Energy Acupuncture Doesn’t Hurt

Energy Acupuncture Doesn’t Hurt

Holistic Energy Release

Have ever you had that feeling of being “stuck” and feel it is difficult to move forward?  There is a way to release emotional and physical energy patterns by dissolving those blocks and “Energy Acupuncture” doesn’t hurt.

“Energy Acupuncture” (as I call it) helps with healing by using the techniques of Holistic Energy Release (HER).  This is a fancy name, but what is Holistic Energy Release?  I see and use it as energy acupuncture without needles or touching the body.  A lot of trapped energy is from past experiences.

These areas of trapped energy are often very inflamed and swollen and can be relieved with energy. Releasing this energy allows the body and emotions to return to the point of balance. Would you like to feel better and healthier? A byproduct of this release makes a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and others.

Why Can’t I Move Forward?

Are you one of those people who feel stuck and want to transform your life?  Many clients come to me saying, “I had counseling.  I’ve tried many forms of healing yet feel stuck.  I have low energy and am unable to get things I want to be done.  I just keep repeating the same responses to people and events over and over.”  Sound familiar?  Read on – it is “stuck energy” from when that challenge first happened.

Unknowingly, you may collect and create negative energy by holding on to grudges, reliving an unpleasant situation, and may still be grieving over a promotion you felt you deserved but didn’t get.  These thoughts and feelings are energy drains.  You just feel off and out of sync.

After I work with clients they exclaim, “I feel lighter and that area is less swollen. I just feel better.”  An overall state of well-being is experienced.  Several days later I receive a call and listen to their delight in the results.  They love that I gave them specific steps to use.

I love acupuncture (with the needles) and have used it for decades.  For 19 years I went to Dr. Zheng who was an amazing acupuncturist.  He told me he enjoyed working with me as I could feel and trace where the meridians were as the energy moved through them.

What is Holistic Energy Release and how do I use it?

I have taught a class for years called “Energy at Work Series”.  I share that the world is energy, and everything in it is energy.  The principles of Holistic Energy Release or “HER” is the ability to sense the energy around you and use it, whether for healing your body or your life.

We can use “HER” when we are sick something is blocked.  Pain is when energy is trapped and there is no flow.  I have found in releasing what’s “stuck” that heart-to-heart connection with others is easier, deeper, and more satisfying.

A Case Study:
A client, Ed, came to me feeling of stomach discomfort for years and was stuck about the design of his business card.  Ed told me about having visited many doctors and healers for his stomach.  I showed him how to use energy to release the trapped energy, calm inflammation, to create a flow in his body.  This was also worked for the trapped energy he had in his card and create a business card that reflected more of who he was.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ed’s Testimonial:
“I really enjoyed what you offered and the takeaways from that session.  The first was getting my business cards done, they look great!  The second thing was learning about cool energy.  I will never forget how my tummy felt when you put cool energy on it.  It felt so refreshing, and so I have been doing it on myself when needed.”  Ed, from Seattle

Holistic Energy Release (HER) technique for chronic inflammation:

  • Take your dominant hand and begin pulling that hot energy out of your body, spending several minutes doing this.
  • You may not feel anything at first but keep pulling out the hot energy. It will feel lighter as you keep moving the energy.
  • Your hand may feel hot and if so, shake it down towards the ground.
  • Set an intention: “This part of my body is cooler and functions normally.”
  • Visualize your hands filled with soothing, cool blue energy
  • Place that cool blue energy back in that area.
  • Drink several glasses of water.

This is a basic technique for inflammation and stomach discomfort, using energy only.  You can call me for an appointment for more complex issues that require further steps.  Always check with your doctor.

Circulation Makes Everything Work

Circulation makes everything work.  Without circulation, projects are delayed, relationships stall, and there are struggles with money.  We need things to flow in our lives and body, so be observant and watch where things are not working out in your life.

Use what you have learned in this article about addressing these concerns to heal those areas needing help.
See many articles with practical techniques on this website, and also in my book on Amazon:                            “The Thriving Code: A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection”.

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