Stop Life-Sucking Fears

Stop Life-Sucking Fears

Your fears rob you of energy, enjoyment of the moment, and add weight from stress responses.  The atmosphere is filled with anxiety as you are dragging yourself from one room to another.

Think of your life-sucking fears as ghosts talking to you all the time like, “I’m anxious”, “I don’t want to shop”, “I can’t go to the beach” or “I can’t eat out at my favorite restaurant”.

“Hands up, surrender,” the fears say.  Oh, the ghost talk! “Shut up!” you scream.  Yet the voices are still there.  Do you feel like you are caught up in the endless repeat cycle?

Take a deep breath and hit that “pause button”, my friend.  What would happen if you said, “Boo!” to your ghosts?  A few simple adjustments can stop the life-sucking fears.


Life-Sucking Fear Antidote

There is a life-sucking fear antidote.  Yes, really.  Claim your life back, claiming that part of you that is lost.  The way back to “you” is with self-love, acceptance, and patience.  Develop the desire to learn new things that keep your mind growing.  Create the self-confidence to risk going outside your comfort zone.

Fears hold power as we put energy into what could happen again.  Then putting even more energy into not wanting an event to happen again.  Feeding more and more energy really is creating a thought-form.  Energy is real and grows with the thought and energy directed at it.  Where is your energy currently directed?

We need a shot in the arm of self-love, along with choosing a different thought.  Acknowledging fear is a powerful tool to use to bring you back to a calmer center.  Keeping your routine as much as possible allows you to feel like you have control of your life again.

So let’s get started with the “Life-Sucking Fear” technique:

  • Breathe deeply.
  • Hit your “pause” button.
  • Acknowledge the fear and shrink it down small enough to hold in your hand.
  • Now laugh.
  • State what you want to say to the fear or fears.

“Yes, but” is another life-sucking fear

“Yes, but” is another life-sucking fear we must be aware of and take immediate countermeasures.  It is so subtle it is often missed as negativity.  Everyone uses the “Yes, but” – the clarion call of resistance.  Listen and track yourself for a week of how many “Yes, buts” you have. You might just be amazed.

Awareness of your thoughts and actions is a game-changer to improve lowering your anxiety and more easily face fear.  What do you think you are going to lose?  Is the cost of not moving forward with an action?  What does it look like?

Invite friends and family to join in a game of facing fears.  Is there a theme of the “Yes, butting’, around finances, health, confinement, the virus, or others?  Have prizes for those overcoming their resistance and improving.  Make it a weekly event in person for small groups or on Zoom or FaceTime.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”. – Albert Einstein

Dial down fear and take a break

Dial down fear levels.  I like to use a dial to see where my uncomfortable level is at.  Then use the technique below to effectively lower the fear.

I’ve shared this with clients in hypnotherapy.  One client said, ” I love the visual dial and it has a greater impact and connection for me.”

The dial is a very useful tool and uses both the visual with the left and right sides of the brain.  Also, it will immediately show your resistance at that moment.  If the dial will only go down one number that is great.  Any lowering of the dial is good.  Ask yourself, “What does this fear look like?  Can I shrink it down?”  Then try and to move the dial down again.

Power Dial technique:

  • See a dial with the numbers  1 to 10.
  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • Ask yourself, “What is the first number that comes to me?”
  • Write that number down.
  • Imagine you turning down the dial 2 numbers.  (If you feel resistance, it won’t go down further.)  That’s okay.

You can do this at any time or place.  Use it and open up to the notion that you have another option to help you achieve your goals.



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