Healing – More Than a State of Mind

Healing – More Than a State of Mind

Healing is more than a state of mind.  It requires a mindset and greater awareness that it is “possible to heal” or overcome a challenge.  Just the act of stating you are open to improving your life or it’s possible to change an aspect of it, opens the door.  Remember the Universe is always listening to your intent and where you put your passion.  Is this thought in your “positive” or “can’t happen” column?

Improving one’s health is one of the strongest motivators.  People who are faced with a sudden acute illness or a catastrophic one gives permission to make massive changes.  Being relaxed allows us to breathe deeply and oxygenate our blood, and also calms our mind and body.

By facing parts of ourselves we don’t like or approve of and inviting them in, allows us to heal and become whole.  Getting clear, talking about difficult issues, and speaking our truth also helps build confidence.  This helps us step into that place of well-being and we enjoy being well.  Being grateful opens our heart to more healing.

Creating a New Awareness and Dancing with Life

Creating a new awareness or expanding our old one is like dancing with life.  This is another important factor to include in healing.

Healing requires updating old beliefs and habits that no longer serve us and being open to new possibilities and information. This is where we need to update ourselves on multiple levels. Not just the mind or habits, but truly increasing our “awareness”.  That piece of information makes an activity or project easier and we receive sudden insights.

This is a process that you can engage in at any time.  As we desire a more fulfilling life and relationships, we are moved to expand our knowledge, skills, and understanding, and observe the habits that keep us stuck.

Creating greater awareness opens doors that were not available before.  The latest research on how the mind works indicate that a positive outlook, words, and actions come from a different place in the brain granting access to a place where opportunities exist.  Mind mapping research shows that different parts of the brain turn on during those moments when we learn or challenge ourselves while turning off other parts of the brain connected to limiting old habits.

Trapped or challenged beyond our skill level

The opposite is true – when we “feel” trapped or challenged beyond our skill level, we freeze.  Old habits say we can’t do that, then we replay all the times that we didn’t succeed in trying something new.  That part of the reptilian brain — flight or fight — is activated and turns off the possibilities.

When we feel trapped or challenged beyond our skill level, it requires us to pause and reflect on taking action or no action.  What we believe is based upon choice.  In our mind, there are more steps that take place in that split second.  It is our belief, skills, and habits to meet the change that is engaged.  We take action swiftly.

Awareness experiment

Below is an exercise that I used with my husband this morning.  He asked me about a technique to reduce tension.  So, this morning, we did this exercise.  After the exercise, he said, “I don’t want to open my eyes.  I feel relaxed in my neck, and my shoulders, feel lighter and I like being in that place. I enjoy feeling well.”  Hours later he said, “I feel I have a greater awareness about my tension, and I like this feeling.”

Awareness experiment: I want to feel more relaxed

  • Sit at your desk or in a chair.
  • Breathe in deeply.
  • Put your left hand in the center of your chest.
  • Put your right hand on top of your left.
  • Think of a healing or comforting thought.

Breathe in: 

  • Exhale sending the healing thought to whatever place or condition you want to address.
  • Do this for a few minutes.
  • Take the valuable information you learned during this time.
  • Take notice: Where did you relax?
  • What words or feelings did you experience?
  • This enhanced awareness can help you in your daily life.
  • Use it often.

Turn on your well-being and experience great awareness and take new steps.  Even the small steps keep you moving forward.  Let me know how these techniques work for you.  

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