Be Happy – Do Not Rent Space To Negativity

Be HappyDo Not Rent Space to Negativity

How can you be happy when you have rented your headspace to negativity?  Check your renters.  How many rooms are dedicated to being happy – one, two, or none?

I’ll bet you have more rented more space to people and negativity than you ever imagined.  No wonder you struggle to be happy.  To be happy requires that we have space to fill in with new life-enriching experiences and associations.  

Being happy is an emotional art form, deriving from our internal emotional map.  We are guided to produce results consistent with our emotional programming.  To get a handle on these emotions, it helps to make a list of events and people that come to mind that irritate you immediately upon hearing their name or you remember an event.  The stronger the response, the more space you have rented.  (Too bad we could not receive money for all that space!) 

We often release the mental aspect of a situation, but not the “energy” still lodged there.  It is not your fault.  No one taught you how to release trapped energy.   

Keep reading – I will show you how to release some of this energy with a few simple techniques below.   

Help My Mind Has Been Hijacked  

It is tough to thrive and keep your focus when your mind is already hijacked and rented to negativity.  You dream and plan a good life and then you suddenly remember the negative people that are currently in your life or the scars of a bad relationship.  

That “good” moment evaporated.  You ask yourself, “Why can’t I just keep moving forward with my vision and the good life dream I have?”  Then you say to yourself, “Because I have rented space to negativity, someone else, clutter, or fears.” 

How often after a heated exchanged do you relive it – perhaps for months or years afterward?  You have rented space to someone else in that state of mind.  They have moved in.   Ask yourself, “Who and what lives in my head and occupies the most space?”

Champions Review Mistakes –  Learn from them and move on 

Champions in sports make mistakes, too.  Their head is no longer in the game, but after reviewing them they move on.  They have trained themselves to observe what they could improve on, then release the mistake as a lesson learned.

Coaches and mentors have helped them to see that to keep reliving the incident over and over keep them feeling less than.  Their attitude and training keep them in the winner’s circle.  High achievers know how to work and keep stress low by believing in themselves and their dream.  There is no room for negativity to live or be rented to someone else. 

We can learn from the champions.  To keep “the edge and experience a different outcome, we need to live in the present, improve our skills, and release the thoughts and people associated with some failure or event.  You cannot change the past, only learn from it.  Review what other steps you could have done differently, then move on.  Implement and incorporate those into your present mindset. 

The Cure for Bad Mental Tenants 

The cure for bad tenants is not going through the courts, but by changing your reactions to themTake a step back and see the person or event in the longterm view of your life.  You will see them shrink in size and intensity against your lifelong backdrop. 

Make your life story one where you overcame them and the new thoughts and actions that helped you.  New life stories are the foundations to help make change easier.  Spend time writing down how you want your life to feel and look like – pictures will visualize this. 

Let’s release the trapped energy and try the following technique. 

Positive Energy Technique: 

  •  Ask yourself what story you are repeating over and over.  Who has the power – these people, the event, or you? 
  •  Take a couple of deep breaths and bless and release them and the event. 
  •  Recall 3 times where you had the outcome you wanted. 
  •  Make these memories where you had the outcome you wanted bigger and brighter – make them as real and vibrant as you can. 
  •  Pick one word to recall this event. 
  •  See the outcome you want. 

Practice this for 30 days – it will bring clarity and focus back in your life and you will have more room to be happy. 

Please feel free to share how these techniques work for you.                                                                                                            Contact Darielle online or email


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