Neutralize Negative Family Members Influence

Neutralize Negative Family Members’ Influence

‘Tis the season of family gatherings, “Ugh!” You say.  My desire is to help you leave the pain and fears of past encounters.  I want you to be able to enjoy family gatherings feeling confident, valuable, and acknowledged. Enjoy this must-read valuable article to help you.  Darielle

Yes, you can neutralize those family members and in-laws’ influence.  Is your stress meter kicking into overdrive just thinking about the next family gathering?  “How am I going to deal with it?” you ask.  You can neutralize these negative influences with your Positive Thoughts and Energy.  Thoughts are real, and the bookstores are filled with books by biologists, research scientists, and doctors, along with many other health practitioners touting the power of a positive mindset.  If you do not know how to overcome those negative family members, keep reading.  There are answers here to help you.

A brighter future can be enjoyed with a few constructive tips and how to use your energy effectively, from negative to neutral to positive.  I am here to give you a few insights I’ve gained through my years of practice as a hypnotherapist and holistic energy healer.

The Pain of Family Encounters Linger

Common complaints range from the cold shoulder, silent judgment, and not liking your friends or lifestyle.  It’s like we are being accused of a crime.  They do not include all family members.  They deliberately exclude some family members and they are dismissed when trying to talk at the table or add to family discussions.  The family closes rank and says the problems are yours or you are the one causing the disruption.  The pain these people have suffered is intense having long-lasting effects, on self-esteem, motivation, physical symptoms, and illnesses.  What I hear is, “What do I do with these family members?”

Do Not Rent Space To Negativity or Them!

I repeat, do not rent space to negativity or them.  We can so easily fall into the habit of reliving over and over what happened in the past.  Worse yet, we worry about the next encounter with them, robbing us of being present for our current relationships and stopping all forward movement.  These activities only slow or halt any steps toward the life you want.  If you cannot release these feelings or have many flashbacks to negative events, seek professional help.                                                                                                                                                                                      Invest in your positive mindset and not take up the negative energy of these people. If you do, you may believe you don’t belong or have nothing to add.  Are they only concerned with money…while you donate to save the planet or animal rescue?  Hello, divergent life paths!

Initiate, Activate, Incorporate, and Celebrate Your Positive Mindset

Here we go with the Good Stuff – Secret Sauce below.


  • Accept that you are in a family is not incapable of seeing your value.  Do you really want to be like them?
  • Write a few things you want.
  • Acknowledge the feelings of frustration, anger, and hurt – then see those thoughts going down the drain.
  • Pick a symbol of what is powerful, protected, and capable.



  • Take a moment, look up and smile…this helps shift our thoughts and it will activate your energy level.
  • Take several deep breaths and think of something you love.
  • See yourself surrounded by a golden bubble.  Imagine the energy glowing around you and how good you feel.
  • Engage in mentally seeing a positive outcome at family gatherings.


  • Make a list of things you are proud of.  Make copies to carry with you, in your car, or at work.  Read this list over and over – get into the feeling.  Do this before encountering family members.
  • Use pictures and music in your daily routine.  Make it fun and be as creative as you want.  You cannot fail as it is unique to you.


  • Celebrate your uniqueness.  So, you march to a different drummer or perhaps a whole orchestra!
  • What do you really want to be like?  Write a few things you want.
  • Practice the above often in your daily life.

I hope this article has helped you enjoy family gatherings with a more Positive Mindset.  Incorporated in this article are excerpts from my must-read book on dealing with negativity, events, and places.  Be prepared to deal with situations confidently.  See yourself having positive outcomes.  Yes, you can!


See my book on Amazon: “The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection”       This book gives you a step-by-step powerful handbook filled with techniques to solve your problems with negative people and situations.  



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