Use Feng Shui to Thrive During an Election Year

Use Feng Shui to Thrive in an Election Year

Our environment holds the key to our well-being and Feng Shui can be used to thrive.  I’m moved to write this article at the request of many clients and friends who are feeling frustrated, out of sorts, having a loss of balance, stressed, and angry most of the time – and then add an election year on top of all that.

Living in a divided house during this time adds extra punch to everyday living.  We love close relationships, but how can each be supported?  Be open to the point of view of a spouse, a friend, and our children.  Let the love shine through – think about the years of connections and shared experiences.  These can be valued.  Yes, there are obstacles, but solutions, too.  This article will help you as it has helped me and countless others.

Our world has changed and will not return to its former state.  Face masks are a part of our life for the near future.  Find ways to be outside and make the best of your life.

Clients call and ask, “What can I do to get back to the center? or “I just have no energy”.  Yes, disbelievers, there is a way to keep your balance and have moments when you can relax and enjoy your life.

Every election is tense at any level, whether it be the city, state, or federal election.  Elections are won on emotion, not logic.  That being said, let’s start with balancing ‘you’.  Of course, the pandemic restrictions have added a whole other layer of stress, like “shelter In place” is more like “Helter In place”.  That, too, will end.

So let’s get helping you – a positive mindset keeps your immune system strong.  Feng Shui will help the people, animals, and plants live healthier and peacefully.

Symptoms of an upset mindset during an election year

This upset mindset during an election year can show up at the office, school, with family, friends, and even our plants pick up the energy.  Balance is not stationary, it is in constant flux.  You may not even be aware of how your behavior has changed – it could be an awareness that you aren’t yourself.  Excuses may have been made for a bit, but it’s okay, you are not to blame.  There have been too many changes, too fast, without time to process.

The energy of the election is stronger in some years more than others.  It is felt throughout the country and the world.  Be aware of these symptoms in yourself and others.

In Feng Shui, clutter and being disorganized impair our ability to keep our focus and balance.  Ask yourself – Are the following things going on in your environment?

  • Walking to each room is an obstacle course.
  • The bedroom is a wreck – bed constantly unmade
  • Clothes on the bedroom floor – more than usual
  • Dying plants in house or front and back porch
  • Resent each thing you have to do for that person. You love them, but currently do not understand them.
  • Center of the home is impassable
  • Stacks of dirty laundry
  • Folded clothes have sat on the dryer for a week
  • Eating more sugar or alcohol consumption has increased significantly
  • Are you feeling isolated and not wanting to talk?
  • Headache or stomachache (Always have any discomfort checked out by your doctor.)
  • Low energy or lack of motivation

You may have some of these normally, but now the above is really out of control.  These conditions will improve as we bring balance back into your home or office.  Share this list and see what others see in you and themselves.  It can be a way to open up about feelings that are being avoided.

Feng Shui Election Balance Checklist

This “Feng Shui Election Balance Checklist” is a quick way to bring balance back in many areas of your life.

Remember this time will pass, so keep the lines of communication open in relationships.  It may seem like you are living with a Martian companion right now, but be patient.  Be gentle, things will improve.  Some changes will be faster than others.  Keep remembering the reason you were first attracted to this person. This is for everyone not just for spouses, friends, family co-workers.   Find and display keepsakes of those moments.  Thoughts remain with warm and loving feelings.  Pictures of happy events and gatherings assist in bringing those feelings and closeness into the present.  This is one way to lower your stress immediately and bring you into the current surroundings.  Being present in the here and now is powerful.

Feng Shui Election Balance Checklist:

  • Clean up the front entrance to the house.
  • Make an easy path in the garage and entrance to the home.  Put up a family picture including all members.
  • Keep the center of the home clean and clutter-free.
  • Freshen up the bedroom.  Place an object in the room, representing unity and love.
  • Beautify the center of the home – put at little yellow or orange here.
  • Keep fresh flowers in the living room or silk flowers if you are allergic.
  • Put oranges on the dining table – with a mirror behind the table
  • Bedrooms and dining rooms are neutral zones –  no politics or fights here.
  • Add more lush green plants.
  • Grow herbs in the kitchen or windowsill.
  • Bring in a splash of color to both the living room and bedroom.
  • Put new towels in the bathroom – in the center of the room, or a ceramic toothbrush holder.
  • Put happy pictures of you and your partner in the bedroom only – children’s pictures go in common rooms or hallways.

Take a few moments and walk around your home and see how many of these you already have in place.  Pat yourself on the back at how well you have done.  Now those that aren’t in place, do as soon as possible.

Happy balancing!  Let me know how it helped you.

Little Known Feng Shui Fact:

When action is taken what is most out of balance can be addressed first, then it will go down the line of what is next out of balance.  So if things are slow at first – give it time and it will work.  You may want communication with your spouse or children, need more activity, or even want to cut back on sugar.  Feng Shui is a wonderful tool to help you.

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