Feng Shui: Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Transform a Living Space into a Sanctuary

Why is a sanctuary necessary?  A sanctuary is where your mind and body go for introspection, healing, exploring relationships, and creativity.

Ah, This Feels Good

Our living space is a sacred space, a sanctuary where we dream of a better future, recover from the day’s challenges, and a place to be nurtured healed, and relax.  This is a space to gather ourselves back into wholeness while we change from our daytime clothes to our comfortable clothes and mentally relinquish the cares of the day. Then we sink down into that peaceful place we have created and enjoy the benefits of the beauty of our sanctuary.  This is our nurturing place and space to feed the changes.

Increase Calm – Clear Clutter

Clutter is a disorder that causes anxiety and an inability to concentrate, focus, or carry through on projects.  Who needs a haunted house, where things go bump in the night?  How many times have you run into that same pair of shoes or books?  You say,  “I will get to it soon.”

It is easy to start the cleanup process with three bins – “Give-Away, Throw Away and Repair”.  Go around the room you want to turn into your sacred space.

Clutter takes you out of the peaceful place and all you see is what you have not done.  How can one relax with all those unfinished projects laying about?  Visual chaos creates emotional chaos.

Steps to Creating a Sanctuary

  1. What are you drawn to?  Spend some time looking and observing – what kind of setting are you drawn to?
  2. Get a clear idea of the kind of space you want for relaxing.  Create a vision for your sanctuary.
  3.  What kind of feeling are you trying to create to feed you – a mountain feel, a day at the beach, a meditation spot?
  4.  Use your favorite colors, textures, and pictures.
  5. What is important to you – is it sound, smells, plants, and music?
  • Sounds:  wind chimes, birds, fountains
  • Music:  classical, jazz, new age, rap
  • Plants:  desert, water plants, ferns, palms
  • Smells:  vanilla, jasmine, rose

Calming Plants

Plants Create a Peaceful Visual Focus

Order is a by-product of defined space.  Harmony and balance renew us and all the occupants of the home.  Those feelings inspire us to create a can-do feeling.

One of the guiding principles of Feng Shui is to bring the outside inside.  You will be amazed at the sense of balance and harmony a few plants bring to any place.  You can create more than one place to unwind and heal yourself – one inside and one outside.  Be creative – a garden or patio retreat for good weather and bad weather.

Feng Shui Presentation and Testimonial

WOODINVILLE, WA, (April 23, 2014) – Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science which focuses on balancing the energy of a given space to achieve health and good fortune for the occupants.  Discover how easy it is to apply basic Feng Shui principles to your home and patio to bring tranquility, harmony, and balance. Darielle Archer, Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of The Positive Works will present a free seminar at Molbak’s Home + Garden. at Molbak’s.  Visit www.molbaks.com/

Here is a summary of my Feng Shui presentation about the flow between living rooms and patios at “Molbak’s Garden + Home” an article appearing in the Woodinville Weekly. 

A new client called and said, “How soon can you Feng Shui my house?” She was so excited and said, “I just visited a friend and was amazed about the transformation of her home and patio, from chaos to calm and sophisticated. Our homes are similar and decorating style as well.” 

She continued, “Walking from her living room to the patio I experienced that feeling of one continuous space without a sense of leaving one and entering another. It is as though the outside was brought in and the inside brought out. I experienced a discernible state of harmony and balance evident in nature.” Just a few days ago, she says, their home was chaos and overwhelm, everyone in the house was bickering with each other. 

My new client told me, “My family loves the new look and feel. I feel more balanced. 

Darielle does Feng Shui consultations:   

Contact Darielle online                                                                                                                                                                                  Email at Darielle@dariellearcher.com



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