A Thriving Code Checklist

A Thriving Code Checklist

“A Thriving Code Checklist” is a way to make life simple and a tool to keep you moving forward.   It helps to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

A checklist helps us organize what we need to do or learn to accomplish our goals and take action.  Take the needed steps.  With each step, your clarity and momentum will increase and you will walk with confidence.

Think of a checklist as your “coach” – giving you focus and steps you can follow.  You are encouraged.  Yes, you can thrive!

Train Your Mind to Work for You

Train your mind to work for you and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.  People have to come to me for decades to show them how to leave the survival mode and thrive.  Learning keeps you healthy in mind and body.

Let me help you.  No one wants to be in pain and I have created “A Thriving Code Checklist” that is an easy tool to make sure we are doing what works on a daily basis.  You must apply what you learn to receive the benefits.

Your subconscious mind is always watching and listening.  Your checklist imprints on your non-linear mind.  The more you view your checklist, the faster it becomes a habit.  We love good habits as they drive us forward in a positive manner.

Pick the most important thing you need to accomplish each day.  If you want more money ask yourself what one thing will help you increase your income.  Do the same for health, a relationship, losing weight and becoming more fit.  If it is not a priority we never get around to it.

Thriving Code Checklist:

More tips here in my book

  • What is the number one highest priority you need to accomplish today?  Is it wealth, health, or an urgent task?
  • Be around positive people you enjoy.
  • Check yourself for sending out negative thoughts.
  • If angry with a person or situation – see the anger being burned up.
  • Imagine your life has improved from your daily actions.
  • Post pictures of yourself achieving your goals inside cupboards, at your desk, and wallet.
  • Use this affirmation – “I am receiving benefits from my daily actions.”
  • Write three things you are grateful for and look at these often.
  • Doing physical activity.  Walking, swimming, and being buoyant is good for the body when it is done daily.
  • What do you need to learn today?
  • Acknowledge your value.

Other Valuable Tips

  • Use a coach, as their knowledge helps to keep you moving forward.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Practice healthy eating and use a naturopath or nutritionist.
  • Set positive intentions for your career, healing, or relationships.

Let me know how this Thriving Checklist has helped you.

P.S.  Special Bonus

Next time you catch yourself sending out “negative thoughts” seeing them being burned up.  Simple is powerful.

Each article I share is really a mini-course.  You can share these with others and help them.   Save these tips – people have paid me very well for this specialized information. 🙂

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