A Solution For Anxiety – Healing Gemstones

A Solution for Anxiety – Healing Gemstones

Healing Amethyst

A solution for anxiety is Amethyst, a healing gemstone.  I thought I would write a bit about Healing  Gemstones as mentioned in my recent radio interview, on “Natural Choice Network” on 1150 AM KKNW with Martha Childress – part 1 of 2 interviews.  [Listen here for the Archive of interview]

This interview centered on overcoming challenges, being a lightning survivor, and my journey back to wholeness.  I shared the loss of my old life and what steps I took through the messy healing that followed.  It made a difference being grateful for what I still had and having patience with myself and others.  Yes, there is a gemstone for “patience” which I share on my “Healing Gemstones” link below.

Gemstones are an amazing tool to use for healing pain, anxiety, grounding, and improving your life.  The stones can either be raw like the one pictured above or set in a piece of jewelry.

“Lightning Survivor” shares how using gemstones are used for healing anxiety and pain.

Some of the effects of being a lightning survivor are anxiety and nerve pain.  Gemstones helped me immensely in that area.  I have used gemstones for healing anxiety, panic attacks, and nerve pain for years, especially in my shoulder and hand – before and after the lightning event.

One of the old standbys that I have used for years is the amethyst gemstone.  The very color of purple contributes to this amazing stone’s ability to heal with pain in the body.

Positive Healing Technique:

  • I tape a piece of amethyst to my wrist.
  • Wrap it with a purple scarf.
  • Set the intention as “I’m confident.  My nerves are healing.  The pain is diminishing.”
  • Visualize myself being confident.

A Quick Gemstone Guide

Anxiety:  Amethyst

Confidence:  Tiger Eye

Energy blocks:  Carnelian

Inflammation:  Blue Tourmaline

Life robbing anxiety – the lost soul academy

Life robbing anxiety is real and a part of the lost soul academy.  It is the fear of the same-something happening in the future – the PTSD of reliving those life-altering moments.  Are you a member of the lost soul academy where you are in that place seeing the world as scary and gray wanting our old life back?  I have been a card-carrying member at one time or another.  Below are some actions I found helpful.

It’s okay not to be okay on some days.  Sometimes we are just plain tired and frustrated.  Acknowledging that is healthy, but a visit now and then is okay.  Living there is unhealthy for anyone.

The way out of situations is going “through” them with the emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual uncertainty on the way to healing.

Tips I used to leave the lost soul academy:

  • Being around positive people
  • Daily self-hypnosis seeing my life and body improve
  • Grateful list for things I still had and looked at these often
  • Seeing myself as still valuable (Post pictures of yourself inside cupboards, at your desk, and wallet.)
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Healthy eating
  • Swimming  – being buoyant
  • Setting positive intentions for my healing
  • Professional help using acupuncture, working with a naturopath, and coaching

A tip for you:  Find or return to any hobby you love like painting, writing, and making jewelry.

My gift to you is basic gemstone information in a free Healing Gemstones List –> [link here] 

For more expanded use and knowledge, such as how to choose a stone, claim it, clean it, and so much more take a look at my book “The Thriving Code: A Guide for Healing and Energy Protection” on Amazon [link]

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