The First Video About My Writing Process

 The First Video About My Writing Process

My first video (see it below) and my writing process.  A writer’s process is as individual as the writers themselves.  Some have rituals they use daily and with other writers, it is when the inspiration strikes.

This article goes with the first movie video I made and then I thought, “What was the process I used to create it?”  This was after years of people wanting me to do videos or a movie.  Discovering it was not only a creative endeavor but a spiritual journey, too.  It was a relief after doing something that I feared and intimidated me for a long time.  That is no longer true and now it is an adventure!

My Movie Challenges

My movie video challenges were many.  Having my picture taken is not my favorite, but I like to see what other people look like when watching their videos.  So I took the plunge and decided to learn how to make a short movie (four minutes).

Some of the challenges I dealt with were overcoming the worry, asking myself if it was good enough, not sure of what to do, thinking I was being judged by others, the lighting, and finding the pictures.

Something broke free, and suddenly I was released from fears and judgment. “What the heck, just give it a try,” I thought.

Once I started, there was a flow and comfort while creating my movie video.  I was relaxed and enjoyed the process of opening up my creative channels, like jumping into the river and swimming.  Starting with a collection of pictures on my cell phone, the story unfolded.  It felt amazing and the words came to me fast and quickly.

Choosing the pace of the music came while looking at the pictures and listening.  I’m not sure what happened.  I found myself feeling the pictures needed a voice.  I didn’t have a script but moved through each photo and the words came filled with excitement and the pleasure of what I was doing.  This movie video just burst forth on its own.

Writing makes it an urgent priority

Writing is an urgent priority and I want to share with you a few tips on the steps used.

  • To accomplish any goal it needs to be foremost in your mind.  Make your work an urgent priority and you will accomplish your goals.
  • Using your high productive time of 90 minutes to 2 hours, you can accomplish so much.
  • The creative juices flow like a waterfall and can be anytime when you are in that zone.

For me, before getting out of bed, I take special time for myself. I notice the first sounds and thoughts running through my mind, pondering an email asking for help, or being jumped on by my tabbies.  I am just being grateful for another day on Earth.

Those first thoughts are my inspiration for the day and fire up my passion for an article or a class to share unique and valuable knowledge.  Then a few stretches are next.

The smell of fresh coffee puts me in motion as I go sit outside in the sunshine or at my desk.  Enjoying the aroma,  basking at the moment – I let my mind roll on.  This process can be a short visit or a prolonged one by savoring the insights gleaned from this time.

And then it begins

And then it begins while making an outline.  I remember what am I trying to achieve, helping with humor, informative ideas, conversational language, or a review.

Look at all the research you have gathered – pictures and your drawings together in one place.  Then assemble your pieces.  Do they fit your project or story?  Is there a flow?  Do you need to add anything else?  Perhaps rework an idea or concept.

To me, it is like a puzzle.  I sit with it for a while and see if it works – trying on each piece again and see if I get the same experience.  If it doesn’t I take a break and come back, pick up a picture or title I’ve discarded, and start again with a fresh perspective.

Try not to get stuck on only one outcome.  Play and have fun with it.  Go from usual to the absurd and back again.

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my process.  Try something new and make a video!

Click Here for “My First Movie Video”:  (turn the volume up high)


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