What’s Happening With “The Thriving Code” Book?

What’s happening with the “The Thriving Code” book?

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Here is a book review from one of my clients I would love to share with you:
“I love this new book, The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection.  Dariel is an incredibly talented lady and has created a great reference book containing a wealth of information, which is well-organized and easy to use and read. I have been working with her for many years. When she does energy work, healing work, and Feng Shui for me, she uses the techniques that are in her book. I have been using many of her techniques such as positive affirmations, positive energy techniques, and colors, and they work for me as well. I have also purchased several books to share with family and friends so they, too, can receive the same benefits that I have. This is a book that I will continue to use and keep handy for reference at all times.”
Sherry S.

I want to share with you valuable information in my book, “The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection”.  It is here for you to purchase.


My book, The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection” is a step-by-step powerful roadmap filled with “codes”.  These codes are powerful as they unlock your ability to build up your personal energy.  They teach you how to thrive and use them for self-protection, diminish negative people, places and their effect on you.

  • Learn positive ways to defuse negative situations in everyday life.
  • Discover ways to defend and protect you and those you love.
  • Release yourself from the harmful effects of negative bosses, groups and energy vampires.
  • The codes show you how to use the energy in food, color, and days of the week.
  • Discover how to use affirmations, visualization, self-hypnosis, and Feng Shui for protection.
  • Develop a powerful mindset and learn about Chakras, Feng Shui, and gemstones for protection.
  • Learn how to be prepared, feel safe, and relaxed.

Using these amazing strategies will put the reader in the driver’s seat. Release and break free from harmful negativity.  Why wait to start living your life? 

Darielle (Dariel) Roskie Archer)                                                                                                                                                             Amazon – author link
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“The Thriving Code:  A Guide For Healing and Energy Protection”

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