It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

You know those days – like when you step out of bed into something wet, discovering it is kitty barf!  This is after having a nice and grateful wake-up time.  You stand there with the barf on your foot as you hop to the bathroom to wash it off.

Then there is the sound of the phone ringing at O-dark-hundred and a voice at the other end in a panic,  “We have to get that project done now and come into work!”  This comes from a person you resent and feel they are less qualified — and you are always bailing them out.  Do not gloss over that frustration.

It’s okay to feel those feelings.  We are conditioned to think that having downtime and funky feelings are not okay.  That is not true!

Make your stumbles part of your dance, not the story of your life.

Timeouts and stumbles

Timeouts are a necessary part of growing.  Your emotions and brain need a break to assimilate new information.  When we have continual upload and new information without taking a breath, the overload can result in a meltdown.  STOP and take a break.

I love checklists and they are easy to read and filled with ideas.  Here is a helpful checklist for taking a break:

  • Sit in your jammies.
  • Eat your ice cream.
  • People watch at the mall or cafe.
  • Binge-watch for a day.
  • Hug your furry companion.
  • Dance to your favorite music.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Take a walk.
  • Call an old friend.
  • Visit your favorite art gallery.
  • Explore a new place for the day.

Just give yourself permission to sit for a bit.  I find inspiration returns quickly when I do that.  During these timeouts, we have the opportunity to step back and try a new approach.  Let it be the opposite of what you previously tried.  There are times when we feel like we have failed through no fault of our own.  Yet that setback becomes part of your story of loss and lack.  Breaks allow the transformation to begin.

After resting – go back to the beginning

Resting and going back to the beginning is an often overlooked opportunity.  Our overworked brains can miss important details of a situation.  The psychological distance can trigger unseen solutions.  Seize this time to overhaul the project and generate as many new ideas as you can.

Before I took a break I felt anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated, and then trying harder and faster to get things done did the reverse.  That was not a fun experience and I thought,  “Where’s my edge and insight now?  I’m tired.”  I sigh and take a walk to the park.

Many times after taking a break, it has had a profound impact on my planning and writing.  My spirit is renewed, my insights are keener and I enjoy a deeper connection to people.  Open communication with yourself invites others with that same benefit.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew and believed in ourselves?

Put regular breaks into your schedule and make “me time” a priority.  Enjoy the benefits.

Let the articles I write be your coach

These articles I write can be your coach and guide you to find a path and navigate challenges while transforming your life.  The cost of worry, negativity, fears, and insecurities can derail anyone.  Contained in each article are tools to build upon, and knowledge to help you map out a plan, and streamline a strategy to success.

A “coach” to guide you is the backbone needed to drive you forward to your dreams.  Coaching is a way to discover and amplify your talents, and train your mind to achieve results.

I have cherished my coaches and the insights I gained was time well spent, avoiding costly mistakes.  They assisted me in developing spiritual, mental, and emotional tools that would have taken many more years, otherwise.

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