How to Feel Abundance When You Really Feel Poor at the Holidays

How can you feel abundance when you really feel poor at the Holidays?

You can do the “abundance dance” during the holidays.  I have been asked a lot lately about how to feel abundant during the holidays when you are struggling and unable to buy gifts or food for the big dinner you want to give.  This is a pattern you may have been repeating for years.

Do not be defined by your past.  Redefine yourself and your relationship to money and abundance.  It is all about your relationship with money now.  Shake hands with it and call it a friend, invite it in.  Everything is vibration.

Do the “Abundance Dance”

The “abundance dance” is a dance of manifesting – Woo-hoo!  Dancing and just moving raises your energy.  Manifesting is easier and faster when you are enjoying yourself with a clear idea of what abundance means and feels like to you.

It may sound silly to dance with “money”, but give it a try and listen to the inner dialogue that surfaces – the really powerful messages will be revealed.

Put on your favorite music and enjoy the dance.  Dance like it is your best friend and you are celebrating an important event.  Trust your intuition and follow it when you hear it.

You can break that pattern by trying the following:

  • Pull out whatever $ bill you have, the higher the amount the better.
  • Get a clear idea of what having abundance, money, and or financial freedom feels like.
  • Now see your table filled with cash – breathe in the vibration.
  • It can be a slow or a fast dance.
  • Put on your favorite music and dance, throw your head back and laugh.
  • If you do it in front of a mirror you can visually see and hear what your relationship to money and abundance is.  Mirror work is one of the practices I’ve used in hypnotherapy with great results.

Your abundance can be affected by an environment of fear

The energy of the mass consciousness can really derail your abundance.  Suddenly we are distracted and feeling down, really tired, reaching for food or alcohol and no longer wanting to do anything.  Receiving these calls daily as the current political climate topic comes up and the fear these clients describe is so unpleasant.  They convey how unsettled they are, suffering sleeplessness, and how they have a deep sense of helplessness.  Between sobs, they ask, “Can you help me feel safer, and how do I feel abundance?”

Sensitive people suffer more as they not only identify with the masses but do not know how to disengage from the energy of others and their environment – the radio and television can impact them greatly.  Are you one of them?  The technique below will help immensely.

There is always hope.  Our forefathers played and planned for long-term gain and they were well versed in how politics work.  They put many steps in the Constitution to protect the Nation they were building.  They had lived under oppression, lies, and war and knew all too well those games.  Do you think they didn’t feel lost, hopeless, outnumbered, and so much more?

They developed the ability to keep the end goal in mind while keeping balance, building trust in relationships, and quieting their emotions while listening to their intuition.  Many were people who nurtured and trusted their sixth sense.

It is hard to trust when what we know and believe is challenged – and keeping people upset is trauma overload with all the bad and polarizing information.  Once activated, the flight or fight or a paralyzed reaction is engaged.  You lose the ability to use the higher part of the brain until you calm down and step back to see the whole picture.

Stop for a moment, trust your intuition – there is always a solution.  I explain that the mass consciousness of fear travels like an airborne virus and I give people the technique below to calm anxiety and get their power back.  Know you are not alone.

Tap your inner genius with “Abundance Keys”

Can you hear a jingle jingling?  Really – just listening to your favorite music and moving some will help shift you into a different mind space quickly.  Step in front of that mirror and ask, “What does abundance feel like?”  Do you know or is it some vague concept that keeps eluding you?  Get clear on that feeling, and bring it up again, and again.  If you can hold that feeling – walk a few steps.  Notice that you are standing taller?

Bring in the abundance – rev up your energy – you are in control.  Repeat that line again, “I am in control.”  Bring yourself into alignment with your inner resources.  Which ones do you need right now – courage, confidence, persistence, or calm?  List your own.

Bonus Abundance Keys:

  • Get a clear picture of what abundance looks and feels like.
  • Take a deep breath to a count of 3, hold 3, and exhale to 3.
  • Call up the quality you want (courage, confidence, persistence, calm).  Feel it, inhale it, and let it wrap around you.
  • Do this for each quality you want.
  • Bring up a feeling of when you felt in control.
  • Close your eyes, feel your heart opening up to the idea of having abundance – smell it, hear it grow comfortable with the feeling.
  • Set with that open heart for as long as possible and do it for at least a minute.
  • Listen to the solution.
  • Share something that has value to you.
  • Keep connecting to those feelings.
  • Then walk over a threshold as you affirm, “I am enjoying abundance.”

Remembering times past of simpler holidays when we made gifts and food?  We put our hearts into those activities, connecting with those we loved.  Somehow those encounters have become few and far between.  Those were labors of love for family and friends.  It seems like a distant past, or does it have to be?  As I reflect back, I see those times were indeed simple and “green” before it was the all-around buzzword.  We all felt loved and rich beyond words while connecting heart-to-heart and sharing a common goal.

Now dance the dance of abundance and manifesting!

Enjoy the holidays. Darielle (Dariel) Roskie Archer

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