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Do You Want Energy Protection

“The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection” gives you a step-by-step powerful road map filled with techniques to solve your problems with negative people and situations:

  • Learn psychic self-protection.
  • Deal with energy vampires.
  • Overcome negative situations while traveling, interacting with negative in-laws, bosses, co-workers, and so much more.
  • Help for empaths and sensitive people.
  • How to use gemstones for healing and protection.
  • How to discover foods and colors to boost your energy.

Learn to feel safe confident and relaxed in daily situations.  This practical empowering and nurturing book was created to help and support you to overcome negativity.   Dariel infuses her book with engaging techniques.  Expand your skill sets, intention, visualization, and affirmations.

Dariel (Darielle) Roskie Archer                                                                                                                                                                          email: and phone: (206) 282-4068

Book Recommendation:
5.0 out of 5 stars No more “striving” when I read “The Thriving Code”

It is a relief to stop “striving” since I am following “The Thriving Code” and Dariel’s practical energy techniques to solve many situations in my daily life. I didn’t know until I read her book that I can use these techniques to control positive and negative energy all day long – and it’s a handy book to go back and look up specific techniques when new challenges come up!   Kathy B.


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