The Power of Intention, Intuition and Manifesting

The Power of Intention, Intuition, and Manifesting

Mount Shasta

The power of Intention, intuition, and manifesting when connected and applied together are an amazing trinity.  Intention is a power in its own right.  Declaring we will do something out loud has benefits not readily visible. They are just the same.  Are you in a situation right now wavering, should I do this or not?  Having a vision of what we want, coupled with intention and intuition is key to manifesting our declared outcome.  Recently I had a powerful demonstration of just how amazing we truly are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I stated my intention – Now am I listening to my Intuition? 

Do I listen to my intuition, or not?  I had been wanting to visit Mount Shasta this year but one thing or another kept coming up.  Mount Shasta has always been for me a place of healing, connection to nature, getting recharged, and heightened intuition.  Like everyone else, some periods of time are so busy and just getting the day-to-day things done seemed harder than usual.  There is no way I could squeeze in a trip to Mount Shasta, but it kept rolling around in my mind. 

That is until a new friend said at dinner on Tuesday, “Meet me at Mount Shasta on Thursday.”  After turning it down several times, and as I was leaving the next morning, I thought, “I’d be home for twelve hours and then on the road again.”  I was so tired and thought it was just too much.  However, sitting at the airport at Oh-dark hundred, I received this sudden flash of intuition and insight and heard, “Just go!  So I texted her and said, “I’ll meet you there on Thursday.” 

“Opening Doors” with intention and intuition

I wrote, “Opening doors” on the page

“Opening Doors” with intention and intuition, lead me to know in that moment of accepting the invitation to go to Mount Shasta, a new chapter in my life had begun as the doors were opening.  A few days earlier I was reminded of buying my new gold pen, I needed to test it out.  I could not think of a thing to write and the phrase “Opening Doors” jumped onto the page.  At times we do need to see it written, my note is above.

I just had to get to Mount Shasta.  Oh my, those leaps and urgings of intuition! 

Hoops and more hoops before manifesting

Do you ever experience hoops and more hoops before manifesting?  Getting to Mount Shasta was an adventure, starting with my husband saying, “You need to rent a car, as mine isn’t working right now.”  Then    I would be driving through California fires, not knowing what would happen. 

Through all the hoops to get there, it was amazing to arrive at the bed and breakfast.  We went on a house tour and heard the story of how the owner, David, came to own the house.  It culminated in his finding a schooner buried in one of the walls that they had torn down with the name “Dream” painted on it. It was displayed on the top shelf of honor in the house. 

Drinking a cup of coffee and looking up at Mount Shasta, I felt peace, and then excitement.  Little did I know my friend who invited me and the three new friends I made was just what I needed.  We laughed, went to Crystal Lake, meditated on Mount Shasta, hit the crystal shops, walked the Peace Garden, gathered water from the headwaters of the Sacramento River, and spent time eating and sharing. 

Manifesting feels good

Manifesting feels good.  I had been struggling with some clarity and getting the next steps in alignment.  My intention for getting things done the last few months had been lagging and now seems like a distant dream. 

A transformation was and had taken place.  Each day was filled, with laughter, adventure, and a new aliveness. After coming back, those old blocks were shaking and dissolving as I experienced an aliveness-quake, insight, and clarity of purpose. 

“Poof!” – I’m your intuition talking

Often your intuition will show up like a poof and a flash as you see the situation clearly.  It defies logic, yet it just feels right – trust it,  embrace, and dance with your intuition.  In the beginning, it is a soft whisper and grows stronger and louder with practice.  Relax and have fun with it.  Below is a way to know your intuition is talking. 

Intuition Technique:                                                                                                                                                                                         

  1. Take several deep breaths.
  2. Take several more deep breaths to a count of 3, breathe in 3, hold 3, and exhale to a count of 3. 
  3.  Now ask yourself this question, “Should I take the road to the left?”  Wait a moment. 
  4.  Is there any sensation at all?  If no, that is not the road to take.
  5.  Do you want to lean forward and feel a release?  That is the road to take. 

Enjoy your coach and Guide.

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