Happy Dissolves Negative Thoughts

 Happy Dissolves Negative Thoughts:

Happy thoughts help with health, by dissolving negative thoughts, we increase our self-worth.

Creative, fun,  released alert, your brain functions better, Increases hormones, tightens your skin, you glow, as releasing the creative(sexy) energy 1st chakra, creativity,

Negativity is like dog poop on the shoe you share with everyone you come in contact with. I just Stinky Aura.

Dissolving the negative is a technique I use daily when I find myself being distracted, sometimes several times throughout the day. When you look at the glass to the right you see it full first or empty. Whatever you see first is true for you.

Awareness  Stop Those thoughts Start with Breathing. In that  instant hold it

Take 3-5 breaths, inhale 3, hold 3, exhale 3, hold 3…(if comfortable increase the number of breaths 4, 5, or ).

Rate the uncomfortable situation 1-10

Stand in being uncomfortable and see it grow smaller –

State Cancel and dissolve, then watch the negative

shrink down again then say

Dissolve the negative situation or scary thought.

See  it  growing smaller and disappearing

Transforming Tips:

  • Ask yourself, “What one thing do I want to change?”
  • Take 3 deep breaths while calming your mind and bringing yourself into balance.
  • Think of what you want to change again and send your thoughts and energy to it.
  • Sit and listen to any thoughts or images that surface (allow time for this).
  • Write down what you received.
  • Practice what you received.

The secret is to take one thing and then “do it”.  Our brains can do one thing and do it well . Practice for a year.  Focusing on one thing it does not raise our doubts and fears.  We can make our dreams come to fruition by using the above steps.  As you encourage your intuition, it will help you while keeping your balance.

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