Thrive – Stop Negativity Now Exercise

How Can You Stop Negativity Now?                                               

Picture this — Your negative co-worker is at your desk once again complaining, wanting your attention, and wanting you to fix or do something they don’t want to do.  You see them coming and your stomach suddenly cramps, and you quickly get a headache.

Now picture a new way to deal with the negative co-workers.  You see them coming and smile to yourself.  You use the Stop Negativity Now Exercise”— they do not stop at your desk.  You feel good and continue with your work.

After work, you come home and your spouse is being negative again.  “Please, just give me a moment to decompress,” you say.  That moment does not occur and then there is more blaming and negative talk.

A new scene — before walking into work you do the exercise and notice a difference.  Then the negative chatter begins.  You do the exercise again.  Wow, the chatter stops!  The co-workers are calmer and talking about something more positive.

In chronic situations at work or home, you will need the practice to keep you in the Positive Mindset.  Keep practicing, it does work.  I have used this technique myself with good results.

There are many ways this exercise can help you, for example, around kids, driving, working with the boss or shopping.  You can use this exercise in any situation.

You can stop negativity immediately.  Just today I shared this technique with a couple of clients.  Their feedback was that they each felt a release and had an immediate change with the other person.

Enjoy, laugh, and know you have a way to deal with negative people.  You have the power.

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