How to Overcome People’s Toxic Energy Pollution

How to Overcome People’s Toxic Energy Pollution

People’s toxic energy pollution is everywhere.  My clients call complaining, “How do I keep a positive mindset with so many negative people and much negative energy everywhere?”  At work, driving, shopping, online, on TV, in restaurants, and coffee houses, I, too, have witnessed the ‘sea of frownies’ while walking around town.  The down energy flows off those people and is like seeing brown air pollution.  This is a scary thing to see and feel.  I don’t know about you, but seeing people’s energy pollution makes me sad.  But, it does inspire me to clean up my oceans of thoughts.

A Positive Mindset Overcomes People’s Toxic Energy Pollution 

One way to cut through others’ toxic energy pollution is to check your thoughts and to ensure you are not sending out bad vibes.  Stop those energy vampires and say to yourself, “You cannot have my energy! Do I look like a free energy gas station?”  Release those people, or at least limit your time with them.

See the best in a situation and keep your dreams alive by feeding them daily with affirmations and visualizing positive outcomes.  Mental pictures are powerful.  The ability to effectively use energy is like working out – the more you engage in it the easier it becomes.  If you want to change the world – harness your thoughts daily.  Your thoughts, actions, and intentions are more powerful than you can imagine.

Share these thoughts as many times as you can during the day.   Shine your light and release your positive thoughts to the world.  Let that sink in for a moment – we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions.  That is where we have the power to observe and change in the moment.  Who does not want to be lazy and hope things will change saying, “I tried it and nothing improved – what a letdown and disappointment!  I would love to just visualize and see all of that negative energy evaporating”.
It has been my honor to work with friends and clients to share how to activate their power to overcome negative people and their energy.

Confidently Walk Through the Valley of Negative Thoughts 

You can confidently walk through the valley of negative thoughts and easily know your positive mind is set. I live in a world of good vibes as a way of life and know thoughts do matter.  Everything has energy.  Every thought has the potential to improve your life.  Use your thoughts to direct your energy to your dreams.  Your thoughts do matter.

Use your thoughts to direct your energy to your dreams.  The more positive energy you use, the more energy you will have. Healthy positive thoughts help you create health, wealth, and happiness by raising your vibration.  Pick a symbol or a word that brings to mind health, wealth, or happiness.  Higher vibrations attract positive energy and are reflected back to you.  I have watched this with thousands of clients and experienced it myself. You owe it to yourself to learn how.  Now is the time.  Make your life better now and believe in yourself and your abilities.

Easy Steps to Create a Positive Mindset and a Better Life 

  • Get a clear picture in your mind of what you want to create.
  • Pick a word or symbol you associate with your goal.
  • Use an affirmation like, “I am attracting this home to me.”
  • Look at your thoughts of fear and anger and root them out.
  • Confidently face the negative people in your life.  See them six inches tall and them having no power over you.
  • Keep a picture of you in your mind living the life you want.  Relive this picture over and over.
  • Be around people who are moving toward their goals.
  • Create a board filled with pictures and affirmations of the things you want.  Keep this board visible.  I “created” a trip once from a picture I had sitting behind my desk on a bookcase.  I didn’t realize it until I returned home and saw the picture – it was exactly the place in the picture!
  • Finish a project, then go to the next one.  This positive mindset will build the momentum of creating energy.
  • Have fun, laugh, play, and enjoy the moments.

I hope this article has helped you move toward a more Positive Mindset and enjoy social gatherings while dealing with other people.  Incorporated in this article are excerpts from my must-read book on dealing with negativity, events, and places.  Be prepared to deal with situations confidently.  See yourself having positive outcomes.  Yes, you can!

Testimonial:                                                                                                                                                                                                    “Working with Darielle has brought me clarity and given me the ability to focus.  I have learned how to recognize my power and use it to improve my balance and understand how better to use my new and improved gifts.”  Mick, Kenmore, WA


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