Psychic Self-Protection: Why You Need It

Psychic Self-Protection: Why You Need It  

Learn and develop your psychic self-protection to minimize negative people and events. 


Are you tired of being in pain, lacking energy, or anxious while being in close proximity to people?  Are energy vampires sucking the life out of you, feel overwhelmed, and go home drained?  Do you have that ‘out of sorts’ feeling after an outing or business meeting?

Psychic self-protection gives you the ability to smile through life’s ups and downs.  You have that extra layer of security, confidence, and peace of mind. 

Keep reading — I will share ways to help you build up your energy.  It helps to raise your awareness and elevate your consciousness.  Make using these techniques a way of life and use them to protect you, your home, children, job, and beloved pets. 

Be healthier and energized with psychic self-protection, as you learn to hold more of your own energy to you and increase it.  We are always interacting with our environment and people.  The more positive energy you have will improve your life, success, relationships, and health.  Positive energy lowers stress levels.  As you have less stress, you see opportunities and have the confidence to take action.  Taking daily small steps keeps results, with continued long-term benefits throughout your life. 

Help for Empaths and Sensitive People 

Empaths and sensitive people can benefit immensely from the technique below.  These two types of people are human sponges for other people’s emotions.  Confusion and wanting to be alone is the result of their being unable to distinguish their boundaries from others. 

The Umbrella of Protection

Higher energy vibrations are like an umbrella of protection.  These vibrations let you feel safe and warm underneath, while the rain of negativity falls to the ground.  Laughter and gatherings with positive friends and family are also good energizers. 

Keep people from taking your energy and making you feel uncomfortable.  You may experience the feeling that something is in your throat.  Often, we feel the pressure of negative energy as pressing down in the areas of the head, neck, shoulders, and front of the chest. 

Balance is another factor that contributes to well-being and raises your vibration.  Take breaks often and be present when talking with people.  Hear what they are asking for and really saying – acknowledge them.  

Psychic Self-Protection Technique:

This technique is very good for empaths and sensitive people.

  1. Stand by an open door or window and breathe in deeply.
  2. Breathe into a count of 3, hold for 3, exhale to 3. 
  3. Visualize being bathed in sunlight, absorb as much of the energy as you can. 
  4. See and feel the energy wrapping around you like a protective blanket.
  5. Remember a fun positive moment, linger there and fill up on the positive energy. 
  6. Imagine each organ functions properly and happily. 
  7. State your intention “I am safe and protected.” 
  8. Repeat as needed during the day. 

I like to start my day out with this technique and spend extra time at night allowing my organs to be bathed in the light and see them functioning normally. 

Let me know the results of your experience working with Psychic Self Protection. 

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