Spring Clean, Tidy Up, and Transformation

Spring Clean, Tidy Up, and Transformation 

Spring clean, Tidy Up your environment and move to Transformation in your life – with Feng Shui.  Helping people get their life organized is an honor while helping them get multi-layers of emotional energy unstuck. 

We anxiously think, “Hurry, hurry, get it done, and on to the next thing!”  This robs us of important spiritual insight and flow.  We get lost in the shuffle, lose our identity, and way forward. 

People call me in to help with their office, to bring in new clients, and increase the bottom line.  Seeing the owner’s desk screams, “I’m overwhelmed!  My head and eyes hurt, and I’m scattered.  There is no time for me.  I’m working as fast as I can and not moving forward!” 

Sound familiar?  I also have wrestled with the clutter monster who won most times in the past.  As I read through the many letters of thanks and gratitude from clients, the work we did together improved relationships at work and at home.  One thing stood out to me — I was not doing what I had advised my clients to do. 

Writing Is Hard Work and Can Be Messy 

Writing is rewarding and hard work and it can get messy.  My desk was filled with research material, like pictures, sayings written down on scraps of paper, heaps of paper, books, books, and more books!  Sitting there with the warm sunlight streaming through the window, I put myself in the client’s chair and asked myself those same questions.

What does your desk say about you?

What does my desk say about me?  Tears began running down my cheeks, as I acknowledged that I was so absorbed in the “doing”.  I was not living how I wanted and was not doing the gratitude ritual and not reading during breaks in the day. 

Why was I not doing the rituals that gave me pleasure and peace of mind?  I was busy moving to a different city, helping my sick mom, and finishing writing my books.  This replaced the gratitude and moments of peace and that feeling of being connected and alive.  

I was reminded of what I knew about Feng Shui.  It is about connection, the spirit of the home, the land, and each person living in the house — and the rituals of harmony and flow. 

Collections Not Clutter 

One of the basics I learned about Feng Shui is that “like things” put together make them a collection, not clutter.  Clients rave about how just collecting those like things scattered throughout the house were just little nicknacks, but together in one place they were a “Wow!” 

Here is what I did:   

  • I dug out my beautiful boxes and began sorting and organizing, giving each book and project its own space.   
  • The center drawer is now a pleasure to open. 
  • I put in one thing that symbolizes happiness, balance, and love of my family and writing. 
  • I sorted my books and kept those that I felt made me happy. 

This effort has made my life so much easier and saves me lots of time looking for something.  Laughter is back and I have time for more walks to the beach and other activities. 

Energy Fills Everything 

We put our energy into everything to see, hear, and touch.  A place to start is seeing what we want our life and home to look and feel like.  Start with one small drawer or space.  Give yourself time to honor what is in that drawer or shelf. 

With respect to all that,  our days are filled with endless things.  The honor of sharing and completing a project makes us grow, and acknowledging the spiritual aspect gives us a deeper connection.  Make it a ritual, honor yourself, and give gratitude when a project is done.  These are the many elements needed to bring a successful completion.  Doing the hard things, and sometimes just showing up to an uncomfortable situation is a win. 

Feng Shui Helps 

Feng Shui has been proven to work for thousands of years in its ability to transform our homes as well as ourselves.  Reordering our home boosts the effects of Spring cleaning.  Do you just want to cry and say, “I just need a new home!”  Feng Shui can give you that and so much more.  As we clean, sort, and release things we no longer need or have outgrown, we release all that energy still stuck there.  This release helps you grow and face things about yourself.  Facing hard things that have memories takes courage and helps us grow and move up to a new level. 

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Darielle is an Author, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, Feng Shui Specialist, and former captive of clutter. 



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