Love and Better Relationships with Feng Shui

Love and Better Relationships with Feng Shui

Love and better relationships with Feng Shui will help you greatly.  This time of year we reflect on love, marriage, failed relationships or how can we make the current one more satisfying.  Not everyone wants a relationship and they are fine and happy the way they are.  For those of you who want a relationship, there are a few tips in this article to assist you.

Feng Shui is a system of understanding the conscious and unconscious symbols surrounding you and your identification with them.  It is how we respond and project those associations to the world.  These symbols are visible in how we arrange the environment and proclaim loudly our relationships, either “single” or “attached”.  Our unconscious beliefs make their presence known.

You will find the Feng Shui Quiz below beneficial for relationships.

Now consider a moment about how to find love and better relationships in the safety of your own home.  Did you just hit that wall and ask, “What on earth is this woman talking about?”  (You still have to attend social events and be open to having a relationship or improving one.)

“Yeah, been there and done that!” you exclaim.  Then you say, “You have heard of The Field of Dreams — my relationship history looks like the field of rocks, you know those big bumpy things that hurt and unhappy memories?”

Yes, most of us have had those experiences and found a way to move on.  Trial and error is a hard way to go through these experiences,  or you can use an easier method like counseling or coaching.

I receive many questions and pleas from clients and increased numbers of calls around Valentine’s Day and most holidays.

“Looking for love in all the wrong places” is something we have heard and most likely experienced.  Great news — love can happen anywhere and at any age.

The Rule of 2 and Even Numbers

The Rule of 2 goes to the heart of relationships — 2 is a couple, and 3 is a crowd.  We are talking about relationships, not kids here.  Where do you find the “2”  or an even number of anything in your home? — in the Relationship Area of your home.  An Even Number says “balance”.  Designers use odd numbers for the emphasis on “interest”.

Try this Feng Shui Adjustment:

Place 2 of equal things such as candles, or stones of the same color and size in the southwest corner of your home.  Use the colors – red, pink, and white.  They can be hidden in a drawer.  This helps all relationships, even the one with yourself.  Affirm and set the intention:  “I am open to a new relationship” or “I am open to improving my current relationship.”

Balance is the Key to All Relationships

Balance is one of the most important aspects of Love and Relationships.  The concepts are still as valid today as they were in ancient times, perhaps even more so with our fast-paced lifestyle and the people it affects our relationships.

Love is like growing a garden.  By clearing the rocks and putting in good topsoil you give the plant better conditions in which to thrive.  The same goes for relationships.

                                                                                            Communication Starts or Stops a Relationship

So what does one do?  You might say, “I’m young and still have unfulfilling relationships,” or “I’m divorced and a working single parent. Help!”  or maybe “I am currently in a relationship that is not satisfying.”  “Do I have to give it up?”  No, to all of the above.

You are okay the way you are.  It is the way you communicate in a relationship that needs help.  With a few adjustments and some practice, you will be amazed at how quickly things change.  Feng Shui comes to the rescue!  Below is a Feng Shui Quiz and it will let you know some interesting things about yourself and your beliefs around relationships.

Having better interactions with people includes approving of yourself and practicing affirmations to support yourself.  Hear what others are saying and acknowledge their point of view.  If you are open to them then they are more open to your point of view.

Feng Shui Quiz:

Walk around your home, and start at the front door.

  1.  Do you have any grouping of 2 items?
  2.  Are there pictures of single people or lonely landscapes?
  3.  Is there an odd number of miss-matched mugs?
  4.  Do you have happy artwork or pictures of 2 people together?
  5.  Is your bedroom filled with so many photos there is no room for you?
  6.  How many chairs are in the living room – 1 or 3?

If answers to 1 and 4 are “Yes” then you have a mindset to have a relationship or are in one.

If answers to 2, 3, 5, and 6 are “Yes” then you show a mindset and belief that you are on your own, even in a relationship — that you believe that relationships are not for you.  After years of doing Feng Shui with many clients, there is a general rule – I have experienced these groupings having to do with growing relationships.  Remember — colors also show a single mindset.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I can do a few adjustments for you that I have done for hundreds of clients with good results.

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