Make This New Year the Best With Confidence

Make This New Year the Best With Confidence

You can make this year the best!  Confidence is a necessary ingredient to a mindset as eggs are to an omelet. The dictionary defines ‘confidence’ as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

It all starts with a thought, like “I want this new year to be different”.  Thoughts create your reality — you have heard it a thousand times in a thousand books because it’s true.  We imprint our thoughts upon the unified field, better known as ‘consciousness’.  Now known as the quantum field, science supports the idea that you look upon something, it changes or moves.  The same is true for you.  Your dominate belief and thought rules.  Confidence is about you being present and a gift you share wherever you go.  How do you share your gift?

Fill in the Past Potholes with Good Feelings – Do this Often

Lack of confidence can be helped and healed by filling in past potholes with good feelings.  See yourself coming to your current age builds confidence.

Really?  Yes, I’ve done it thousands of times with clients and it is wonderful to see their transformation of healing.

How to fill in the potholes:

  • Take one positive life event where you felt wonderful, successful, and good.
  • Engage your five senses – feel, see, hear, smell, and taste those good feelings.
  • Make a positive statement like, “I am getting healthier and healthier each day”.
  • Fill up on the good feelings and fill in the potholes.
  • Take those feelings back to a time you felt less than – then allow the ‘you’ in the past to drink deeply those positive feelings.
  • Come to your current age.

Do this for a week and keep track of any inner dialogue.

Feeling Inadequate Keeps You Trapped

Those feelings of inadequacy come from that belief that you are not good enough.  It is a lie.  You are good enough and somewhere in your past, you accepted a belief that you weren’t.  Repeated conditioning combined with similar events triggers old patterns.  You can change that.  Keep reading – I will give you ways to boost your confidence.  We respond quickly to a tone of voice, too many demands, feeling pressed for time to complete projects, constant interruptions, and lack of sleep.  A number of those experiences in a short time can trigger feelings of overwhelming sadness, and feelings of being inadequate.

What Happens when Conscious Efforts are out of Sync with Your Beliefs

Do you want to punch today in the face?  When your conscious efforts are out of sync with your beliefs you get a head-on collision with your current reality.  Results are when you consciously say you want one thing, but you keep getting the same thing.  Why?  At those times you have a fight with your subconscious, which is the seat of your beliefs.  So, to move forward, keep reliving events where you succeeded.  That will begin to imprint a new habit of thought with real-life experiences on the subconscious.

This positive true-life event experienced over and over helps rewrite your old beliefs that you cannot do this or that and reinforces your gifts and abilities.  It also keeps you present and available for opportunities.  In fact, it draws what you want to you.  Read that line again – “it draws what you want to you”.  This action makes the next step to move forward easier.  There are answers to your quest.

A Lack of Confidence Brings Up Feelings of Being Ignored

The feedback from my clients is that younger people and older adults both feel that no one hears them. Older adults are conditioned and trained to have manners and acknowledge everyone.  They get hurt and being ignored is considered bad manners.  Generations handle setbacks differently.  Younger generations have the same complaints.  Both are true from their own perspectives.  They tell me what set them off and say, “Why did I react that way?  I was just trying to communicate”.  Confidence gives you the ability to ask them to explain what they said in a different way so you can understand them.  Without confidence, hurts to smolder.  It is a new world.  How do you want to handle it? – with confidence.

I Repeat – Do this Often

It all starts with a thought – “I want this new year to be different.”  Look back at a time you were feeling less than confident, then replace it with good feelings during a time you felt confident.  Practicing these steps will fill in your ‘potholes’ with a positive mindset and will move you forward to embrace who you are.

An added bonus – the Gemstone for Confidence is Tiger Eye.  Carry it with you in your pocket, or purse, or wear it in your jewelry.  Every stone has a vibration.

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