Transforming Tips for a Great New Year and Decade

Transforming Tips for a Great New Year and Decade

We hear it every year, “What is your New Year’s resolution?”  The reality is that a new resolution is about evolving and taking transforming steps.  The coming year is having more of what you want like, “I want to lose weight, get out of debt, recycle more, protect the planet and pets.”  So we make these long lists of what we want before completing them and we know we will never do half of what is on that list this year.  Hold on, there is a way to begin accomplishing your wish list.

Transforming Tips:

  • Ask yourself, “What one thing to do I want to change?”
  • Take 3 deep breaths while calming your mind and bringing yourself into balance.
  • Think of what you want to change again and send your thoughts and energy to it.
  • Sit and listen to any thoughts or images that surface (allow time for this).
  • Write down what you received.
  • Practice what you received.

The secret is to take one thing and then “do it”.  Our brains can do one thing and do it well for the new year.  By focusing on one thing it does not raise our doubts and fears.  We can make our dreams come to fruition by using the above steps.  As you encourage your intuition, it will help you while keeping your balance.

Just “One” Thing Can Start the Decade

Just “one” thing can start the decade off on the right foot.  You have the opportunity to make the new year better and set the stage for an enriching decade.  The first 90 days of a new decade is processing the last year and last decade of areas needing improvements and accomplishments.  So use that 90 days to overhaul that one area you want to improve.

For me, this year is about having more fun and going through my boxes of books in the garage.  Upon entering the garage I am overwhelmed.  If I take one box and go to my favorite place and put on some great music, my previous chore has now become pleasurable.  It has been my experience that generally, instead of just one box, I find that suddenly I have gone through 5 boxes.  Gee,  only 100 more to go!  I will keep you updated on my progress.

Good Deeds Keep Your Energy Up

Good deeds keep your energy up.  It is healing to give and share with others.  I have been the recipient of the “pay it forward” experience on several occasions.  It is a surprise event and instantly warms my heart.

The same is true if you are the one buying someone a cup of coffee or a latte.  It can fill the heart with goodwill and the other person will be so grateful.

A gift membership to a gym, museum, or animal park can benefit children or adults.  Donate old towels, sheets, dish towels, extra paper towels to animal shelters.

Collect coats and gloves for ones who need them.  Is there a single mom or elderly person that could use help?  Just an hour or two could make a world of difference to them.  Perhaps donate time to someone at work who has been ill and needs some vacation or sick leave time.

Being Green Saves Green

Being green saves green – like using reusable containers, soaps, and cleaners.  Lower your carbon footprint when possible like using environmentally friendly toys and games made of wood which are non-toxic for children.  LED lights save energy and everything put on a timer can save electricity.  Give green and eco-friendly toys, gadgets and technology, such as a tablet or an e-reader which saves the environment.

The planet is a living being, too.  Let’s help her when we can and she will continue to help us.  Green is Good.

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