Becoming the Amazing You

Becoming the Amazing You

We all have that part of us, that is always becoming the amazing you.  Welcome to the world of “Becoming the Amazing You”.  Suddenly your thoughts are upgraded, your brain is supercharged, and your limiting beliefs are suspended.  Then the power of the heart is turned on which generates a tremendous electrical output.

You marvel at it asking “How could that possibly happen?”  Suddenly, people are acknowledging you, the house you wanted is yours, an unpleasant co-worker leaves.  “Whoa”, you wonder.

The combination of those elements shows you how amazing you are.  It comes in those unguarded moments where miracles happen.  They are not really unguarded, you have worked to make a change to a positive mindset, engaged the imagination, held in your mind and heart – a vision of a new lifestyle you want.

You moved from a limited world of worry and fear to the world of Becoming, where is anything is possible.

Inner Changes, Outer Rewards

Inner changes, outer rewards, is a state of mind, a series of thoughts and actions based on your beliefs.  We must upgrade our thoughts and expand our beliefs.  To move into the rewards, your energy field must be expanded to include your commitment to your goal.  Commitment keeps us moving toward that goal, no matter what.  If you say, “I’m too tired, it can wait, I’ll do it later” – you may find yourself not finishing the goal.

Your Virtual Dream Machine

Your unconscious or non-physical mind is your virtual dream machine.  It is the place where we create thoughts, feelings, visualization, intention, and habits.  These turn on the dream machine.  I learned in life the line, “Fake it till you make it.”      It is more accurate to say, “Fake it till you claim it, and then become it.”  That is the real way to do it.  You say, “Yeah, sounds nice, but how do I do it?”

I want you to succeed.  Every time you close your eyes you enter a different state.

Turn on the Virtual Dream Machine:

  1.  Choose one thing you want.
  2.  Get pictures of that goal.
  3.  Focus on the goal, with feeling, several times a day.
  4.  Give yourself permission to have the dream manifest.
  5.  Act as though the dream is now a reality.

Get ready to enjoy Spring this year.  Interested in discovering and want to learn to use your virtual dream machine, your subconscious mind?

I have received some amazing feedback on the techniques I share.  Some people find they work immediately, others it took a few times to experience the effect.  Give them a try and let me know how they work for you:

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