Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique for Inflammation

Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique for Inflammation 

For many years this Holistic Energy Release (HER) technique has helped many clients diminish the pain and effects of bloating and inflammation.  These experiences of suffering from an injury with sprains, arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis prevent us from enjoying the moment. 

Circulation makes everything work.  Diminished circulation in your body can cause infections and it becomes warm.  Just like in life, projects are delayed, relationships stall, and there are struggles with money. 

We need things to flow in our lives and body — and if it flows, you go.   

I have received many calls in my practice like: 

  • I went camping and hiking and now I am aching all over. 
  • I ate so much that I feel bloated. 
  • My arthritis is acting up again. 
  • I hurt myself at home, 
  • I wish there was something I could do to help myself right here and now. 

It helped me many times when I was not close to a doctor or medical facility.  So I am sharing the technique below that I developed more than twenty years ago.  This helped me recover from wearing high heels where I needed more appropriate footwear, but vanity won and I suffered.  I used it with other adventures and later to help others. 

Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique 

Take a moment and locate where you are feeling tight, or uncomfortable, and an area where your body feels hot. 

  • Spend a few minutes deep breathing to charge up your energy. 
  • Using your dominant hand begin pulling that hot energy out of your body, and spend several minutes doing this. 
  • You may not feel anything at first, but keep pulling out the hot energy.  It will feel lighter as you keep moving the energy. 
  • Your hand may feel hot and if so, shake it down towards the ground. 
  • What do you feel – lightness, feeling grounded, or relief?  Just enjoy it. 
  • Set an intention and say to yourself:  “It is okay to release this old energy now.  This part of my body is cooler and functions normally.” 
  • Visualize your hands filled with soothing and cool blue energy. 
  • Place that cool blue energy back in that area. 
  • Drink several glasses of water. 
  • Write a few notes of your experience for later reference. 

This is a basic technique for inflammation and stomach discomfort,  and it helps with anxiety, too.  Just think of it as using energy only.  You can call me for more complex issues that require further steps.  Always check with your doctor, as this technique does not replace the advice of medical physicians. 

If you want more information on intention and how beneficial a positive mindset can be here is an article that can assist you in developing a  Positive Mindset. 

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