Awesome Energy – A Healer Shares Her Secrets

Awesome Energy – A Healer Shares Her Secrets

I want to share my secrets with you!   

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and if you know how to use it correctly it can help you Thrive”.   Darielle (Dariel) Roskie Archer

In my practice, I have witnessed the healing of past hurts and wounds on all levels by releasing trapped energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Learning to be sensitive to energy and how to use effectively is a plus.  You can be one of the informed ones and help family and friends with your knowledge of how energy works.

One of the laws of energy is – the more energy you use, the more you will have.

My commitment is helping others navigate through these challenging times.  We need all of our energy and confidence – and a large dose of humor.  I’ve gathered articles here on my website that I believe can help you with pain relief, emotional release, and increasing your intuition.

(Each article I share is a mini-lesson and related to my book techniques. You can save these emails and the tips people have paid me very well for this specialized information.)

Click here to see some of my articles below about “Energy” and “Healing”: 

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  8.  Awesome Energy – A Healer Shares Her Secrets

and check out more articles here – Guided Imagery on The Positive

Darielle (Dariel)
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