A Winner’s Mindset – Life is an Inner Game

A Winner’s Mindset – Life is an Inner Game

A winner’s mindset  – Life is an inner game.  What we say to ourselves becomes the blueprint of our lives.  It started in childhood as we accepted beliefs about ourselves and continue to play them out daily.

What you say becomes your life.  The more you hear your voice say something out loud it strengthens the belief and subsequent actions.  When you hear your intention, it has power.  Share it consciously with the intention you want.

Winners view a mistake as a miscalculation.  They learn from this experience and go on – no blaming or crying.  The setback does not define them or hold them back.  They go back to their plan, make room for setbacks, have days off, then return to their winning habit.  They practice what they know works.

Simple Steps to Change Your Mindset:

When you think a thought, before your brain engages you have a short 5 to 7 seconds before your body responds.  You have visual memories, feelings, and the game is already engaged in your old story. Before you get distracted you can do these steps.

  • See a “stop sign” and count to 7.
  • Recall a happy memory or one you would like.
  • Become present and set yourself back into the winner’s mindset.
  • Be alive and in the moment, realize you have just had another win.

Bump Up Your Inner Game

Change your dialogue and change your life.  The history books and current news are filled with people who kept at their ideas, encouraging themselves, believing, and taking consistent action.

Their inner self-talk supported them against all odds and insulated them from hurtful and negative thoughts, loss, setbacks, naysayers, and their past conditioning.

You are no different than them.  These winners learned positive thoughts, had a plan and kept up their daily practices.  You can create your own plan and soar.  Read on to find out more secrets to manifesting.

Rehearsal – Your Edge in Life

Whatever you are good at in your life took time to learn, practice, and then make perfect.  The more you practiced the quicker you saw results.  Why?  Because it was a high priority for you.

“Rehearsing” gives you an edge in your body and mind and then acts as though it were happening in real-time.  It also allows any potential problems or fears to surface.  You can resolve those in a mental movie of you doing so.

Seeing yourself in many different settings gives you the opportunity to see yourself empowered and facing a situation with confidence.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes when faced with the situation in person.  Your mind is clear and emotions are grounded.  You are calmer and balanced.  The choice of action is truly yours.

Practice, practice. is the key to a winning mindset.

Your Winning Mindset

Your winning mindset awaits your intention.  Each day and each encounter awaits your intention.  The message?  Define your intention, clearly, and with passion.

Get your mind in the game, see the steps you need to take, open your heart bring in that dream.  Now make a “manifesting plan” of necessary steps to carry you through.  Schedule it in your phone, book it out for 90 days, 6 months, or the whole year.  Then practice, practice, and more practice. It is okay to have an off-day or setback – factor it in.  Then return to what works without the guilt.

  1. Think of what you want to manifest.
  2.  Make it big and bright
  3.  Feelings are so strong, engage your 5 senses.
  4.  Open your heart – bring it in and make it real.
  5.  Repeat  2-5 times, Stay in that state as long as possible.
  6.  See the steps you need to take, and then put them in your phone calendar.
  7. Take small daily steps and make them manageable and achievable – then go get it.

Enjoy your life during the manifesting, go through the experience, and then continue maintaining that level. Your positive habits will keep you improving, and as you discover things get easier and it becomes a habit.

Look in the mirror.  You are a winner – and live out loud.  Enjoy the moment. Go on about your day.

Enjoy,   Darielle

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