Help Me Feel Safe in an Unsafe World

Help Me Feel Safe in an Unsafe World 

These last few years have been stressful in this era of uncertainty and negativity.  We feel unsafe while driving,      at work, and in our homes.  Many people walk around in a fog, unfocused and unable to see a path to move forward –beyond being stuck.  It is heartbreaking to see our children frightened and our pets shaking with anxiety.  They feel fear from us with our daily and constant worry.  We are paralyzed with fear and are unable to think and take action.  Keep reading, there are solutions.

Now imagine a different scene — you are filled with confidence and strength.  You see options, take effective daily steps, and you are filled with energy, feeling fully alive.  The result is that you are confident in your ability to handle people and situations.

Contained in this article are a few solutions using energy to help you.  Everything in the Universe is energy and has a vibration.  I will show you how to use your energy to feel confident.  These are the same techniques I’ve used in my practice with good results.  Kids love working with energy and you can show them how, too.  Gain the ability to walk self-assured with clarity and focus.

Obstacles are diminishing or altogether disappearing.  Which one do you want to experience?

Use your “Intuition” to feel safe in challenging times

“Intuition” is a super ally to guide you.  That inner nudge is like an urge to take the long way to get home.  Upon arriving you find your usual route was tied up from new construction.  You sigh, and you are glad to be home.  Then you put aside the gift of “intuition”.

How many times have you ignored that whisper?  Then later you discover if you had listened, you could have avoided delays, a failed project, a miscommunication, perhaps a fall, or a meal you didn’t order.  We are born with intuition, and it is always there trying to assist you in making your life easier.  Keep reading – I have a tip to help you make that voice grow louder.

Intuition Booster Technique:

This short technique will calm your mind and shift your consciousness into a more receptive state.  Intuition can be heard more clearly and louder. The more you practice the more attuned to how intuition comes to you.  Do this before you do any intuitive work.

  • Take several deep breaths then do 3 breaths to a count of 4.
  • Breath in 4 counts; hold 4; exhale 4.
  • Relax for a minute, then ask your question and wait for an answer.
  • Now you have taken the time to hear your trusted friend showing you a path through the rocks.

Sing out loud:  “I feel the power, I have the power”

Sing out loud, “I feel the power, I have the power” – this happens when you have solutions.  Solutions connect with the open heart feeling and it makes you feel more powerful.  Having a way out of a situation, lets you breathe deeper, stand up taller, and walk with purpose.

Fill up on good powerful feelings, and enjoy those feelings as long as possible.  We all know that when we feel good it lowers our stress, clears our mind, calms our emotions, and gives us hope.

Positive Energy Technique: 

  • Imagine standing under a waterfall with all those negative feelings being washed away.
  • See yourself standing in the sunshine.
  • Stand by an open door or window, and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Remember an accomplishment that makes you feel good and powerful, every time you remember it.
  • Start with an affirmation, such as “I am safe and feel protected.”
  • Feel that energy all around you.
  • Visualize being recharged and the situation has a positive outcome.

Protecting our kids and our furry kids

Protecting our kids is our number one worry, along with our vulnerable furry kids.  Dropping off the kids at school or daycare makes us happy we have them and they are learning skills to help them.  Our pets are often left alone for many hours while we work to support them.  While driving away there is a mixture of feeling sad that we cannot be with there all the time.  What a nice feeling it would be to see them protected with an added layer of protection you can do daily.  Using energy and intention is an easy and surprisingly effective technique.

Use the above Positive Energy Technique and see your child or pet in a blue bubble.  Set the intention “They are safe and protected.”

This is a testimonial I received from using the positive energy technique.  A woman came to see me for help, complaining that her fears and anxiety exhausted her before she even started the day.  I gave the standing-under-a-waterfall-and-sunshine technique (above) with the affirmation.  She called me a week later excited saying, “I practiced the technique and affirmation constantly.  I cannot believe how calm I felt with more energy.”  She said that she was teaching her children this technique to use when they were afraid.  Obstacles either evaporate or diminish significantly.

My book below will help solve many problems dealing with how to protect yourself and others by using energy to feel safe, and how to use food, color, and gemstones for healing.

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