Feng Shui Affirmations – Your Invisible Coach

Feng Shui Affirmations – Your Invisible Coach

How can Feng Shui Affirmations help you and be your invisible coach?   Feng Shui (pronounced like ‘fung shway’) is an ancient art and science.  Its principles can be applied to our lives by creating a life with more personal and harmonious energy in our life and home.

Affirmations are intentions and a way of creating positive self-talk about you, your home, and all areas of your life.  Combining affirmations with Feng Shui is a gentle way to increase and acknowledge the good, and the gratitude we experience.  Just seeing good things in your life shifts your thinking and energy and raises your vibration on a daily basis.

I’ve spent decades learning Feng Shui and Affirmations.  Using affirmations has been an invisible coach to me and a life-changing experience for my clients.  They have especially been helpful after I was hit by lightning and changed my home to support me.   By adding and using these affirmations I feel it sped up my healing. 

Small shifts in your thoughts to move your life forward is a series of choices.  These changes strengthen you and your ability to manifest the life you want.   Make affirmations positive, in the present tense, and see yourself accomplishing things.

Feng Shui General Affirmations

Feng Shui general affirmations are guidelines and are here below for you to use.  No worries or analyzing – these are simple ways for you to train your brain to manifest what you want.

Home and Environment

  • My clean house supports me in moving forward faster and easier.
  • My joy is increased with having things chosen before retiring every night.
  • I wake up to a clutter-free home and it starts my day feeling energized.
  • I see my life improving daily.


  • I enjoy each person who enters my office.
  • I am honored with calls for my knowledge.
  • My clients pay me gratefully and easily.
  • Each client refers to a least 3 people.


  • I have patience with everyone including myself.
  • Taking time for my family is important.
  • My joy is increased by releasing past hurts and being present.


  • Money flows to me easily and I accept it as natural.
  • All areas of my life are rewarding.
  • I make room to receive more abundance daily.
  • I make wise decisions about money and it reflects in my bank account.

Fame and Reputation

  • I treat everyone with respect.
  • My calm center allows me to deal with difficult people easily.
  • Keeping friends and clients is easy.

Partnership and Marriage

  • My relationships grow because I value them daily.
  • Relationships are valuable assets in my life.
  • Keeping in touch keeps my relationships strong.

Creativity and Children

  •  Patience and acceptance allow my children to grow strong.
  •  I laugh at mistakes knowing they are a part of my success.
  •  My creativity increases with my ability to have fun.


Use these affirmations to improve your life.  Say them over and over during the day.  Repeat them during times of stress and frustration.  This can help you remain true to your vision and dreams.  This action will steadily change your thinking and action to being more congruent with your vision.  It builds psychological momentum this helps carry you through the rough times.

I have used this skill for weight loss with success in losing 30 pounds.  I saw myself thinner, healthier, and sexier.  I put pictures of my former fit and thin self in my wallet, car, and bathroom mirror, inside the kitchen cabinets.  My affirmation was to lose it and keep it off as a way of life, not just losing weight.

Make copies of the affirmations above.  Cut them out and carry them with you.  Post them anywhere you will constantly see them, like on a mirror, inside cupboards, in your car, or your office.

Coaches (even invisible coaches) are powerful and move us through resistance and fears.  They teach us self-esteem, new skills, and winning confidence, which increases our ability for us to succeed.

Feng Shui Coaching:   Call me if you are having challenges – a quick mini-session can do wonders.
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