How to Develop a Powerful Mindset and Create an Amazing Life

How to Develop a Powerful Mindset and Create an Amazing Life

“How to develop a powerful mindset and create an amazing life” is not just a slogan.  Learning alignment and acting on those values that support your dreams are secrets of a powerful mindset and can be learned to shift into a higher level of life now.  However, it is when embraced, accepted and practiced is where the powerful mindset emerges and is yours to call upon at any time.

You can learn to stop the pain,  procrastination, insecurity, reliving mistakes, and not renting space to negativity.  Let’s begin training your mind to work for your benefit.  This is real stuff, not just mental training but experiential.   Wouldn’t you love to trust yourself in making decisions and taking action from a confident state of mind?

Developing your mindset is more than your beliefs that rule your life, limited or unlimited.  If you want to know what to change, look at the areas where you are in pain.  Updating old worn-out beliefs that only give us pain can be accomplished.  The amazing life you want takes time, action, and effort, but belief in yourself is where it starts.

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What 3 values do you live by to transform your life?         

Transform your life with these 3 values – kindness, honesty, and confidence. Are you willing to invest in yourself and receive the rewards?  When you are in conflict with your values, your actions will reflect that conflict and you will not feel at peace with any decision you make.

The things you value and live by are the floodlight to illuminate your path.

Try this:                                                                                                                                                   Observe what you value for a week.  Do you live by these values?  If you do not live by these values then begin making that change and observe how your life improves.

What happens if you are not living by your values?

As a result of not living by my values, I found I was in need of losing a few pounds.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to have that almond croissant, and then thereafter eating that croissant wondering why did I choose the short-term fix over the long-term advantage of losing weight?  My favorite outfit was getting snug.  Oh, of course, I had an event where I was planning to wear the outfit.  With a little examination, I found that a few things were out of alignment with my healthy lifestyle values.  Examination showed I was not fixing my food to take with me to events.  I love to eat out, but I was not living by my values in that area.  A short time after I dealt with being honest with myself and started following my blueprint again, the weight fell off.

So answer these questions and let’s move you forward to an amazing life by shaping yourself to explore and generate new actions in alignment with your values.

Alignment and living by your values

Alignment and living by your values unite you consciously and unconsciously to be unstoppable.  This helps you develop a powerful mindset and you create an amazing life.  Living this way reduces stress and conflicts – and you will sleep better.

Take a few moments and write down what areas you are experiencing, like a lack of health, money, success, or relationships.  This information will impact you in positive ways and clear the obstacles for you.  You do not need a complete overhaul, but a little revamping.  It will demonstrate to you that you have the focus and help you generate a new belief in yourself.

Alignment questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you in alignment with your values?
  • Do your actions show your alignment?
  • What feelings are you experiencing?
  • List any area you are in “pain” or “lack”.
  • How long has the “lack” been in your life?

Powerful mindset checklist for creating an amazing life

Look below at the powerful mindset checklist and use it to your benefit.  Be honest here – are you in alignment with your values?  Taking actions when we are in alignment with our values makes us feel confident.  Creating an amazing life is where you have to believe it is possible and walk with awareness, not fear.

Aligning with our vision, releasing the old worn-out beliefs, and allowing time to integrate new information are all important pieces to our growth.  Self-knowledge and confidence are powerful with action and is a pathway to your dreams.

Powerful Mindset Checklist:

  • Take the first issue on your values list and review every action you have taken.
  • Did you consistently take action daily in that area?
  • Are you acting like the person you want to be?
  • Check daily that you are in alignment with your values.
  • How committed were you to achieving that goal?  If you are not,  why not?
  • Do you still want to accomplish that goal?  If not, let it go.
  • Make an overall plan.  Look at the big picture by looking at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years.
  • Pick 1 thing and do it to completion.  Build your momentum

Spend 80% of your time doing the thing you want to accomplish.  If it is about money,  then you want to do the activity that generates money.  If relationships, then spend time with those people communicating and doing activities that encourage that goal.

A key point:  Step away from what you are working on from time to time to keep the edge.  It will help increase and regain your balance.  Failure is part of the success process and it helps you to discover those weak links and inspires you to take action.  Learn from those times. Then go kick butt!

Your desire is being fulfilled

With a powerful mindset that is in sync with your wants and beliefs, you will find, Presto, your desire is being fulfilled!  You are back on track to fulfilling your destiny.  As you listen to the nudge of your inner voice, your intuition grows louder and you grow more confident.

As a hypnotherapist (mindset coach), I help people change their unhealthy beliefs, like lack of money, relationships, or health beliefs – to the belief, “I can have it” and understanding alignment and staying in alignment.  That combined with a step-by-step roadmap shows them how to create a life they love,  spend time doing what they love, enjoy their family, and reach their goals.

The results that clients have had are stunning and surprising, like miracles on-demand, and desires being fulfilled.  Here are 2  clients who have practiced their new mindset:

“I can only attest in all honesty to what has happened in my own experience.  Several months later I find that I have grown and changed so much it really defies all skepticism”.  Sharon, Woodinville, WA

“Darielle gave me a structure for my healing process. simply, gently, clearly.  We devised an outline with specific small goals, to begin with.  I’m excited about my progress”.  Jayne, Seattle, WA.

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