“Alignment” Increases Life’s Flow

“Alignment” Increases Life’s Flow

“Alignment” increases life’s flow (it’s the secret sauce).  As you get into being in alignment it is like having your tires balanced.  If one is out of sync you have a bumpy ride, or it’s like when you brake and your car pulls to one side.  The same holds if your hip or neck is out, then nothing feels right.  You feel relief after your chiropractor puts you back in alignment.  The same is true in life.

There are several factors to getting things into “alignment” with your body, your emotions, and your inner dialogue.  That inner dialogue can help or hinder you.  What does your inner dialog sound like?  Develop life-enriching thoughts and habits.  A daily habit will assist you with ongoing clarity and benefits.  Being in alignment just feels good and your energy increases.  Starting that energy flow allows you to carry it forward faster as the pieces come together.

Overcoming challenges, fatigue, and setbacks

At times you feel like challenges, fatigue, and setbacks come on top of one another.  You cannot take on another demand and don’t have a chance to breathe.  There are thousands of decisions and you feel like you just started.  So how do you overcome it?  How do you return to balance again?

“Alignment” embraces your inner hero and starts the road to balance and moving forward.

Tips to get in Alignment:

  • Stand back from your challenges.
  • Take three deep breaths.  Hold each one to count of three; hold for three; exhale to a count of three.
  • Imagine your spine is in alignment.  Enjoy that state of balance for several minutes.
  • Breathe in “blue” energy.  Send it to any tight or tense area.
  • Keep your inner dialogue positive.
  • Say this affirmation:  “I am calm and in alignment. I can handle these challenges.”

Keep close to positive people

Be grateful for the positive people in your life.  We are more influenced by our friends, family, enemies, the food we eat, and our environment than you can imagine.  Scientific study after study touts the health benefits of positive thinking and being around positive people.  That proximity releases a flood of feel-good chemicals, lowering cortisol levels.  Those lower cortisol levels give immediate stress relief.

Recall a time you felt really good – hold that thought for as long as you can.  Take notice of how you are standing or sitting.  Do you want to stand up taller?  Is there a smile on your face?  Our body responds to feeling good.

That old song, “Put on a happy face” is to your benefit.  Practice it often.  Make and keep friends with those that bring in the sunshine.

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