Adapters Survive – Are You One?

Adapters Survive – Are You One?

Adapters survive.  Are you an adapter?  When you are down and faced with a hard decision, what do you do?  Slide to the floor, and cry?  Look in the mirror and say, “Why me?”.   After you are done with that, you look around and say there has to be an answer.  Is it solvable?  You start to review what went wrong and how can you resolve this problem.  Learning to adapt is a trial and error process, and setbacks are a part of going forward.  It is all feedback.

Your ability to meet new circumstances and how fast can you change while being centered and grounded can increase your survival rate.  In nature, the species that survive have the ability to adapt best.  Be like the camel – it can overcome the harshest terrain and environment time and time again.  Successful people learn how to minimize stress while moving forward.

You survive by reinventing yourself and drawing upon inner resources and then you can learn new ones quickly.  When we name something our mind more accurately conditions our mindset.  We either claim it in the positive or the negative.


**Mindset Examples:

  • I am happy
  • I am sad.
  • I have a virus.  It’s fatal.
  • I will survive it.
  • I cannot afford that.  I can save and afford it.
Mindset is the king.  Your mind and emotions have to respond when you feel something.  You can change that next thought to a more loving, productive, and positive one.

Characteristics of an Adapter

Characteristics of an adapter are those that include a positive mindset, which is a skill to lower the fear level quickly and uses a setback as a stepping stone.  Adapters use their energy wisely.  They recognize fear and worry which drains their reservoirs when things go wrong.  They accept responsibility with no complaining.

Take a moment.  How would you describe yourself?  Happy – sad – helpless – confident – tall – average – visual learner – an introvert or extrovert?  Where did you learn that?  When did you accept those labels that keep in that place?  These simple answers can open the doors to a new life and becoming an Adapter.

**Characteristics of an Adapter:                                                                                                                                                                           

  • A positive mindset
  • Action taker
  • Setbacks are taken in stride
  • The fear level lowers quickly
  • Persistence and resilience
  • Accurately sees a situation and responds effectively
  • Keeps active and sociable
  • Uses energy wisely
  • They like themselves
  • Can laugh at themselves
  • Able to balance work and home life
  • Don’t complain endlessly
  • Finds a solution

Change your mindset and change your world – is just a thought away.  As a hypnotherapist, I have spent decades helping clients update their mindset, learn self-healing, and call on their inner resources and experience.  This has helped them to get a better job, get married, or start a business.  They learn the tools and a system to move where they want to go.  Learning to create a positive mindset and self-healing are lifesavers.  My clients and I use these skills to overcome being struck by lightning and many other setbacks, and so can you!

Your Mindset Holds the Key

Your mindset holds the key to being an adapter.  A positive mindset moves life forward with ease, as well as health, relationships, and manifesting.  It gives you the backbone and courage to move forward.  By updating filters, our beliefs create a better life.  Adapters take action after reviewing a situation and then have a plan to react in the moment.  Trusting with their inner guidance allows them to take risks to move forward.

Take a moment to reflect on your level of living – ar you satisfied, or not?  Has this been a long-standing condition?  Look at your beliefs – is there one or two you are ready to let go of now?  The act of realizing that a limiting belief allows more good to flow in.

Create a mindset that supports your dreams

Creating a mindset that supports your dreams is the first step to being an adapter.  When you are desperate, you are open to changescommitted to change, and then your life will change.  Without commitment, you are like a weak signal on the radio.  Fire up that intention.  Small changes over time make large improvements and changes. 

**Steps to create a new mindset:

  • Make images of yourself confident and strong with positive outcomes.
  • Face and acknowledge your fears.
  • Relive over and over the times you changed a few things and succeeded.
  • Know what those changes stand for.
  • Set long term goals that you are passionate about.
  • Ask for help.
  • Prepare and take action.
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Testimonial about a positive mindset:

“Darielle helped me deal with the death of my husband.  She assisted me in dealing with my loss and to be able to move through the pain to return to life.  I had both positive and rapid results.  She uses a variety of techniques in her work, all of which have required active participation on my part.  She recognizes the relationship between the body, mind, and emotions.  I have returned to her for help with my knee.  Darielle works on all levels of the situation where the root cause can be dealt with rather than the symptoms.  I am grateful for her rare talents and abilities.”                                                                                                                                                 CS, Kent, Washington

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