to your dilemma.

What you see makes a difference

Seeing the clutter and unfinished projects day in and day out and several times a day has a cumulative effect.  These reminders of unfinished things have the ability to make you feel less than perfect.  Then you say, “I will get to it someday.”  But the indefinite time in the future ‘someday’ never comes.

Changing the color of a table runner or cushion can give a needed boost to your home.  Many changes can be done easily and in 15 Minutes.  First, look around the room – what do you imagine here?  Is the room too cold feeling, too cluttered, been the same way for years?

Small changes make an immediate impact!

 Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Adding a small Himalayan Salt Lamp to a corner makes an impact.  These lamps make a wonderful, soft nightlight in any room.  Kids love the soft glow, and it is good as a hallway light or to brighten a guest room.  Other benefits of salt lamps are that they are good air purifiers, in addition to being beautiful.  These lamps come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any room decor.

Any time of the year is a good time to review your home and makeover your environment.  Motivation is easy when we have out-of-town guests coming, a special event, or a holiday.  After all, we are cleaning and clearing out things.  Use that energy to transform the guest bath, a hallway, or dining table.

Shop your home for those hidden treasures

Feng Shui in 15 Minutes, means you can shop your home for some amazing hidden treasures and forgotten pieces.  Take a walk around your home – look in those closets, in the garage, or attic.  Look at that unusual basket, cleaned up or painted to use to display guest soaps and toiletries.  You may have a small rug that does not go with the new bedroom colors, so repurpose it for the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.  Those kitchen towels you received as a gift would look wonderful in the bathroom.

A couple of small lamps you picked up years ago can light a hallway or can be used in the kitchen.  What about that fabulous lamp that needs a newly updated shade?  Remember how you loved it, and relegated it to the garage because it needs a lampshade?  Can you picture reading under it in your bedroom or nook area?

Feng Shui in 15 Minutes Activity Steps:

  1.  View a room in which you want to make changes.
  2.  Choose one word to describe it – “dark” “cluttered” “cold”
  3.  Pick 2 words to describe what you would like it to be – “light” “uncluttered” “warm”
  4.  Shop your home with the feeling you want to create.

Let your imagination run freely.  These two words can give you the key you have needed to improve that room.

A few fabulous Feng Shui tips

Here are a few tips you can do easily to make noticeable changes and give your home a new look and feel.  Oh, those hidden treasures you found!  This is all you need to transform your rooms in minutes.

  • Rolled hand towels in a small basket look elegant and organized at the same time.
  • Use a beaded or satin curtain tie and wrap-around bath towels to really make an impact on your guests.
  • Clear off the dining room table and add a bright table runner.
  • Move your pictures around.
  • Put fresh flowers in a vase at the entrance or silk plant.

Feng Shui is Balance and Harmony

Feng Shui is about bringing harmony and balance to your home and its occupants.  Some of my clients have called me back after a consultation saying, “It feels so good!  The family is eating at the table again and we are all picking up after ourselves.”  Those comments make me feel happy and I am most honored to be allowed to show them how easy home can change from Ho-Hum to Wow!

Testimonial:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “I asked Darielle to Feng Shui our house while assisting me with this project.  What she performed is an absolute miracle.  The entire project just flowed from one room to the next, creating collections and pockets of beauty everywhere you look, including a photo gallery and work studio which I absolutely love”.  Sherry, Snohomish, WA

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